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Best I get some online Gaming going before I am sitting in the Dark. Say it isnt so. Lol
I am thinking now... lmao ya like I think before I Tweet ( Blink Blink ) sound of pin dropped. We just might have storm halling ass on us.
Hows my Crazy Bunch Twitter Famley Members Doing. ( Wonderful ) check this Low off Coast Vancouver BC canada. Wow
I Think we might get a little Wet ???? Weather Map, brought to you by Weather Underground:
#teamzucker #global You guys should FOLLOW the cool company @StylishEventD ..they are putting together Sat's Party @WestLANight PLS RT
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Know... Santa and Easter Bunny are all going to be Fry'd this year hey they might just Visit all Naughty kids this Year Too. EVIL GRIN
@ProtruckR Cool cool 😄 well sweet sleep & look forward to chattin tomoz 😝
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Know Fall ant so Bad Truly its the thing that reminds us were all Getting Old kinda like old people they shrivel up turn colors croke :-)
Dedicated to WCB Dip shits that left me Bankrupt & Spending Rest my life in Cronic Pain Tuck U Very Much ProtruckR
@ProtruckR - looks like truck star radio is no longer around -- @danielaudet would know :)
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@ProtruckR Hey hey buddy hope your well 😜 sending you smiles & sunshine xo
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Yes I miss live Radio
Well I am out here I hurt like little school Girl when in pain heeeee Have a wonderful Night World Been a Slice. Night
@ProtruckR -i remember Dan and his radio programme. is he still around?
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I am looking at Class A Motor homes to Live and Travel in. The twin Axle unit I want has king sized Bed. Hmm I cant wait.
@ProtruckR -your posts. {{{{{BIG HUGS}}}}} for you. let me know how you're doing. know that i'm concerned
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@ProtruckR - i pretty much ONLY come here to chat w/my cat friends - but if you send me a message it shows up in my email -- miss reading
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I liked a @YouTube video from @dutchsinse 10/26/2014 -- Tropical Storm "Ana" to hit VANCOUVER - British
Well ...... That was A Deep Topic Lmao
#Weather #Warning for the West Coast Canada Vancouver BC 10/26/2014 -- Tropical Storm "Ana" to hit VANCOUV…:
Grumpy weather application: just think 60 days or less christmas will be here. Ooo the Joy
At Last a App That tells you in a Grumpy way How the Weather truly is no Sugar coating here weather application
"@glendoucet5: this picture of Cpl. Nathan Cirillo. #StandOnGuardForThee" Real Canadian Hero
All that is great about Canada can be seen in this picture of Cpl. Nathan Cirillo. #StandOnGuardForThee
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This is Wrong in so many ways.What Idiot shoots A member of the Armed Forces Reserve unit Every tv show is talking about Canada under Attack
Its So Nice to Have a Twitter account with so Many Excellent Educated Successful Fun Group of People Here on my Friends List. Thank you All
Well Be safe out there. This is one Heck of a Storm. So from windy white rock bc canada I am going to say Good night. ROCK ON WORLD !
All joking a side this is Quite the Storm we are Having. 1am here you can see power lines in the night sky Blowing up HUGE BLUE FLASHES
There is going to Be a lot of People in the Dark from this storm Hmm wonder how people will React when they cant Text and Drive. PANNIC LMAO
We are having quite the Storm on the West Coast of Canada I am in White Rock at the Beach winds Peaked at 110 Mile hr Blast wind WOW
#Amazing you Have to See this South Pole North Pole are Growing at Alarming Rate WOW 10/21/2014 North Pole Ice gr…:
I liked a @YouTube video from @dutchsinse 10/21/2014 -- Global Cooling -- North Pole Ice growing rapidly +
Have A wonderful Weekend World. All the Best ProtruckR
Well I have seen A lot of People Saying They Are starting to feel Sick #Flu sick. Sore throat stuff Just Lovely. Wash your Hands well #YUCK
What A Joke CDC uses Air Pressurized Clean Equipment Then washed down in Bleach 100% why is this ALLOWED WERE Screwed