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Priscilla Presley

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Lisa's my little pride n joy
What's been goin' on around here, hm?
Boy am I not lookin forward to thanksgiving dinner with my family this year
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I mean, I'm not dumb... -looks around awkwardly and chuckles-
(I don't know what woman in her right mind would cheat on Elvis. Poor guy)
(It's actually a misconception that Priscilla left Elvis for nothing. He had been actively cheating on her and he was the one that ended it)
what is your secret, people who are sober and content all at once
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Where did the romance go in the new generation? -shakes her head in disappointment and sighs-
“@jeannettesa65x8: @PriscillaPresRP sup babe, msg me on kik i'm hannah2śexi :) I'm lonely...” No...
Wait for me, will you swan? I'll be around real soon.
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“@YoungLMP_RP: I'm bad 👊” Oh, lookin good there baby :)
I need to find a role play of young lisa
I don't think Lisa cares about this as much as she should.
@PriscillaPresRP I've been pleading and begging and just hoping he believes me. I swear in God's name.
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What in God's name is happening??
My hearts breaking... It's almost gone.
You're not worth tweeting directly.
It's the damn truth. You're cold and heartless. You'll never love anyone. And no one will love you. Not like I do. Did.
Nothin but an insensitive jerk.
*hands out morals* Come get one while they're hot. e_e
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-I sit down and stare mindlessly at the wall-
Is this how you treat me? After I dealed with you and your health and everything for years? I was 17..... A child...
What happens to the broken hearted?
And you still don't love me.
I can't argue with you. So I might as well just go along with your delusion...
I need my baby girl right now... I- I have no one...
and yes, I know, how lonely life can be, the shadows follow me and the night won't set me free.
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-I bury my face in my hands and crouch down-
-I shake my head- Womanizer.
I would beg and steal just to feel your heart beating close to mine...
Ill be sad and blue crying over you.
Begging on my knees, baby won't you please love me?
Memories, sweetened through the ages just like wine
Treat me like a fool, treat me mean and cruel but love me.
@PriscillaPresRP They're Aaron and Isabella. We named our son after Elvis. Aaron is growing up really fast! Isabella loves to sleep still.
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