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Brian Cox
Some crews really want to be different :-) MT @astro_reid: Awesome view of the #Soyuz with only one array deployed.
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Five spacecraft are parked at #ISS, including cargo & crew ships that docked this week:
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'Brian Cox-707, who after killing Hitler rules his Earth as a benevolent technocratic dictator' - this will come true…
.@ProfBrianCox returns to ask how and why humanity came to exist. #HumanUniverse starts Tuesday 7 Oct, 9pm
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#TEDxCERN ////\\\\\ //(////) \\\)\\\))) ((///=/-̲̅.\((-̲̅\-̲̅\(( \\((/ `̷͕ ̿༠͂ ̿҇⁾ \` ̿҇᷇༠-̿')/ )\\\  〜͟⁾ `)\  ͕_͇͞_͇͞,͇_ ͔ .  \. `ー͜ ̷   `ー
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Thanks @TEDxCERN ! STAGE INVASION !!! #TEDxCERN! See you next year!
Life Scientific w. @jimalkhalili tomorrow @BBCRadio4 9.30am @RadioTimes says you'll like even if you don't like me…
The new series of #lifescientific is back this week on @BBCRadio4 when my guest will be @ProfBrianCox - Tuesday 9am and 9.30pm.
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And great pic from @RAFRed10 with @JasonBradbury I think the @rafredarrows inspired a lot of students today.
Inspiring day at #stem event with @rafredarrows and @JonEggingTrust at RAF Scampton. And nice aircraft :-)
“and when I say that, I should make it quite clear that I have no idea what I am talking about” @robinince on form…
Programme for today's #Rosetta landing site press conf Watch live from 11 CEST/9 GMT
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Jeff Lynne last night in Hyde Park - best gig I've seen in many years. Mr Blue Sky :-)
At last! I got to meet my long lost brother @ProfBrianCox family resemblance in the toothy grins #loveyoubro
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Hello Hyde Park! Bit excited about Blondie and then Jeff Lynne !
Do you agree with what @ProfBrianCox said at #IBC about the state of TV consumption levels today? Check it out here:…
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Thanks to all at @IBCShow . A very enjoyable morning !
The picture on the BBC’s football live text page looks like a weird before and after shot…
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Contrast between Matthew Paris and @hugorifkind in Times on #indyref couldn't be greater. Worth reading.
Solar wind Bz is pointing South and KP rising to just under 6. It's on!
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Anybody see any Aurora out there, especially in the North? It's looking good for a display apparently
To my followers who are taking @vizcomic 's letter page seriously (!!) , note that the letter is from "Precious Haystacks, Grimsby."
"@vizcomic :" Entropy of universe increases but locally entropy can decrease e.g. living things. Haystacks is a twat
Good luck @BillTutte memorial unveiling tomorrow in Newmarket at 11:30am - a great code breaker from Bletchley Park. Sad to be missing it
David Kingham's image of a Perseid Meteor Shower over a mountain range
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@ProfBrianCox modern airoplanes are too clean cut, the old 737s probably do cocaine and drive Bentleys into swimming pools.
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Flew on one of BA's old 737s today. Call me a geek, but I like em. Proper aeroplane with bits hanging off and rivets and muck :-)
Guth: classic Big Bang doesn't say what banged, why it banged, or what happened before it banged! Inflation the solution #kavliprize
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Alan Guth first up for astrophysics at the #kavliprize. Looking forward to this!
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Off to do final 2 days filming for Human Universe. 18 months of it! I need a rest :-)
@franksghoul: @ProfBrianCox did you keep the evil small black boxes from doctor who?”
The @BadAstronomer 's debunking of the crazy asteroid stories over the last few days…
@ProfBrianCox I remember reading in New Scientist that you can live on Guinness. 1tsp salt, 1 pint milk & 47 pints Guinness a day.
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Drank so much red wine that I'm beginning to think that making dinner is an unnecessary distraction.
Brilliant, gentlemen. Proper Dr Who :-) @Markgatiss @ActualBenMiller
The Grand Budapest Hotel. What a film :-)
Finally got fed up, so I've written down what I actually think about the communication of uncertainty in science…
T'wife @giagia 's gone bourgeois. Came home with Pink Himalayan Sea Salt for't chips. Crunchy Frog lightly killed for desert.
Had a terrific time last night at the new @3M_UK Innovation Centre. Investment in R&D and education are the road to prosperity, basically!