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Ironically, The Crow franchise is having a hard time coming back to life. #RebootRadar #ThereWeSaidIt
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@pseudomorrow Garlic and gas makes a cool breeze up a camel's ass.
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d&d got pushed back to Monday again so I'm gonna go start trouble at the liquor store
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"If your dead mom shows up talking in slow motion, you're gonna have a bad time".- @pseudomorrow
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Don't let people hug you. It only makes them stronger.
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Guys, please don't judge someone based on stuff they wrote themselves in a public forum meant to reach the widest possible audience.
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3 million people died during the testing of Dragonballs A through Y before they got it right.
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If Trump makes president it won't even be a year before he pisses off Kim Jong-un, then you know it's WWIII. And our only savior? Kanye West
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"It is with deep sadness we inform you that Wes Craven passed away at 1PM on Sunday, August 30 after battling brain cancer." #RIP
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A good way to make new friends at work is to perch on top of the coffee machine like a gargoyle and demand that people answer your riddles
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Wait. Thor puts Mjolnir on top of Loki in Thor 1 so he can't get up. Can't he do that for literally every villain??
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The Undertaker is like Jared Leto's personal Dorian Gray portrait
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Dear @JamesGunn , please pull some strings and get @MatthewLillard the part as Adam Warlock in @Avengers #InfinityWar @Marvel XOXO
Biden Said To Be Considering Sons of Anarchy Marathon
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Play Mambo No. 5 at my funeral even if you have to fight my family
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I’ve never seen Carlito’s Way, but I like to TELL people that I’ve seen it.
If I had telekinesis,I would go around moving everyones elaborate domino setups just far enough to the point where theywouldnt hit eachother
Me: I don't like this TV show Netflix: It has 43 seasons & it's FREE! Me:[spends 17yrs watching every episode in a row] still don't like it.
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Next generation Monopoly pieces: -Croc -Fedora -Prius -iPhone -Starbucks cup -A thimble because we've made very little progress in that area
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im going to be the first pro-wrestler who is also a ventriloquist. and the dummie will insult my opponent as i pin him.
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A Skatebook: transportation and literature in one convenient package. Get street smarts with book smarts. Please fund my Kickstarter.
The next time your smartphone crashes, just remember that somewhere out there, a 20 year old pinball machine is still going hard.
It’s not often you see people in space wearing flannel.
I call up guys named Trent. I get them in touch with the right people. I set them up for life. Some might even call me a, “trent setter.”
Elon Musk should have his own cologne by now.
Spitvalve should be a superhero. Or a villain. I’m not sure what he would do, but it probably wouldn’t be that appealing.
The only flavor of doughnut I would consider being is Maple; but not an overly sweet Maple, just…just the slightest hint.
Is there anyone named Danithan? There should be Danithans.
I have solved all racism in the world for the next ten minutes. Enjoy.
Why isn’t there a country called, “Banana?” That sounds like a strong, fun country. I would live there.
If Head & Shoulders makes a body wash, they should call it, “Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes.”
I made a barista at Starbucks cry when I put my name down as "Dad" and he just stood there calling it over and over
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When you think about it, a human is just like a big burrito.
I wonder how often State Farm agents get teleported during sex?
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If the Sorting Hat sorted me, I’d either end up at the DMV or Fat Camp.
Whatever happened to being dapper and why did it get replaced with wearing hoodies?
You know your dining room is too big when you have a man on horseback passing you the salt.
Professor Alan Doubtfire "Genie" Brainard
Note to self: Make Titanic 3. Call it, “Tritanic.”
*wakes up drenched in sweat* WAS BINGO THE FARMER OR THE DOG?
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People don’t describe other people as, “saucy,” nearly as much as they should.
In the elevator to heaven, Salt-N-Pepa perform "Push It", cheering you on as you the hit button. Spinderella cuts it up one more time.
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I hope I never come to that point where I have to cross a weathered rickety rope bridge in between two mountains.

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