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Scott Kurtz
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I can watch this over and over and over. Fucking KURTENACKER!…
It’s the final 3 days of the Pirate Loot Kickstarter. @dmeconis and I want more pirate to design and draw. -…
@pvponline Ahhhh. I wish I could help. HERE! IM HELPING! ;) ❤️
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Skull from @pvponline. Scott actually played a huge part in getting my work out there when I was first starting out.
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I feel a lot of regret about not attending XOXO this year. I should have gone. I would have like to have spoken there. Damn.
I’m also available for freelance visual design, icon design, UI, etc. Hire me too! Check out my new portfolio:
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The wife and I are playing @WildStar and leveling our stalkers. Come watch us.
Can’t stop watching this on a loop. Always loved this character design.…
Hey everyone! Let's show some love to @CarbineGary (Gary Astleford), one of the newest additions to the #WildStar Narrative Design team!
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@pvponline @BrandonPeterson @apesandbabes @MarkWaid And then you found out the “adult table” was a scam; it’s kid tables all the way down!
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The fact that Notch is getting out with a fat paycheck and his sanity is a win for everyone. This is great. It’s slow-clap time.
“Imagine having everything.” It’s a lot for one person to go from having nothing to being the guy who made minecraft. And while so young.
Many of you won’t know who Steven Banks is. But he was a comedian/musician actor who wrote a line about Elvis that makes me think of Notch.
A Troll in overalls is all you need to hear to know you want to read today’s all new PvP -…
Anyone who comes to my booth at @RoseCityCC cosplaying as a Table Titans character will get a free drawing of their favorite TT character.
I will be at @RoseCityCC this weekend in Portland. Very much looking forward to seeing all my Portland fans. Please come say hello.
I’ve thought about writing it all down. How I broke in. But honestly I don’t know how accurate my memories are.
Lots of people who have been involved in my success. It’s a humbling to look back over the last 16 years and exciting to look forward.
Before Image it was @muskrat_john and @dogooderpress who took me under their wings to carry me into self-publishing.
It was @Shadowlinecomic (Jim Valentino) who believed in PvP enough to offer me an Image contract. He saw the power of webcomics very early.
I bitch a lot about how syndicated cartoonists view webcomics. But I don’t crow enough about how comics proper has embraced us.
“I think I like saying Butternut.” - @AngieKinSeattle
Wait. How many eps of @FollowTheChair are in the first season? Was 5 the last one?
Last year these two cosplayed as Cole and Jade.
Big thanks to @doubleofive and @jessica_dayle for showing me the ropes of Destiny multi-player and for just being all around amazing people.
Today, @jessica_dayle & I taught @pvponline the true power of Destiny: friendship!
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Anybody want to play some Destiny? (Xbone) is like to try with people.
So fun running and streaming with the Galaxy Questers. Thanks to everyone who watched tonight.
RIP: Douglas E. Smith, 1960 - 2014, the creator of the classic game Lode Runner.
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We’re gonna run some battlegrounds in @WildStar tonight. Watch us attack the Dominion with our face.
We’ll be streaming @WildStar soon. Gonna try to get @AngieKinSeattle to join @SteveHamaker and I tonight.
Woof. It’s a crime scene under that band-aid. So much gore for such a small loss of flesh. #mandolin2014
Jade and the fam cosplay in today’s PvP -…
Sometimes, PvP is just so much fun to draw I can’t stand it.
@pvponline @dmeconis @CoryCasoni We are just $279 away from the next Pirate Loot Stretch Goal! More Loot for all!…
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I think @SamsungMobileUS might have just twitter punked me.
I’ve adored @ZacharyQuinto as an actor, but after watching “The Chair” I really respect him as a producer/filmmaker. Great stuff.
The crew from @NerdistDotCom join Scott Kurtz of @pvponline & @tabletitans to take on Hoard of the Dragon Queen! #dnd
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It’s not bleeding through the band aid but it’s not like its a cut. It’s just…less finger in that spot now. #stiches?
Cut a chunk of finger off in a mandolin slicer. So searching a bowl of cucumbers for a tiny piece of skin is off my bucket list. #ouch
.@rgriff It’s silly to sign a 2 year commitment to a phone you’ve never held. If you have to wait a month to get it later…it’ll be okay.
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How do I know Ant-Man will be great? Because @Kevfeige is calling it a Heist movie. Not a superhero movie.