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Mark Puckett
Progress so far ... Starting to get frustrated, having trouble getting to a bolt on the AC compressor and one on the top of the starter. This truck really is designed for the cab to be off for engine work. 16 hours in so far. #powerstroke #diesel #ford
The #m5 is visiting Dad's garage so I can pull an engine out of my #f350.
Turbo finally removed ... Took 3 hours and a lot of sweat. I hope it goes back in easier. #powerstoke #diesel
Almost time to lift out the block! #powerstroke #diesel rebuild
It's a start. #f350 #powerstroke 6.0 #diesel
This should be filling up with oil while the starter runs. Unfortunately not so much ... So dead oil pump confirmed. Tearing down for a rebuild ... Starting today.
I just blogged about Apple's Activation Lock and how to take care you aren't scammed when buying a used iPhone:…
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Documenting the very last mile on this 6.0L diesel. Low pressure oil pump failure, caused lifter to fail, likely sending needle bearings throughout the entire engine.
Still like the Home Depot tool race ...
NYC view from 1 penn
Car compression #NYC
Times are changing .. Apple and IBM partnership!…
Loving the look on the Expedition with the BFG all terrains ... And now it can really tow 9200 lbs safely.
It's going to be a long week. Ugh.
70-80 million iPhones?!?! Whoa, that's a lot of phones at once! #iPhone6 craze.
Apple Preparing Between 70 and 80 Million 4.7 and 5.5-Inch iPhone 6 Units to Meet High Consumer Demand #iPhone
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New BFG AT! #bfg #ford
Glad to see the renewed interest in device and SCADA/DCS security. That stuff isn't going away, and it's quite vulnerable. #iot