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Scott Kurtz
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Building on the metaphor of my comics being my kids, I think older brother PvP is a bit jealous of the attention little sis TT is getting.
CNN did an article on D&D 5th ed and they threw me a few questions about @tabletitans how the game influenced me.…
Finally had a chance to sit down with the D&D 5th edition PHB and damn it…it’s so good. I want to roll up a bard immediately.
Maintaining footholds in today’s PvP -…
Woof. Toonhound Studios is struggling today, kids. We GenConned way too hard.
Hey kids. Fear not. I’m back from GenCon, rested and comics are on their way!
Damn. @ingress just emailed me that a portal we captured in our Gencon hotel is under attack. So I’m headed to the airport.
Reflecting on all the Gencon discussions. One being my very passionate lament that sleeping caps weren't still a thing.
Home safe from Gencon. Late breakfast at Jays cafe, then dog reunion, shower and nap. Whew!
Today is your last day to vote for Table Titans for the Harvey Award.…
Indianapolis airport security is no muss no fuss. The airlines still are operating from inside their own asses.
Indianapolis airport is the most muss-free port ever.
Pipin’ hot new Movies With Mikey! I dive into my mother’s favorite movie, 1985’s Ladyhawke. Share and spread the word…
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Thanks to everyone who made our GenCon amazing! The shows over. Time to pack up.
@pvponline found Tipsy the Beer Robot at #GenCon for you over by Wyrd Miniatures
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I don't think Steve knows how to play ingress right.
Teaching some new players D&D with the starter set.
Sweet bayonetta commission @SteveHamaker and I just did together.
Butt talk with Scott and Steve and Cory's butt
Last yea’rs panel featuring my Nona’s spaghetti sauce was standing room only. Short sighted NYCC. Inmates running the asylum over there.
If my Nona’s polenta and meat sauce isn’t worth a panel, I don’t know what is. Guess unless your grandma is corporate sponsored…