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Having a Good Week friends Remeber now My Christmas List is one Class A Moterhome life time of free Gas And yes I will take that Bridge too
I added a video to a @YouTube playlist Area 51 Scientist Boyd Bushman Last Talk About UFO's and Aliens Before
@ProtruckR [Got Get me one.... lmao ] - That would be a cabover, yes? d:-)
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@ProtruckR Sounds good! I’m trying to recover from two bad falls in the same week ouch! My knee was wacked and now my lower back is screwed!
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Wonder if this comes with Keyless Entry hmm Boy I cant wait for the 2015 model. Haaaaaaa
I Have seen Lots in my 43 years But Nothing as funny as This. Got Get me one.... lmao
@ProtruckR it should read Fry your iPhone 5S in 3 Seconds! LOL
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I liked a @YouTube video Charge your iPhone 5S in 3 Seconds! (Microwave)
I just flipped the Tv on I hope non of my Twitter friends were involved in that huge storm in LA. Omg wow
Vapology your 1 Stop Brand Named Electronic Cigarette Shop Located 33039 1st Ave Mission B.C 100% ProtruckR Approved
I Fillmed this for you All. I have never seen this Dam opened up this Much before Ruskin Dam Opens Up 100% Part 01:
Ruskin Dam Opens Up 100% Part 01: via @YouTube
Ruskin Dam Opens up 100% Part 2:
Ruskin Dam Opens up 100% Part 2: via @YouTube
Ruskin Dam Part 1&Part 2 Video will Be Released to the Public to Watch On YouTube As the Flood Gates were opened 100%
The Ground Below the Ruskin Dam Shook As if 1000 Steam Trains Were Thundering past my Body as Bc Hydro Opened up the Ruskin Dam wide open
This is a Once in 20 Year Jaw Dropping Video as you get to Watch millions Millions Gallon's of Water spill over the Spill Gates opened 100%
As Soon as my Two Videos Upload to You Tube you are going see the Ruskin Dam Open its Flood Gates as Millons Gallons water Spill Down river
Dont Get Me Wrong We Here in the Community Have a Entire Police Force who Pick who they will Charge when a Crime is Committed. Thats wrong
I Just Dont understand People its Truely Sick to Watch as Entire Community's Burning Buildings Riots And all For What ??
My self I have watched over the last year Such a Massive Disconnect Between Community, Chirch, Law Enforcement it makes me sick to See it
Don't Pant me Grinch Who Called Bullshit (OK) When I See Masses aka Public and Police working as A Community Then that to me is Christmas.
Call me.a skeptic But Bullshit Baffles Idiots. U Know Friends why does it Take Christmas to Show Good will to All to all Load shit. Hmmm
Well its Nice to Dream Ant It. Only one problem with Going out giving Gifts like that...How about All the Familys that were Victims of crime
Lets see I want Class A Moterhome week in Playboys playhouse and 2015 Automatic Kenworth Full Load Thanks Officer…
Please Keep Eye on each other's #Twitter #Accounts BLOCK TERRORIST'S FROM USING SOCIAL MEDIA if we all work Together We can Combat Hate
Hmm were is my Glue Lid gone... lol
Leave it to A Canadian To make the Worlds most powerful visible handheld laser Say Good Bye to Black Powder Guns
I liked a @YouTube video Worlds most powerful visible handheld laser / 7.3W Triple Diode Array (7,300mW)
Congratulations To U.S.Navy that's Sweet Turkey Roster 12 09 2014 Laser Weapon System LaWS) demonstr…:
People Dont Listen to the News We Dont Have the Bird Flu in #Abbotsford #Chilliwack BC we Have Prime Fresh Sexy Birds
Western Canada Flooding Bring Ark: via @YouTube
Makes you Wonder why anyone would think to Mess with Canadian's. Lmao Warning Strong Language used in this Video.
Adicionei um vídeo a uma playlist @YouTube… FOR A RIP - OFFICIAL VIDEO
Weather conditions Upper Fraser Valley Read:
I cant get over how windy it is. Just Few days ago it was -6 Its now Plus +17 Here in Aldergrove. The Hawaiian warm winds are blowing
Weather Update For the upper Frazer Valley Shitty with continued shittyness Follow up Later Today with it Blowing Huge.... Lmao Whooo Hoooo
if your #Trucking Highway One To Hope from #FraserValley Watch for Floods Falling Rocks Mud Slides are Possable in this Heavy Rain Be safe
Well Keep Dry Out their #trucking You Drivers out on the Bc Highways We have Dangerous Amounts of Heavy Rain WATCH FOR FLOODS FALLING ROCKS
Amasing How many people Are uniting & Joining Hands With People they Do not know Trying to Better the Lives of Homeless Adults #Abbotsford
How Sad Another Brave Soldier lost his life trying to Stop Al QTerrorist so I can live in Save world have freedom…