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@ProtruckR [TMZ Offered me Few $$$ ] - LOL! The way they talk about Levin you should hold out for Big $$$!
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@ProtruckR [Say Hi to # Vancouvers Toad ] - "Ribbit!" How's it going? :-)
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One them Rock Roll Magazine's offered me $5.000 For All the Good Bad Ugly on 80z Rock Band HeadPins Any of Remember them Cave man days
Man you know your Board 2x4 when your Tweeting a Toad.
I am Not kidding Have you Truly seen whats Trending on #Twitter Spread MR Toad RT MR Toad
Twitter is A place you can Spread your #Toad (Lets Make Mr Toad From #Vancouver BC Canada Become Twitter Famous)
#Vancouver This Toad Has TUDE BIG ATTATUDE ! What a Ham I love how he has this Look at me were is my Tie Look lmao
#Vancouver Has Frogs Dont Kid yourself Little Monster has Attatude let me tell ya He is LA Frog yup Jacked my visa
#Vancouver Has Toads No Kidding Check this out I found This Rather Stunning Beast By Stanly Park
Wish to Thank you All for your Continued Rt & and you Shoutouts its been Rather Trying times last Year but all all Thank you !!!
No kidding everyone is Rushing out Kill them selfs just to get Ft row seats at the GOLDEN GATES. ha ha jokes on them kill yourself Go Hell
YUP Turns out Robin Williams Had Deal With God. Yup he Kept all Bad Ass's out Hell So God Gave Him Center Stage at Golden Gates.