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"@glendoucet5: this picture of Cpl. Nathan Cirillo. #StandOnGuardForThee" Real Canadian Hero
All that is great about Canada can be seen in this picture of Cpl. Nathan Cirillo. #StandOnGuardForThee
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This is Wrong in so many ways.What Idiot shoots A member of the Armed Forces Reserve unit Every tv show is talking about Canada under Attack
Its So Nice to Have a Twitter account with so Many Excellent Educated Successful Fun Group of People Here on my Friends List. Thank you All
Well Be safe out there. This is one Heck of a Storm. So from windy white rock bc canada I am going to say Good night. ROCK ON WORLD !
All joking a side this is Quite the Storm we are Having. 1am here you can see power lines in the night sky Blowing up HUGE BLUE FLASHES
There is going to Be a lot of People in the Dark from this storm Hmm wonder how people will React when they cant Text and Drive. PANNIC LMAO
We are having quite the Storm on the West Coast of Canada I am in White Rock at the Beach winds Peaked at 110 Mile hr Blast wind WOW
#Amazing you Have to See this South Pole North Pole are Growing at Alarming Rate WOW 10/21/2014 North Pole Ice gr…:
I liked a @YouTube video from @dutchsinse 10/21/2014 -- Global Cooling -- North Pole Ice growing rapidly +
Have A wonderful Weekend World. All the Best ProtruckR
Well I have seen A lot of People Saying They Are starting to feel Sick #Flu sick. Sore throat stuff Just Lovely. Wash your Hands well #YUCK
What A Joke CDC uses Air Pressurized Clean Equipment Then washed down in Bleach 100% why is this ALLOWED WERE Screwed
Well Keep on Trucking Boy Girls Think that almost Looked like we had Convoy. Mind you ya Have to have White Lines Hammer down call it that
Somthing Truly is Biblical when You Drive Past That Many Canadian = amount USA Trucks heading to USA Left me with only one word WOW
I must say the Amount of Long Haul #Trucks Leaving Canada's 176st Truck Border crossing was unreal 2 miles of Trucks Nose to Bumper Packed.
Why Are they Allowed on Flights. Could this be why New 777 Have problems My God your Cell. Li-Ion battery burnout:
Huge #THANK-YOU To all my Friends Here on Twitter 5 Years ago give take few days I Had one Follower I can Now say 11604 Followers on Twitter
Well thats my 2 Cents Remeber people you only Get Ebola when the patent has ebola showing Signs being sick. DON'T PANNIC well not yet lol
This Latest Person in the USA to have possable Ebola got that from Not Properly Following Protocol when Treating(Ebola) its simple Arrogants
I Dont think running around like Henny Pennie Yelling Sky is Falling will help the Ebola outbreak EDUCATION IS THE KEY TO PROPER CONTAINMENT
If We as Humanity Cant even Wash Our Hands to stop Common Flu and Colds. We are So screwed its not Funny.
What Gets me upset. Too much Trust on Cures for Ebola untested and No Human studies done for the cure. Yet they Let them Reach western Soil
(Cont) lend Aid to Contain Elbola in Africa Truly this is The most Brave & Heroic Act By Military. Ebola is Nasty I support the Troops 100%
This Has to be on of The Most Heroic Sacrifice Learning Men woman in the U.S. Military are Being Sent to Africa to Aid in Building Hospitals
I will Never Understand why HomeLand Security Allowed anyone to Return to USA with Ebola the Risks to our Lives is to Extream shame on you !
My Heart Goes out to the Men & Woman USMC Sent to Africa To Lend Aid to Sick Fallen. May your sacrifice been seen as Hero's to Stop ebola
What A Hoot Sticky's Candy's Staff Truly Fun to be around well Shopping for Candy. Thank you for So many types candy
Address #130 12080 Nordel Way.Not only is this Amasing candy Saff are extremely helpful Exelent customer Service
Hi All if your in #delta or, North Surrey BC Come down this Candy Store Hands down has Exelent Customer Service
The Trees this Fall are Beautiful enjoy ProtruckR #linecamera
Have A wonderful day World