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Scott Kurtz
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Pro tip: don’t drop the wasabi in the sake bottle. #sushifail
Okay. 2015 for D&D and @tabletitans is gonna blow yer mind.
I’m at an all day @Wizards_DnD partners meeting. And just like during my D&D game, I’m half paying attention, half drawing my character.
The Table Titans team & @pvponline are @Wizards_DnD today working on some new secret stuff! We'll be posting on Wed & Friday this week :)
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Leela has something important to tell Cole in today’s PvP -…
Sketchbook: Sleepy Hollow’s Ichabod.
I’m not in a rush to update to Yosemitie. I’m just familiar with how Apple can push you to do it sometimes.
Anyone installed Yosemite yet? any photoshop troubles? Wacom? Etc?
Jade lays down the law in today’s PvP -…
Watching and sketching the New doctor.
Proud of this one: Schmidt from New Girl.
Being tall isn’t bad, but it is all these things.…
Sketching: Alan and Kate in happier times?
@welovefine: Introducing the NEW Eye of the Beholder designed by @pvponline!” oh shit!
Meanwhile, PvP and TT are updating. So don’t think I left you hanging. Love you guys.
It’s this little house right on the beach. I think this is the puget sound? Just lots of reading and sketching. Recharging.
For those asking: we rented a house on Whidbey Island. A short ferry ride away from where we live.
Couch. Sketchbook. Dog. Ocean view. Check. Check. Check. CHECK!
Drawing from life is a muscle I don’t exercise enough. I love making contour drawings.
Today's @tabletitans shows a cool mix of table talk and roleplay by blending art for character and players!
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Every Quincy MD I draw looks like Lyndon Johnston. Wait a minute….
More TV detectives: Columbo and Kolchak. #sketching.
I get the impression that despite their disagreements, Jon Stewart and Bill OReily are like…good friends.
Going to @BlizzCon? Come by the J!NX booth & sign up to win 1 of 2 @Warcraft Armor TLs systems from @DogHouseSystems!
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Out of character, in the game. It's today's Latest Adventure of Table Titans!…
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Here is a Jessica Fletcher and some attempts at Columbo.
The first in a series of pen and ink drawings of great TV detectives: Jim Rockford
Actual dinner conversation quote from @pvponline if you think about it, seals are mermaid dogs
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On vacation. At a beach house sketching. First subject: Dougal from Outlander.
Dogs can do content pretty hard fucking core
First ferry ride. I’m inside a car inside a boat. Weird.
Oh golly, I meant to say, Happy 133rd birthday P. G. Wodehouse, the most amiable benefactor of mankind ever to tap a typewriter key.
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Every time an amber alert pops up on my phone or TV I hit the roof. Scares me every time.
I never use pencil in sketchbooks. I always sketch with an ink pen. Specifically a black Papermate Flair.
Got a bag full of traditional art stuff. Bristol, pencils, inks and grease pencils. Looking forward to draw-drawing.
Vacation starts tomorrow. Not a con. Not a family crisis out of town. Rental house on the puget. Reading, looking at the ocean and sketching
Thank you Ben Campbell at the Mill Creek Staples for making my day.
Matching the civil war storyline in the comic shouldn’t won’t and can’t happen. Relax.
At some point, public hysteria over all these super-powered nuts would hit a fever pitch. I’m glad they plan to address it in story.
So if cinematic Marvel DIDN’T start heading towards a Cival War type storyline it would seem odd. It makes sense to go there 2/2
Cinematic Marvel went from one guy in an iron suit to an alien invasion to a secret WW2 nazi cult inside the government. 1/2
Oh yeah. I miss this stuff. The good ol days.…
God gathered all the cartoonists and distributed among them diverse gifts. "Given unto you is that you shall not mind drawing horses,"
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Maybe it’s just good ol days syndrome, but I miss when every movie had Jack Warden as a side character.
Understanding where shadows fall. On faces and clothes. Shadows. I’m shite at it. Need big practice.
I started today at Amazon as a producer working with Double Helix, Killer Instinct/Strider Devs Can't talk about the project. I'm excited.
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