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Skinny In The City
Check out Amazon Mom (it's free)
Fasting currently. Going 2 check PAO & fix some things in a few days. We need some new moderators for the forum. Please DM me if interested!
Suicide Hotline: 1-800-273-8255. A simple retweet might save someone's life.
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Quiet night tonight.
RT @keylaonfire: Neither one can live, while the other survives
She said i was stupid because i didn't know every little detail about her foreign country. Sorry if rather know about mine than yours
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If you want to e-mail me my new e-mail address is: skinny @ proana . us
#MovieTitlesThatDoubleAsPorn The Iron Giant Black Beauty The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly The Magnificent Seven
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I am changing my e-mail address from the to skinnyatproanadotus please update your email address books and the like.
Another side note, deleted all my emails in my inbox. there were so many I didnt bother to read them. #toomuchshit
Trying out Trutwit to verify my followers. I hate sp a m bo ts. UGH!
If you want my new cell number just DM me. If I feel like I know you well enough I will DM it back to you.
I cleaned house and made dinner for my husband tonight. Kept my caloric intake under 200 cals. #yayforme
How do you live with it? How? I feel just like your f... — I have lived with my eating disorders my entire life....
Do you have Tumblr? if so send me the link and I'll f... — I do not have a Tumblr as mine was shut down by the T...
Is Coffee good for getting skinny? — It can be I guess if you mean losing weight.
I'm trying to get help but I'm not sure how to tell m... — You can always try to recover on your own. If you fee...
How can I lose ALOT!! of weight? — All kinds of ways: diet and exercise seems to be the most effective....
my brother just died in a horrible accident and it se... — The only person you can make happy is YOURSELF. You r...
I eat 200 calls a day and I'm still at the same weight. ... — Try the 2468 diet. It can help if you have plateaued.
Why does my head hurt after purging? — Purging is a violent process you put your body through. You can get heada...
How to get rid of my stomach chub. It's driving me crazy. You can see my ... — Fasting helps and so does leg lifts.
Do you see people just drink juice to live on? — You cannot live on juice alone. You do need to eat solid food e...
50kg, 1m67. Am I too fat ? — Can you please convert your measurements to pounds and inches? Thanks!...
Totaled my caloric intake for the day 683. That was for this mornings breakfast. Going to throw it up that (cont)
Ate soup the other day and threw it up. Ugh! This morning had some melon.
Took medication. Waiting for the awesomeness to happen LOL!
Sorry retweeting interesting things! Waiting for my best friend to come by so we can have some fun together! :-)
Why the food you recieve in McDonald's doesn't look as good as the photos.
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The royal birth cost $15,000 -- The average American birth costs $30,000.
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Why Banning Pro-Ana is a Bad Idea - sarah-g: scienceofeds: eating-disorder-stuff: scienceofeds: sarah-g: Is...
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People who are lying to you tend to look up and to their left.
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«@UberFacts July 24th is National Drive-Thru Day!» this is disgusting
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Darrell, from the show "Storage Wars" once found a murdered corpse in a storage unit.
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Mice were exposed to heavy metal music during a study to see how it affects them… they killed each other instead of completing the maze.
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Studies have found that zero percent of lesbian moms are abusive.
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There is no state in the U.S. where a 40-hour, minimum wage work week is enough to afford a two-bedroom apartment.
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New blog post! Thinspo, Fasting, and personal probs.: I went to the doctors today and got incredibly upset wit...
I don't know who SkinnyNation is on Pheed but that used to be MY ACCOUNT. >.< any DM's from them is spam I believe...
Updated plugins and voicemail number for PAO. You can reach us there or here on Twitter!
Updating PAO plugins and website voicemail. You're welcome!
Going on 5 day fast starting midnight. Got new meds so this should be fun. Please do not contact me if you are a wana.
"If your thighs don't jiggle, go see a doctor." -Miley Cyrus
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This month has been shit. Can't wait to go back to work tho. Yes I miss every single one of you. <3 DM or reply back to contact me.
New blog post! Quick update: Sorry I have been fasting on and off the past few months and bulimia reared her u...
Some PAO news: I do not know when I can be active on the forum. Honestly I have a new job and I moved. #lifeissues
I have lost weight (about 3 pounds) this week. I am fasting on and off. Also mia is back. Feeling shitty.