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We ask; Allah gives. We cry; Allah listens. We sin; Allah forgives We repent; Allah accepts We knock; Allah opens We attend; Allah welcomes.
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Keep your marriage life private. Its between you and your partner. Not between you and the world.
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There's a hidden blessing in being rejected, misunderstood and betrayed by people. It teaches us to rely only on Allah for everything ❤
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Whenever Allah’s Apostle went to bed, he used to recite the last 3 Surahs of the Qur'an. #Islamicreminder
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This world was never meant to be paradise, Allah has created this dunya to simply drive us to him.
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Be humble; Never look down on people; Verily, Allah does not love arrogant and boastful people✊🏽A
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These people who claim to be 'pious Muslims' but have no sense of humour in them bring such bad name to the majority of Muslims tbh
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If you died tonight in your sleep and leave your facebook or twitter active. Would your posts help you in the grave or cause you more pain?
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Only seconds to read and share! Just by reading it 3 times, you have the reward of the whole Quran Subhanallah! 💙n
talk abowt christmus u betta hashtag turky
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All for one lucky follower. I'll chose from the list of everyone who's RT'd this.
If me and the mandem buss case tomorrow.…
I only follow first if you've got £££ in your DP ygm.
Couple man call me a back up dancer.
I hear couple Uni man tryna be critics, don't act like I don't earn your Uni loan in 10 minutes.
Can everyone please sign and share this petition for a prayer facility at a college in London.… May Allah reward you!
This world is full of dunya.
Snapchat ~ @ AmeerSultan 💫🙈
I'm not going to beg it and make you a priority when you're going to treat me like an option. 👊🏼😊V9Eue
Even in Ramadan when royal officials was performing umrah, guards were assigned & public access was closed. How's that fair? @SaudiEmbassyUK
Instagram ~ @ MilkShaykhh
If you're a Muslim and you support homosexuality, I'm afraid to say that you support that which Allah has forbidden against.
SC ~ @ AmeerSultan 🙈�vH
If you can sing, we can get married.
Wishing you and all your families a very happy and blessed Eid Mubarak! Hope you all have a wonderful day! 💕🎉noW
الله اكبر ، سبحان الله، الحمد لله 💕
Rich or poor, black or white, Arab or Non-Arab, all united together in one place worshipping one Allah! Hajj is so beautiful ❤️ #Hajj
"The best of supplications is that on the day of Arafah, & the best which I & the prophets before me have said is.. "
No matter how rich, educated, talented or good-looking you are, how you treat different people ultimately tells everything about you. 👊🏼
You know Stormzy? That's my bredrin.
Goals. 😍 I mean, just look how all the fish are strolling together, squad goals, so beauts. �dh
اللهم في ثالث ليله له في قبره بلل تربته و أنر قبره بنور من عندك و ضاعف حسناته و أجعل الجنة داره و قراره #?????_????_??_????_??_???_????
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Girl : I love you for your personality, not your money. Me :
دوسري فتح له محل بمول في الخرج وذولا اخوياه يرقصون عند المول ، ياليتني خويكم
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Mentioning this once already clearly isn't enough... 😒V
Today, I lost a best friend and a childhood companion.. my dear brother Rashid.You will be missed…
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انا لله و انا اليه راجعون 😭😭💔 كان اخوي الكبير 💔 بتبقي في قلوبنا ي راشد، الله يرحمك يا صاحب الجنJT8q7
Eid Mubarak birthday boys 🎉@aklakrahman9797 &@isthatsaheelel , keep it halal, keep it real & better invite me for a bday meal#FireInTheBoothth
They'll literally do anything to make a Muslim's life hell, and portray all of Islam as a religion of terrorism. #IStandWithAhmad
Twitter and Snapchat are forever the reasons why I'm going to fail everything always. Can never bloody concentrate ffs.
If you have any sense of arrogance in you, straight out BYE, Not because I'm better, but I don't want to catch such a disgusting trait.
You do understand that demeaning someone else and bringing them down or even making them look small, doesn't make you any bigger right? 😕😒
I don't know how, but people's arrogance and pride has decreased my confidence levels so much lately.
آه يا لندن ❤️🇬�Pl

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