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Who needs April Fools when your life is a joke?
911 whats your emergency Bush did 9/11
Retweeted by سلطان
Ek Villain has to be the most saddest, most romantic, and the most beautiful Bollywood movie I've ever watched! 💕�#Galliyanan
Snapchat 💛👻 ~ @ AmeerSultan
All these Allahu Akbar explosion vids/vines arent funny in my opinion, all it's doing is reinforcing ignorance & using God's name in vein.
Retweeted by سلطان
Rate @aklakrahman97 out of 10? I'd give about 1.2 tbh
No longer One Direction I guess... 😬
Just a few seconds to read and share, and who knows what good may come your way... 💙
This is why you should always be happy.. 😂
Much love for my brother @aklakrahman97 ❤️😘
I can tell bare people not gonna take selfies tomorrow cause the lighting wont nice them.
Retweeted by سلطان
My Twitter was hacked a few hours ago, where someone tweeted the most outrageous and offensive messages ever. Please disregard them.
Why do I legitimately have so much love for @Rejah97 ?
How many of us sadly turn to Allah only when we're in trouble, but once Allah makes it all easy, we forget him. 💔�
When someone extends the joke and just kills everything tbh. WHY?!?! 😭😩😫
Wallah I can't even express how much I love humble people! Nationality, looks & money doesn't make any of us better than others, real talk.
No matter what we say, we all have some pride and arrogance within us. Let it go inshaAllah...
You know those people who were once strangers, but they became more than just family? I love them tbh. 💙
Never give up a good deed just because it seems small. It may be that one tiny good thing that you do, and it enters you into Jannah! ❤️
How cute is this MashaAllah? 😍💝
كل مشاعر الحب للغالية، حبيبتي شيماء @alordh و كل عام انتي بألف خير ❤️ الله يدوم عزك، و يطول بعمرك، و يجعل دعاءنا سبب لجنتك 🎁🌹
It's often the closest to you that slowly kill you from behind, but comfort you from the front. 💔�
Allah hates the sin not the sinner❤
Retweeted by سلطان
...Those you invoke besides Allah will never create as much as a fly, even if they gather together for that purpose
Retweeted by سلطان
"One good thing about being in bad situations is that it makes picking out the fake people real easy"
Retweeted by سلطان
Normal days *Without Calculator* 84 x 4 = 336 During Exam *using calculator* 5 + 3 = 8 😁
Retweeted by سلطان
Ya Allah, whoever is reading this.. Remove the sorrow and grief from their hearts and minds, forgive their sins and grant them Jannah!
Retweeted by سلطان
A little jealousy in a relationship is healthy• It's always nice to know someone's afraid to lose you•
Retweeted by سلطان
Can everyone block and unfollow @aklakrahman97 please x
May Allah bless our mothers and grant us all righteous children that'll be the coolness of our eyes 💖
Retweeted by سلطان
When you're confident and satisfied with who Allah made you to be, the opinions of others are just a bonus.
Retweeted by سلطان
Remember not Ya Allah all the sins of our youth...😇
Retweeted by سلطان
We're not here to decide who is good and who isn't. We're here to be good.
Retweeted by سلطان
Be afraid of the silence of someone you've hurt. Because if they didn't say anything to you in return, be rest assured Allah will!
Retweeted by سلطان
May Allah cleanse our hearts from hypocrisy and grant us sincerity in everything that we say and do. Ameen!
Retweeted by سلطان
That new FREE Islamic Web Browser for Android is Amazing download it.…
Retweeted by سلطان
We never know which tweet is going to be our last. We tend to take life for granted, but life is so very very fragile.
Retweeted by سلطان
Pleasing everyone is an impossible aim. Rather focus on what will benefit you and stick to it. [Imam ash-Shafi’i]
Retweeted by سلطان
Oh Allah! I seek refuge in You from the torment of Hell... Aameen Ya Rabbal Aalaameen!
Retweeted by سلطان
Who's your favourite Quran reciter? Try and guess mine! ☺️💛
!From the river to the sea, Palestine will one day be free 💚 اللهم حرر المسجد الأقصى من اليهود المعتدين - آمين ❤️
The graveyards are full of people who thought that they'll practice Islam when they become old.
You know those people who speak so kindly and lovingly in front of you, but behind you they absolutely hate you? Our lives are full of them.