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Mark Puckett
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Stuck on highway 41 near Cartersville. Closed due to accident.
I'm obsessed. #BMW #m3 #s54
Loving the new TV installed in our exercise room!
Best French restaurant I've ever been to!
Big driver issue with Microsoft patch 3004394 on Win7, so now you need a patch for a patch! Lol!
@UberFacts: Cats decided to live with humans on their own and domesticated themselves.” @bonniek4t
The 6.0L #powerstroke diesel I traded in 10 days ago blew a head gasket - 1K miles after new engine installed! #byebye #6.0 #diesel
But the headlights look cool
New xenon headlight igniter. Pretty tough location to get to...
@alisonpuckett377 has to put up with random car parts around the house now as I work on my daily driver and soon to be weekend track car.
My personal favorite engine ever developed by BMW. #s54 - normally aspirated 3.2 liter inline 6 with 333hp and an 8100rpm redline in the #m3 coupe.
For the green kid
Amazing condition 280ZX turbo!!
Mini marietta fountain
Repaired heater pump valve installed ... Glad I had a break in the rain!
Soon after I placed an order for a new one, I figured out how to fix the heater control valve in the M3. The valve was jammed from dirty coolant, I scraped it off with a screwdriver and cleaned everything ... Will find out if it works tomorrow.
#BMW #m3 ... Nice having the S54 again!
Latest toy: 2003 BMW M3 with 88K miles. A few minor imperfections but nothing I can't fix for cheap!
If one fell off, I wonder if I could catch it in my truck.
If they will take my offer it will soon be mine. 2003 #BMW #m3
Is infosec failing because of lack of solutions or lack of interest?
A few days ago we had some rain come in that created a very odd looking sky. The picture color looks off, it was actually closer to a yellow. #nofilter
Didn't know N. Korea had an Internet connection.. Sony Pictures is worried that North Korea hacked its computers…
The E-Label Act will remove those silly FCC symbols from the back of future gadgets
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I'm thankful for the police officers that put their lives on the line to uphold the law and protect citizens every single day.
St. Louis-area mall closes on Black Friday as Ferguson protests spread <-- Self inflicted economic wound.…
Why “Let’s encrypt everything” misses the point — Guardtime
@tinybutmighty05 photos are hard to get today.
Well, things appear to have died down with #ATLFerguson protests. More info to come later re: arrest counts, statements, etc.
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New Google's Devices & Activity Dashboard Let Users to Monitor Connected Devices #Security
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Not surprised that people who disagree with our judicial system decision are out burning police cars and looting.
Regin: Top-tier espionage tool enables stealthy surveillance | Symantec Connect Community…
It's a tough life for Mr. Charlie.
Turkey bill in kindergarten.
Lots of security pros have been saying this for a while, now at least the NSA confirmed it. Next step? Fix it!…
Picture of a picture. #photog #fall #canvas
Mae-retta beer. NASCAR. And a nice fire.
How to watch the race while waiting for KK
Sadly, it will be for sale soon. Now that it runs (and very well!) I don't want to let this one go!
KK at her thanksgiving luncheon!!