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P Scott Cummins
It's definitely feeling like Autumn in the Northwest #upperlefthandcorner #northwestisbest #GetOutside
The perfect place (to be). #SPUstrong #WhidbeyLife
How fast is @yedlinny of Sounders-Tottenham? Appears to violate laws of physics/space-time...… #sounders
I just uploaded "Becky Gilliam's address Arnett Hall dedication" to Vimeo:
Video: Becky Gilliam’s address Arnett Hall dedication from PScott Cummins on Vimeo.This video is about...
No room on this bandwagon for negativity. You can jump off now, but you won't be allowed back on when things get good again.
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#Resume101 hasn't changed much over the years, Google makes it clear...
I had to salute with a prosthetic arm, yet Obama cant even put down his damn latte? Come on.
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Away Viewing hosted by #Sounders legend Alan Hinton tomorrow night. Dempsey signed USMNT jerseys raffled off!!gfc-viewing-…
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It still feels like yesterday. We miss you, Paul. Amazing music video by @bearsdenmusic. #SPUstrong…
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Found the prayer packing today, they passed out after the shooting. Took me right back to that day. #prayforspu
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Keep @SeattlePacific Univ in your thoughts & prayers this week as students return… #PrayForSPU #SPUstrong via @KUOW
Good Morning Sunshine! First day of Fall - have a great one!
Another cool part of our trip, visiting the 9/11 Museum with @bmvaughn & @pscottc it was heavy, but very worthwhile
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"Christianity, one not preached but lived, was the strongest of powers that shaped and molded me." - Hermann Hesse
A great reminder from a great company. Thanks Hornall Anderson!
Where are we going now? Will this journey set our hearts on fire? Come on, let's fly away- and reach a far horizon.
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Impact means results. We measure the life-change that occurs as woman participate in our program. See how. MORE:…
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Complaints about #U2 #SongsOfInnocence are from liberal evangelicals. MSM like The Guardian and New Yorker are boffo…
only "downside" of #U2 #SongsOfInnocence with #Apple is for online music pirates. The rest is totally brilliant innovation in distribution
Being Black at Seattle Pacific University: 3 Things I Learned…
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The Church of U2 "a wildly popular, semi-secretly Christian rock band"… via @NewYorker #secretisout #talkingtoGod
Get out there and go 1-0 on your week. You will after this coaching from high school senior Apollos Hester ! ! !
We won the Super Bowl AGAIN ! ! !
I just liked "RUSH HOUR" on Vimeo:
I'm a Seattle fan. I've got Denver friends. My Twitter feed is 'kinda going crazy right now...
That big block of fans at the top of Red Bull Arena? #sounders supporters. Terrific east coast showing
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.@SoundersFC with 5 changes from Open Cup winning side, 3 changes at the back. Cooper and Barrett up front, Oba and Dempsey on bench #NYvSEA
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Bench: Hahnemann, Scott, Dempsey, Martins, Azira, Yedlin, PIneda. #NYvSEA
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NY Subway march to the match!
Seattle love for @HawkBarNYC US Open Cup is in the house!
So basically these Russian jets have Apple Maps as their GPS?
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Hey @HawkBarNYC we got special cargo coming your way, take good care of her, ok?
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We have arrived: Seattle in NYC ! ! !
After 9 Months, Federal Probe of GWB Closure Finds No Link to Christie, Federal Sources Say - NBC NY…
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Hearing the player Sounders signed is former Nigeria international Onyekachi Apam. Announcement today or tomorrow.…
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Inside a temple to travel
Welcome to Delaware - it's been a gorgeous day in the 13 Colonies