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Stephen Hawking
Thanks for all the birthday wishes everyone
Found it! My Christmas list is complete:
Quite an impressive snowstorm in Cambridge right now. Maybe 4 inches in past hour.
Surprised to see a piece in the local paper about the War on Terror game from that BBC doc. Turns out the people responsible are from here.
I like a good blizzard as much as the next man, but I wish the weather would make its mind up
'Games Britannia' on BBC4 last night was illuminating. Is it wrong to secretly want to play that War on Terror game?
Really enjoyed 'Gimme Shelter' - dancing hippies, Hells Angels, dogs on the stage, naked people on drugs. Made me wish I was there.
Listening to 'Good Bait' by Nina Simone; it's a sublime piece of music.
Then again, there's 'The Island' on ITV. Anything set in the future is always fun.
'Gimme Shelter' tonight on BBC4 looks really good. Can anyone recommend it?
For everyone asking what games I like: Diplomacy moves at a pace ideal for me. And Jenga too.
The final fight in Rocky III ends so quickly. It always takes me by surprise.
But tonight I think I'll be watching 'Games Britannia' on BBC4; a series on the history of games in this country. Should be good.
"Shark Swarm" looks suitably awful on Sky 3. I'm a sucker for those films.
The modern remake of 'Assault on Precinct 13' isn't very good, is it? Made the mistake of watching it last night.
I'm tempted to watch 'It's Me or the Dog USA' simply because all of science could never have predicted such a title for a TV programme
I can't believe I missed the Horizon programme on black holes. I was hoping to pick up a few tips.
Thank you all for your kind words. I haven't really been working on a secret project though, just watching a lot of TV
Hello, sorry for the recent silence. I've been working on something top secret. I'll be able to reveal all soon. What have I missed?
I didn't really raise my hand. I can't. I just typed it. Also, I get the books for free, so I'm not going to buy it.
Hands up if you're going to buy my new children's books:
It's late and I should go to bed, but I've got sucked into watching Scrubs on E4 and I don't even follow Scrubs. Silly, really.
I didn't watch any TV tonight, I was working. Did I miss anything good?
Funny, people often ask me if being a scientist is like The Nutty Professor. But it's not really.
Then I'll probably catch an hour of the Nutty Professor (9pm on E4) before the serial killer programme (a passion of mine) on Five.
Orangutan Diary at 8pm on BBC2 might be good. I do love those wildlife programmes.
Just passing the time until the Channel 4 news now. Then I guess it's Relocation, Relocation ... (there's not much else on)
Just spotted: ITV4, 10.35pm, Rambo II. I've seen the first one (many times) and the third one (poor), but the second one always eluded me.
No good films on tonight that I can see ... so it's probably just the double bill of Family Guy on BBC3 and then to bed
BBC3 - 9pm - "18 Pregnant Schoolgirls". That's really what I'm basing my viewing around this evening. Great!
Darwin's Dangerous Idea on BBC 2 at 7pm - looks a bit sensationalist, but I do like Darwin so will probably watch it.
If I'm still awake, I'll give It's Alive! a go on BBC2. I haven't heard of this film, but it sounds fun.
Going to switch over though at 10 past midnight to catch America's Toughest Prisons on Channel 5
It's a bit late, but The Departed started half an hour ago on Channel 4. It's a really good film.