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Prieur du Plessis
What "this time it’s different" really means. via @ritholtz
A UK housing bubble or something else? via @SoberLook
Last time this took place…SPY fell 50% and Gold Miners up over 200%! via @KimbleCharting.
Greece: the best of the GIPS? Interesting analysis via @RScubism
Over 400 days without a correction in MSCI World Index. via @ritholtz #stocks
RT @AdrianSaville: 'Mints' are the New Brics, says Jim O'Neill.
Investment Postcards Daily is out! Subscribe for free. Stories via @TheEconomist @ETFtrends @LaurenLyster @ritholtz
From FT's Gavyn Davies: How to detect a market bubble in the S&P 500. @gavyndavies
Shiller on the lack of financial reform, raising concerns about 'the financial fire next time'. via@ProSyn
Three largest S&P 500 declines in 7-years took place when this happened! via @KimbleCharting
Investment Postcards Daily is out! Subscribe for free.
'On both sides of the Atlantic, market economies are failing to deliver for most citizens,' says Stiglitz. via
Cape Town in no 1 spot in the New York Times 52 Places to Go in 2014. #CapeTown
Economists misinterpreting the impact of new technology: it's difficult to measure, so they guess its big @Slate…
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Investment Postcards Daily is out! Subscribe for free. #markets #stocks #bonds #economy
RT @News24: Zuma: We aim to create 6 million jobs. Rather create entrepreneurs who, in turn, can create jobs.
RT @calculatedrisk: Update: When will payroll employment exceed the pre-recession peak? #economy
RT @ChinaRealTime: 28% of Rolls-Royce sales in 2013 done in China. Good news for Richemont's luxury goods.
RT @ritholtz: Barry sharing lessons of gold’s collapse. I wouldn't be surprised to see a tradeable rally though.
Unemployment & participation rate hasn’t done this in 40-years! Concerned? via @KimbleCharting…
"If you think stocks will keep going, then keep riding. But seesaws go up and down!," said Bill Gross in latest Outl…
A great round-up of institutional investment predictions for 2014. via @MarketCycle #investment #stocks #bonds #eco