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Mark Puckett
Muddy day at the horse show.
My truck was clean. The rain is coming down now to make more mud at the horse show!
Leave it to @APPLEOFFIClAL to ruin me for my Mac keyboards. The new MacBook 12 keyboard is *that* good! The old keys feel heavy now.
New 2016 BMW M4 GTS: a high-performance special edition M4 to be offered here in the US.…
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The one tip to get ahead in your company no one talks about - FORTUNE…
Scientists have figured out how to store memory with light instead of electricity - Quartz…
SurfaceBook is the first decent alternative to a MacBook Pro I've seen ... with a trick hinge ... Not a bad price point either.
Powerful performance, meticulously crafted: meet #SurfaceBook, the ultimate laptop.…
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El Capitan and Microsoft Apps don't get along and it's driving me insane.…
"Life's not that binary."
iPhone 6S upgrade is definitely more substantial than it seems. Snappier, finger print reader is super fast, and force touch!
Oh, and now AT&T wants a THIRD credit check in one day. Just to port a number to phone that is having trouble?!? @ATT
I get that AT&T has me on a 15+ minute hold on my 3rd attempt to port a number... But why constant ads in my ear?
6 Truths on Why Introverts Make Great Leaders - Entrepreneur…
Absolutely true. 3 Realities That Make Personal Finance Different for Entrepreneurs - Entrepreneur…
Should I watch the @AtlantaFalcons Beat up on Houston? or the #PetitLeMans in the rain at Road Atlanta. #decisions
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Is this going to create a hole in the space-time continuum? Because it’s … uhm … wow.…
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Love my new MacBook, but really could have used 16GB and a little bit more CPU!
My gorgeous wife. She somehow puts up with my constant flow of wild ideas and ever evolving dreams. Thank you Alison for always being there by my side.
Shopping with all but one of my minion-ettes in Jamaica :-) ... Cruise ship looks attached to the shops.
Coolest coffee cup, ever.
Got a #Canon GPS adapter for my Canon 5D Mark III. Highly recommend! Great having GPS data while using a real lens.
Best. Cruise. Ever. It doesn't get better than #Disney #fantasy
Until next time ...
Our ship is about to sail.
Step 1: Send email with "salary_increases.xlsm" Step 2: Wait 2 mins Step 3: Reply-all with "Please don't open that!" Step 4: receive shells
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Timing is wild. Sometimes you get super motivated. Sometimes you get discouraged on something else. It's crazy when both happens.
Beat the "big climb" for the first time on my 5.4 mi ride on Strava.…
I'm running a CTF event for a great customer! Lots of fun.
Wouldn't they consider manual processing? Citing computer limits, IRS no longer accepts checks for over $100 million
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Pork. It's what's for dinner.
Finished Cycle with #cyclemeter, on a new route, time 1:32:09, distance 17.59 miles, see…, average 11.45.
I repainted Alison's bike ... Glitter pink! #specialized
Accounting: Here's some CapEx. Feel free to literally set it on fire. What, OpEx? Are you crazy? We can't afford that.
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Also, Apple does not sell their parts to 3rd party repair shops. The screen you get will not be Apple.
PSA: don't use non-Apple repair for a broken screen. It will be dark, camera may not be centered, and your Touch ID may not work.
Sitting at a mall Starbucks with KisMAC running - why are so many people around still using WEP?
It’s not often people start businesses after leaving a paying job well into in their 50s:
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My beagle following people in my house. Yes, this is a relevant post. It's information. And security.
Dumb PIN-reset Android malware found in the wild |
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Streisand effect, defined: "Former Ashley Madison CTO sues security researcher over hacked emails". This does not end the way he thinks.
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At least in the future when everybody uses Office 365 and it hiccups, every other business will be down at the same time anyway. 💁
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Ordered a Garmin 520 to replace the rarely reliable Bluetooth setup I have. Can't wait!
Becoming an Entrepreneur Takes Courage, But Marrying One Is Even Braver by @stephenkeymedia
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Finished Cycle with #cyclemeter, on 20m To Dallas route, time 1:28:50, distance 22.35 miles, ahead of worst ride 1:27.

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