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Scott Kurtz
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“Tell me about Scott.” “Well, he likes comics, computers, one particular discontinued backpack and soft-boiled eggs.”
A person's amazon wish list is a window to their soul.… via @amazon
WTF Portland. It’s late September.
"One day people will get tattoos of the D&D game you play." "Whatever future Scott."
The @tabletitans crew is all setup @RoseCityCC booth O-07... cause we're secret agents ;) Come visit!
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Submitted our booth to be an @ingress portal. If you see any portals by Prixis at #rccc that’s me.
It feels like an alternate reality where PvP is a CN show.
We have 20 of these at the show. First come first serve. #rccc #dice
At the convention center setting up for Rose City Comicon. This is so totally year 2 of ECCC. #Loveit
Snap judgements in today's Latest Adventure of Table Titans!…
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We’re in the final hours of the Pirate Loot kickstarter. Don’t miss your chance to back this game.
@aDemonBall: @pvponline how can you forget O-07? You’re almost a secret agent man!” thats DOUBLE O-SOME
I’m going to be at Rose City Comicon this weekend. Come see me at booth A-Iforget.
@CoryCasoni @dmeconis @pvponline We CRUSHED the $40K goal! Undead and Sneaky Pirates! 32 hours left for Pirate Loot!…
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How many people under twenty think that YouTube performed live at that last Apple iPhone event?
Using SwiftKey for the first time on my iPhone. Weird. But I think I like it.
It's official. The boys and I are podcasters. Subscribe to "Hey Comics — Kids!" on iTunes:
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Thanks to everyone who joined me tonight on the stream. Be sure to subscribe to so you know when we stream next.
Okay, Crisis averted. Does anyone want to watch me relearn how to play this game and suck at it?
God damn it ME. It IS another email address. Okay. I’m less panicked now.
Maybe I had another account under a different email? that makes no sense. What am I missing. Fuck this is going to drive me nuts.
Well I logged into my account fine. And it did ask me to change my summoner name. But my champions are gone.
Well, I lost my summoner name. Thanks for that. and all my purchased champions and skins are gone too. This makes no sense.
Question: If you are away from LoL long enough do you lose your summoner name and all your shit?
League of Legends has a queue now? Whoa.
“Bechdel found out in late August, at her artist's residency in Italy.” Okay new bucket list item. Artist residency in Italy. Check.
My heart is still warmed thinking about Bechdel winning the Macarthur Fellowship. I mean, my God. What a well-earned blessing.
Cole’s looking for new talent in today’s PvP -…
I can’t tell what they did to the iOS8 keyboard, but I no longer So that’s a welcome change.
Anyway, thanks @ingress. Taking an extra 2 seconds when the light turned green to hack a portal saved me some grief today.
that extra two seconds, meant I wasn’t in the middle of the intersection when some dick ran the red to turn left and not have to wait.
Leaving bucks, pull up to a red light. Had time to check @ingress. Hacked portal. Light turned green, nobody behind me, took extra 3 seconds
Ingress straight up saved me from being hit by a guy running a red light today. I don’t know how to feel about this.
Babies aren’t babies very long. Like, my niece is a little girl with opinions and shit now. and she’s not even 2.
Rocking. Alison Bechdel received a MacArthur Fellowship.
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I always wondered “what if I had become a home brewer who catered to the real estate market?” Now I don’t have to wonder.
Scott Kurtz of Kurtzhaus Brewing Co. will be bringing 5 gallons of his Emerald Coast Pale Ale for the…
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@StephanFrost: I can't tell you how many times I've talked about something like this, thx…” cc: @mikefehlauer
Guys, I’m gonna Frozen this day and just let it go.
I can watch this over and over and over. Fucking KURTENACKER!…
It’s the final 3 days of the Pirate Loot Kickstarter. @dmeconis and I want more pirate to design and draw. -…
Skull from @pvponline. Scott actually played a huge part in getting my work out there when I was first starting out.
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I feel a lot of regret about not attending XOXO this year. I should have gone. I would have like to have spoken there. Damn.
I’m also available for freelance visual design, icon design, UI, etc. Hire me too! Check out my new portfolio:
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