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Shaikh Tabrez
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My little cusine we had grate eid fun...
Gm frnds... Eid Mubarak to All my frnds...
Hate to travel by route... I hate indian roads.
1 hug from loved one. Effect like pain killer...
Love borns when you born... :-)
More expectations from less one it always hurts... ;-(
For sake of goodness if u became bad then its good.
Happyness is only cure for fergoting all pains. But happyness is for some time and pain is life time.. ;-(
Cross makes things easy, straight makes hard. Hard makes easy so be always cross... ;->
Hating love gives meaning to life... ;-(
Let a world, to make ur own... For making own world how to fergot owns world maker...
What is good ? What is bad? Good is bad, bad is good. If u dont know then what you will do frnds suggest me...pls
Moto in the life... Is like TV with cable connection. Is like bike with full petrol. Is like hairless man with full hairs...
Promises has been done, Promises has been broken. Promises has to be done, Promises is the motto. :-(:-@
"@RNTata2000: Visited Google HQ today - A terrific company, great innovation & inspiring leadership. Hope India can create a "Google environ
Supername of is created is by own work... Always remember super never born with u.
love make people to die or live. with or without any standard...:)
Life is simple we make it hard by compairing to any body...
I have got new bike. Real royal, Royal Enfield... Luv it
Its easy to accept some one in ur life but its too dificult to fergot any one from life... ;-(
I found a new frnd name sonali preety good girl
Lungi dance song i saw its too funny