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Long Time No See So How Is Everything Going With You Now? Besides The Part where your ansesters were Cavemen @ProtruckR
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Nothing is More Rewarding then Helping Others in A Time of Real Need. Abbotsford Times July 16 2010… via @issuu
@ProtruckR The itching feeling is purely a brain thing. You can make yourself itch or stop itching with your mind
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@ProtruckR The same technique cold be applied to a case of the crabs. I doubt many would subject themselves to this cure.
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@ProtruckR Setting your hair on fire would probably kill lice
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Sadly it was Brain Damage from Learning we were covered in Lice back in cave man days. Lmao God I am ichy just thinking of it lmao Haaaa
We can be Picked out in the Dna books of Pre Man as the only Cave men That shaved not only the balls but entire cave ass Body. Lmao
Hell ya if you look in history books My bloodline of Cave people were Butt Ass Naked non of my 4 fathers before me had Hair. Lmao
Nothing Groses me out more then Bugs on the human Body. I Was A real Shitty Cave Man let me tell ya I shaved it all off and Ran Really fast
@ProtruckR Or you could use Lysol as your conditioner
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Think its time I Roll in the dirt Craw around in a Ditch yip yippee yehaw #Headlice is the one thing that gives me heebeeGebbyzs Lmao
Know the Sad Part about head Lice (as you scrach your head) head lice only lives on CLEAN HAIR YES THATS RIGHT. Clean hair hmmm I know !!!
just about every Child I have seen in the Pharmacy with Mom have #Headlice yummy Just the thought makes me want all my hair fall out lol
I am Shocked at the Numbers of children at Home Covered in #Headlice kidding me CHECK YOUR CHILDREN NOW BEFORE SCHOOL STARTS BACK.
Mom's Dad's Check your Children for Head Lice Before they go back to School. #Vancouver #HeadLice #Abbotsford #Langley #chilliwack
Wow That Fire is Close to Town. They are going to need a lot help getting that under control Strong winds at night.
Wow 3 Hrs from me A huge Forest Fire. Hope Friends are Safe up that way. Here is the Link…
Amazing How Some X-Husband's Are Nothing More then Con-Artist Stealing From Charity Only Because they Are Too Lazy to Be A Real Man #CLOWN
Folks it Does not matter how Bad A day U are Having All one has to Do is take Deep Breath Relax open your Eyes Smile
I just Had to go see what all the Excitement was Around Microsofts New X-Box One. Amazing System with Flawless Graphics Display 100% Buy One
Boy am I happy I am not Picking up after a Dog.... Lmao Try Explaining that.
@ProtruckR protruckr, thank you for the follow, icepack
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It's Nice to Have Such Powerful Positive People who are infectious with Kind words & support Giving me always Positive outlook on Life
@ProtruckR I pray for the best for you, my friend
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@ProtruckR And help on the CB up there was probably hours away, if there at all
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@ProtruckR I hate to hear that about your ankle. I'm no trucker but doesn't a manual come with more speeds? 16 or 18 if I'm not mistaken
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@ProtruckR Fully auto? That might be good if it adjusts for upgrades and downgrades. What's the latest news about your ankle?
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@ProtruckR Hey, long time no tweet? How are you doing?
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There is Very Few Programs that Do what they say they Do IMPRESS ME DAMMIT MAKE SOMETHING THAT WORKS. Sick of Lies From Software Writer's
I Have been Looking for #Software #Programers who write Programs for #Photography. I am Looking for Beta Release apps I can Field test.
This has to be one of the Craziest summers\Fallz I have witnessed here in BC. Well Calgary AB gets snow. We get sun + 21 deg Blue sky warm