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Priyanka Naik
HAPPINESS is.... being in MUMBAI during GANESH CHATURTHI ! Ganpati Bappa Morya!!
Love People. Use Things. Don't CONFUSE the two.
I never finish anything. I have a black belt in partial arts.
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Behind every good #selfie is approximately 50 nearly identical pictures that didn't make the cut.
A boy's character is defined by how he treats her after she says 'No' to him at first attempt... :)
Not knowing your mother tongue is a matter of pride but small mistakes in English makes you illiterate & low class ??? #IndianMentality
True. Moms can find everything. . . . . . . . . . . . . Except for the ringing cell phone in their bags! ;) #haha #lol #rofl
"Beta aunty ko nice DP bolo". #Happens in #India
When life knocks you down, instead of getting up, take a NAP!
In India, people don't say "thank you" while receiving a gift. They say "Arey! Iski kya zarurat thi?"
"Even the leopard got into IIT, but you couldn't..." ~ Indian Parents.
Top 10 Qualities of Highly Successful People From @LollyDaskal… via @Inc
Become an Insider | Business Insider India
Pro Tip: In India, Always look on the both side of a one way road while crossing ;)
There is no "last seen at" feature in #WeChat because no one has ever seen anyone there :P
Relationship Status: Connected to wifi at all times..
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#Kabaddi is a true Indian sport. Everyone get together and pull down the one person trying to achieve something.
My credit card company says I have an OUTSTANDING balance. I'm flattered.
Be so busy improving yourself that you've no time to criticize others!
You have to be ODD, to be NUMBER ONE... !!
What is a Pizza🍕? Awesome answer: A Pizza🍕 is just a Paratha that went abroad for higher education !
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'Marriage is the only injury where turmeric is applied before getting hurt'
This Man From Odisha Proves That You’re Not Really Poor When You Have A Big Heart… via @StoryPicker
Intelligence is often determined not by the answers you find, but by the questions you ask!
The worst feeling of growing up is that your mom no longer has all the right answers.
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Not responding to messages is also a message.!! :P #lol ;)
Twitter celebhood is a figment of your imagination.
Life and Beer are Very Similar. For Best Results "CHILL"
Harsh & depressing! A glimpse into the lives of Anuradha Nakshatra natives ...… #AstrologyZone