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Fasting currently. Going 2 check PAO & fix some things in a few days. We need some new moderators for the forum. Please DM me if interested!
Suicide Hotline: 1-800-273-8255. A simple retweet might save someone's life.
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Quiet night tonight.
RT @keylaonfire: Neither one can live, while the other survives
She said i was stupid because i didn't know every little detail about her foreign country. Sorry if rather know about mine than yours
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If you want to e-mail me my new e-mail address is: skinny @ proana . us
#MovieTitlesThatDoubleAsPorn The Iron Giant Black Beauty The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly The Magnificent Seven
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I am changing my e-mail address from the to skinnyatproanadotus please update your email address books and the like.
Another side note, deleted all my emails in my inbox. there were so many I didnt bother to read them. #toomuchshit
Trying out Trutwit to verify my followers. I hate sp a m bo ts. UGH!
If you want my new cell number just DM me. If I feel like I know you well enough I will DM it back to you.
I cleaned house and made dinner for my husband tonight. Kept my caloric intake under 200 cals. #yayforme
How do you live with it? How? I feel just like your f... — I have lived with my eating disorders my entire life....
Do you have Tumblr? if so send me the link and I'll f... — I do not have a Tumblr as mine was shut down by the T...
Is Coffee good for getting skinny? — It can be I guess if you mean losing weight.
I'm trying to get help but I'm not sure how to tell m... — You can always try to recover on your own. If you fee...
How can I lose ALOT!! of weight? — All kinds of ways: diet and exercise seems to be the most effective....
my brother just died in a horrible accident and it se... — The only person you can make happy is YOURSELF. You r...
I eat 200 calls a day and I'm still at the same weight. ... — Try the 2468 diet. It can help if you have plateaued.
Why does my head hurt after purging? — Purging is a violent process you put your body through. You can get heada...
How to get rid of my stomach chub. It's driving me crazy. You can see my ... — Fasting helps and so does leg lifts.
Do you see people just drink juice to live on? — You cannot live on juice alone. You do need to eat solid food e...
50kg, 1m67. Am I too fat ? — Can you please convert your measurements to pounds and inches? Thanks!...