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Apparently he looks like me? 😂😂 This is so funny �
"And whoever relies upon Allah, then He is sufficient for him." #Quran 65:3
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You know you don't have to like me, I mean not everybody has great taste. 😊😊
Dubaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii 😭❤️🇦🇪🇦🇪🇦🇪
The superior man is modest in his speech, but exceeds in his actions.
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Always repent to Allah, as #PROPHETMUHAMMAD ﷺ advised his companions, saying that he repents to Allah seventy times each day.
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Be really jealousssss... 😂😍�
In the blessed and holy humbled land of Madinah, KSA... 🇸🇦😍 Catch my story on SC @
Wallah Madinah is the most peaceful place I've ever been to, the people are so welcoming and humble! Seriously don't want to leave ever 😭💙
Guess where I'm atttttttt??? 😍😍
Eid Mubarak, hope you all have an amazing Eid with your families and friends! 💕🎉
Missing Ramadan so much already 😭😭💔
Just so scared to imagine that this could be our last Ramadan. Have we even done enough to attain the pleasure and forgiveness of Allah? 😭💔
I've only been here for a week, and the experiences I've had with many Saudi men have made me feel so uncomfortable and low. #arrogance
Instagram ~ @ MilkShaykhh 💛
Whatever we worry about in dunya is an illusion.Worry about the Akhirah for that is the reality.
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Islam is University, World is class room, Quran is Sylabus, Hazrat Muhammad SAW is the teacher, Allah is the Examiner, Try to pass the final
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Sometimes we steal an idea or a tweet maybe because we are too ignorant to take up an idea unless we feel as if it is our own.
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This #Ramadan is coming to an end. May Allah ﷻ accept all our Duas and May we witness the next #Ramadan. Ameen
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Snap chat done me proud tonight. The Makkah live story was awesome! Look at the response Alhamdulillāh. #mecca_live
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Racism only occurs because we let it happen, we need to speak up against it and shame those who show any signs of racism or prejudice.
Alhamdulillah, just Alhamdulillah for all the bounties he has bestowed upon us. Never could we be thankful enough. ❤️
Currently in the blessed and holy land, Makkah, KSA! 😍🇸🇦 Catch my story on SC : @
#PROPHETMUHAMMAD ﷺ has recommended Salatul Tasbih prayer daily or each Friday or once a month or once a year, or at least once in life.
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May Allah invite us to his house again and again InshaAllah, it's such a privilege and honour to be here in Makkah 💙
There is no way I could thank Allah for inviting me to his house in this blessed month, just Alhamdulillah! 💕�
Just how beautiful is Masjid Al Haram? 😍💙�
Finalllyyyyyy! Dubai here I come! 🇦🇪❤️❤️❤️✈
Leaving for Umrah tomorrow inshaAllah, and then to Dubai! 😂🇦🇪🇸🇦 Catch my story on SC : @
China is 12 hours ahead of the USA?! Why didn't they just warn America that Bush was gonna do the 9/11 in 12 hours time then? Hmmm... 😴😕
If you're asking about what I said to the U.S. Ambassador, refer to my last few tweets please.. #BushDid911
Still debating whether to study International Relations, Economics with Mathematics, or Economics with History at LSE.. 😭⏳
When Saudi Arabia doesn't let you drive so you have to improvise.
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You know what I hate most? When people treat you differently because of your ethnicity, nationality or colour. How are they even relevant? 😡
Who's your favourite Quran reciter? Mine is Sheikh Muhammad Al Luhaidan! ❤️❤️
Going for Umrah on Tuesday inshaAllah with my family, my first time in Ramadan Alhamdulillah! Really excited! 😍❤️🇸🇦
Only 2 people think bush did 9/11? Calm, that's why justice can't be served where it's due right. 😕
RT if you believe Bush did 9/11? #BushDid911
I got into so much trouble though, and the ambassador was so offended. Well I'd be offended too if someone exposed my crimes.. 😕#BushDid9111
Anyway may Allah bless the guy who threw a shoe at Bush, may Allah grant his parents and family the highest Jannah ❤️ #BushDid911
I'd post the video of me saying it, but I don't want it to get viral and get into loads of trouble with the Five O ygm. 😕

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