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I'm a part of this squad.
Am i the only one confused by this?
I'm gonna strip, and YOU'RE GONNA LIKE IT!
This is what happens when you go to the end.
Man, her clothes are TOTALLY not see through.
I might die if someone did this for me. Holy cow. 😍�TD
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Dear Mom: We should have a day everyweek remebering your son. We should call it sonday. Hey well look at that.
How black people ask someone out.
How white people ask someone out.
Me when i don't get my coffee in the morning.
Me: Will you grow Hair: no Legs: no Boobs: no Mind: no Nails: no Stomach: okay Thighs: sure thing
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This is one sexy mother fucker! If you want her sexiness on your page follow her @AudreyTomme
If you want to follow a sexy bitch follow @AudreyTomme She is he hottest chick i've ever seen
Good place to find twitter users by niche...
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Wait, nope they are not liars. I'm starting to get new followers.
Ya'll are LIARS!!
I followed @FreddyAmazin and i aint gettin no god damn followers
R-E-T-W-E-E-T if you have less than 5,000 followers! Follow 【► @FreddyAmazin ◄】 and he will get you up there instantly!
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The best part of my field trip was the girl who puked on my bus. THANK THE LORD THAT SOMETHING ACTUALLY INTERESTING HAPPENED!!
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*Seeing my crush at school😏* me:f
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This is me on a field trip to a boring ass museum.
Teacher: Today's the day of the field trip!!! Me: GOD KILL ME NOW!!
Wanna see my big cock?
I typed in prostitute and i'm in your driveway. BEEP BEEP MOTHER FUCKER!
No one would hug me today and when I asked the lesbian to hug me she screamed NO BODY WANTS A HUG FROM A LESBIAN!!! WTF BRO
Dear Orgasms,if THIS happened during sex I'd have sex again and again! Sincerely,These BEFORE/AFTER PICS :
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All these curves, and me with no brakes.
If i said you had a beautiful body would you hold it against me?
There are 265 bones in the human body. Would you like to add another one?
Q: Why did the man fall off of the toilet seat? A: Because he was pissed off
A guy walked into a bar.....OUCH!
Q: Why does the blonde have the biggest tits in the 3rd grade? A: Because she's 21
Q:What comes after 69? A:Mouthwash
Kid: What is a 6.9? Mother: A really good thing ruined by a damn period!
I didn't know heaven could fly so low!

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