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@ProtruckR any signs of the Northern Lights out your way tonight? They are supposed to be strong and as far down as Oregon.
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@ProtruckR yup! I agree, but people these days just don't give ahoot, it's almost like a gimme gimme world, nothing back! Pees me off! HRU?
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That's Cool walk into A Safeway in the USA And they have Free Use of their Computers you can use Twitter & Facebook
@ProtruckR you're not the only one, buddy! I'm too kind to people even though the majority are A..H....s that don't give anything in return!
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I Swear Some days I wonder Why I Dont go outside Throw my self off cliff Kick my own ASS 4 Being So kind to people be such PUSHOVER Agggggg
Tomorrow Night Monkey Bone & ProtruckR are Going to The P.N.E For the Free Outside Concert This will ROCK ! #Headsup #vancouver #BoysToMen
Hey Just For the Fun of it Lets Just see what the Cost of Gas on the 49th Border Crossing is on Sumas WA. Lets Roll See I need gas anyways
@ProtruckR [Napa Valley California Wines Today PRICES SKY ROCKET SOON] - Luckily I'm in the heart of Niagara wine country! :~}
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Well off to the Wonderful World Of the U.S.A. Not only are the People wonderful But the Cost of Gas and Food Make it That much Better Go USA
Lmao Kidding Me Right !!! Well if I ever Have a F.A.W.C ISSUE and Require tape so ya dont slip out. LMAO Unreal lol
I Have Heard of Duct Tape And Now Hurricane Tape But What the Hell Do you Need F.A.W.C.TAPE FOR Dam is she that lose
The Video for the Band ( The Fever ) I Hope to Post to You Tube Tonight as Luck Has it WIFI is down thank you hope to post soon ProtruckR
Canadian #Vancouver #Wine #Restaurants Lovers I would Suggest you Run out And Buy Napa Valley California Wines Today PRICES SKY ROCKET SOON
If the Video Recorded Property & Most all the sound, I will Post it to You Boob mean You Tube. Lmao
Well Best I start Editing Video I took Cross my Fingers My Video and Sound turned out.. That Band pulled of A show Blew me away. Holly Cow !
Thats one of the most Disappointing Feelings is when you See A Band Play Live Then They Pull of show Some Big Name Cant me with no Video Cam
I managed to Video Tape Few Songs (The Fever) Played Last Night From my Samsung Galaxy Note Book 3. I sure hope all Video turned out.
The Band (The Fever) Are So good that I am Going to Do whatever it Takes to Sign them & Book Them in As Many Room's Good Lord Gives me.
The Band Called #TheFever I have never in my Life seen A Band who Has never Played Live Ft of 250 People Rock 3 sets Pack Hard Rock Casino
What A Blast Last night. I Went to Hard Rock Casino Here in Vancouver I was blown Away, what A Cover Band Can the Lead Singer Rock the House
@ProtruckR Wonderful ... Would have been great to see.... Have a great week Richard :0)
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Yep That About Sums it Up ! SAY AWE BITCH !!! Lmao Haaaaa