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...They make planes and helicopters but none are greater then SALAH! #ReachGreaterHeights #GiveThanksAndEarnStrength
...Sometimes tears are the voice that cant be silenced.
Subhan'Allah ...I may be fasting but the conscience has "appetite". #ReadAndEvolve
Masha'Allah ...when humanity is generous.
...let you heart beat with no boundaries.
...just a message for the "boys" amongst us MEN.
If we are to age, then lets age with grace. The kid in us will never decease, it can only remain childish or grow in to the true adult our destiny requires. Be strong when you embrace truth, even though it may hurt you, it will protect your growth as a human being. سبحان الله
When you find your purpose, your find where you belong. Death is the permanent holiday you should live to prepare for. Keep hold of your soul and give yourself a chance.
Many of us complain about the average financial predicaments we're in, yet we have iPhones, clean clothes, clean water and brick work to sleep under. Do not let the television and radio sculpt your attitude of how you think life should be and puppeteer your behaviour in to anything but human. Exist
...and watch your heart grow. #Truth
...the GREATER the test the GREATER the achievement.
...then they took away the whips and the chains and replaced them with £€$¥, fashion, music and sports. #FreedomIsALie
Alhamdulillah! ...another day to breathe and be grateful for your heartbeat. As I am fasting, here's some breakfast for you. #FoodForThought