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"@mannuelite: But shes my baby ..."
Sometimes I really consider the thought that i'm mentally ill. How angry I get? shits not normal.
I never change, trust.
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It was suppose to be romantic and special smfh.
I be going crazy in my house..
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Tonights going to be my homecoming.. ♡
@ps_iloveyoux33: Shit i need someone to die my hair o.o”helloooooo, did you not just see the ombré I did? Hi hi 👋
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Shit i need someone to die my hair o.o
How did my night go from that to this?
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It's really hard to keep your boyfriend happy & your bestfriend happy under circumstances as such.
Admit it ! All spanish girls fall for at least 1 black guy 💯
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That one follower who always tweets exactly how you are feeling >>> 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌
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You know i work at 7am so why try and convince me to finish this shit now -_-
I saw true colors too quickly lol. You seemed like you'd be a great bestfriend too
Its all good tho 2 more paychecks and that case will be mine
I would shop for cases but i just spent 582$ on that phone lmao ._.
My phone is suppose to arrive Monday at 8pm #TheHype
TyQuez and Anthony keep making me feel bad about this lmaoo
What the actual fuck.
Two days in a row ive tried to be daring lmao
I wonder if this outfit is too much
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Cant even be comfy fuckin bullshit -_-
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"@ps_iloveyoux33: @Ana_x333 bitch said i was cheating on my boyfriend -______- like let me not" ohhhhh i see now
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"@ps_iloveyoux33: @Ana_x333 cause a girl i was gunna fight snitched to drewry" why you fighting -.- ? you so dumb lol
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Another favorite beauty that won!!! 😌🎉�
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@ps_iloveyoux33 stop fronting you know you type mad you didnt win LMAOO Sike naa
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Homecoming was eh .... Ive been to better
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"@tyanaaxo: I fucking hate my body but the beautiful @jelly_zebras won!!!! 🙌🙌🙌🙌�"she looks so pretty icant
In all honesty? Jareliz deserved it more then anybody. Im so happy for her!
If I get in a Relationship I’ll DELETE my Facebook for You, it aint shit. But Twitter and IG? Nahhh I worked hard for these Followers Bitch✋
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For that might as well just stay here like df