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Scott Kurtz
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Good news! @comicdorks is BACK in action & regular starting Tues. the 12th of August!
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Congrats to all the winners of the @welovefine D&D tee shirt contest -…
Trade blockades? Cease fires? Sometimes I don't know if I'm watching CNN or The Phantom Menace.
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Despite today’s comic, I am very excited for Outlander. We saw the pilot last night and it’s really good.
Okay people. Who’s excited for Gencon?! Can’t get there soon enough.
Francis is learning all about kilts in today’s PvP -…
Yes. Janet was The Wasp in the comics. But in the cinematic universe, Janet is probably in her 70s if Hank is in his. Whatever. I’m down.
I’m excited to hear that Evangeline Lily is going to be in Ant Man as Hank and Janet’s daughter. Evangeline as the Wasp! YES!
listened to the Nexus Report for 20 minutes before looking up and seeing @StephanFrost is wearing a Binwin Shirt.
Seems to me a lot of secondary victims' lives could've been saved if Lt. Columbo hadn't spaced out all his questions so much.
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Saw a screening of Outlander at a theatre. Wife is a huge fan. Excited to experience her fandom for once. Loved the show.
You filled seven consecutive booths with back issues of comics at a show where nobody cares about comics. Must be the Marvel booth’s fault.
The article that spurred these thoughts.…
I think all exhibitors are feeling the sting because Comicon attendees spend very little on the con floor. And less each year.
I have a hard time believing that Mile High Comics operated at a 10k deficient because Marvel sold exclusive variant covers at their booth.
I will never understand comics retailers bemoaning publishers or creators doing everything thhe can to make money at a con. Especially SDCC.
Earth human Scott Kurtz of @pvponline encourages potential consumers of #Protostar's #WildStar game product!…
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remember when you could call a local establishment and talk to a person? THE GOOD OL DAYS!
Just a warning, #freelancers - it is free to get an EIN from the IRS. DO NOT give your SS# to any site trying to charge you for one.
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Really harmonious collaboration is an unsung joy of cartooning.
Oh man. @brihurtt just turned in some @tabletitans page breakdowns that are inspired. I’m so lucky to work with such talented people.
In the game of thrones, your productivity wins or it dies, in today’s PvP -…
Was dwarves riding rams a Tolkien thing?…