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Nikki Carter
I love my aunt Wee...she really is the best person in the world!! ❤️❤️❤️
He said he love me but he don't love me like he say he love me believe me
One more 14 hour day of work before I start my vacation
I always get an hour and a half one for my bday but I don't think I can wait another day #stressed
I so need a massage right now!!
The past is the past...learn to let that shit go and move on with your future
When you crossed me you loss me 💔
You have to learn to separate your now from then
But gotta turn up for the check 💰💰💰
7th work day in a row with classes in between....this mama is tired!!!
#MarryingTheGame really reminds me of my life...just wish my ex looked like The Game 😍😍😍
It would be nice to have one person I could call my own
I just want a three day weekend on a that too much to ask
I swear if I have to be in Mansfield for my birthday imma be real 😡😡😡
Got plenty of fake friends...but trust I know the real from the fake...I can play the game too
She really is my only TRUE friend!!
I love talking to my BF....she always makes me feel good 😊😊
The karma of fucking over a good person is the ass hole you end up with
Crazy how one phone call can change ur mood for the whole day!!
Getting way to old to keep pulling these all nighters...but had a great time...thanks new friend!!! 😉😉
I just wanna go to sleep!!
Nothing holding me back here anymore so why not make a new start somewhere else
When I graduate in 11 months I think I'm moving out of Ohio ✌️
I'm working 16 hours today I have nothing else to do but to be nosey 😂😂😂