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Scott Kurtz
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I don’t like complaining too loud because I could have worse problems. It’s just frustrating.
I guess I just have bad luck at the dentist. There’s always a complication it seems. Maybe it’s not just me.
I hate the dentist. That is all.
The newest Hey Comics — Kids podcast is now available. My boys and I discuss the death of Sat. morning cartoons.…
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Fear not, @StephanFrost is hella talented and you know he’s going to do amazing things where ever he goes. Excited to see what’s next.
It was hard watching my buddy @StephanFrost announce his departure from Carbine Studios this morning. There’s a lot of him in Wildstar.
In the new @comicdorks we talk about the Kirby settlement AND the Dave Dorman’s wife convention stuff. So get ready to hate me.
Come in @Logitech, update the harmony link app so I can control my goddamn tv again.
Check out my YouTube video where I go to an Apple Store and shatter iPhones against the wall. #wallgate #willitwall?
Want to help sign the PLOX guild charter? Log in with a horde character on Shadowsong-US and message Meatsauce.
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PvP tries to celebrate national coffee day. -…
Hey cartoonists, Let’s all take pictures of ourselves this year.…
Okay. We need webcomic kuttes. Or maybe I’ve been watching too much sons of anarchy.
I spent three hours today building a wizard tower in minecraft. It’s like Legos. I just want to build shit.
I joined Ello because I want a fresh start. So if you know me from before, tell everyone my nickname is Stryker. DON'T BLOW THIS FOR ME.
Retweeted by Scott Kurtz… hey everyone, the remaining Earthbound prints are now available online. Pick one up before they're gone!
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Tak3n is a great name. Neesums is my shit.
I think earlier I accidentally tweeted the official @WildStar twitch channel instead of my own. Muscle memory. Sorry.
We are broadcasting live. Watch us play @WildStar with @SteveHamaker and @StephanFrost and the Galaxy Questers.
Going to be streaming some @WildStar in about 30 minutes or so. Subscribe to and get notified when we go live.
A matter of opinion in today’s brand spanking new PvP -…
It’s time for Simon to reveal the truth in today’s @tabletitans -…
Marvel avoided a PR nightmare and new precedent being set, and the Kirby heirs got money. Everybody wins or nobody wins?
Marvel and the Kirby estate settle. Hoo boy. Curious how the comics community is going to react to this one.
We’re trying @sococo this week and I gotta tell you, I love it. Amazing program if you run a virtual office with people in different cities.
Is there truth to this? “Let me put it bluntly: if a company has taken venture capital, you have already been sold.”…
The triumphant return of the Toonhound Studios @WildStar stream tonight at 6:00pm PST. Come watch us PvP.
Full disclosure, 2 years ago I was on the verge of quitting comics. Bad scene for me. @pvponline and @CoryCasoni jump started me back.
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I just spent way too much time building a mansion in Minecraft. Buh. What time is it? Jesus. Sleeeeep.
I'm that girl who keeps breaking the silence in @PeriscopeStudio w/ my snurkgiggling from listening to @SurvivingShow…
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It’s date night in today’s all new, all exciting PvP -…
I'm on the most recent episode of @SurvivingShow. Give it a listen! We talk about criticism and @BrigidAlverson.…
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Toonhound Studios theme song for the day.…
Autumn has come in an all new PvP -…
Don’t forget! Those of you in the Austin area, I’ll be signing/sketching @DLairAustin today from 6-9pm! #SixthGunDay #gunslingertour
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I get really wiped out at cons because trying to pick your voice out of the crowd din is really difficult as I get older. #getoffmylawn
If these work the way they’re supposed to, I think it might help me at conventions.
Hey kids, best service for hosting a minecraft server? Help appreciated.
Insamnee'a: when you can't sleep because you know @ChrisSamnee is out there getting better with every passing day.
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15 Min Max — Review of Minecraft 1.8
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Hmm. Agents of SHIELD was good tonight. I really enjoyed it.
Have I mentioned how much I love working with @CoryCasoni. @SteveHamaker and @dmeconis lately? God bless them.
Jade visits the doctor in today’s all new PvP -…
It seems like Bebop inspired a LOT of writers and filmmakers.
This weekend I watched Cowboy Bebop for the first time. About halfway through the shows and I’m floored. How did I go so long?
@pvponline @guigar it doesn't make much sense to throw a carnival and a specialty book festival in one place and expect both to thrive.
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