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MEN even if you bend over backwards for your Wife Dont think you are Rewarded for saving day. Dog House smells like Ass in Hot steaming room
Well this truly is Not what I needed Fixing the Van Right now. I Just needed the dam thing hang in till I was ready buy new Van. Ya Right
@ProtruckR Thats awesome .. x hugs i am going to bed see you on twittersphere .. xx Goodnight
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I better hop to it Fix this or Buy New Wheels. Put it to vote. Twitter Friends should I fix the Van or run out Buy new one. Lol
Want to Talk about Customer Service James who works at Canadian Tire emergency roadside Help Here is Guy (cont)
Wow What a week Want to talk about Pay it Forward. Canadian Tire emergency Road side Help Has Done Job well Done Getting my Car home safe
TWITTER FRIENDS Does Anyone know a App I can load 4 my Samsung Galaxy NoteBook 3 be able make Over Sea calls wifi THANK YOU ALL Message me
@Iowantrucker1 Good Night mate rest well & I care from way down here in OZ :)
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What was I doing again .hmmmm ooo ya Trying to call 1/2 around the World turn Left go weee bit south of the Big tree. Wait thats Zelda
@ProtruckR have you ever considered switching to some other apps?
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Be Right Back world Time to Reboot this Idiot Box see if its Smart Enuf to make simple Phone Call. Wish me Luck this could get Ugly !!! Lol
@ProtruckR koolaid is also available without a prescription
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If Earth Shakes in next few Minutes Relax its Just me Smashing my Head against the Wall how hard is it make a phone call #Maddness
Now you can book Snort&Fly-777 snort Fest 4 lines of Powdered Alcohol be for Every Flight. hmmm
I can see News Headlines. Read 200 teens found Dead from Snorting Powdered Vodka child 5 years old Drunk from Babysitter spikes sippy cup
#BreakingNews Humanity's Screwed Federal government Has lost there Minds POWDER ALCOHOL APROVED I AM LEAVING EARTH SEND MOTHER SHIP NOW !!!
This is Not the World I want to Live in. Government Approves Powdered ALCOHOL But Marijuana will land you in Jail. WTF KIDDING ME !!!!
New Powdered Alcohol Is Like Kool-Aid For Adults Looking For A Quick Drink via @consumerist
Our Children Dont have much Hope for Living a Real life Sober. Powder Alcohal will kill Millions POPULATION CONTROL…