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Aretha Henry
.....Coming Soon #superhuman #album #newmusic Check my website for updates! #thisisnotthealbumcover
It has been 2 yrs since my second album 'Enchanted' was released. My debut album, 'Beautiful' was released in 2010. It feels like forever ago😜. #album #collage #newmusic #comingsoon #superhuman
If you were an average person then you would have average problems. But here’s the key; you’re not average.
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You will never do anything in this world without courage. It is the greatest quality of the mind next to honor. #Aristotle @alphabetsuccess.
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Added a new video: "What inspired 'Don't let me down'" #video
Added a new video: "What inspired the song 'Fairytale'" #video
Added a new video: "What inspired the song 'Masterpiece'" #video
Added a new video: "What inspired the song 'Superhuman'" #video
Added a new video: "Why did I name my album 'Superhuman'" #video
Get the latest updates on my upcoming 'Superhuman' album by going to! 🎤🎶
I'm discussing my upcoming album 'Superhuman'. Go to my YouTube Channel to view. 🎥
Be grateful for the things you don't have that you don't want. - Bob Dylan #quote via @roxanamjones
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RIP Funny lady. I love this Joan Rivers quote. "Nothing is yours permanently and you better enjoy it while it's...
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Me in the lobby of @16barsstudio earlier today before my session. I was sleepy 💤 , but I managed to finish the song in twenty minutes. 😉
Me @16barsstudio earlier today recording the last song for the 'Superhuman' album. 😅💫
"Great things are not something accidental, but must certainly be willed." - Vincent van Gogh
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If you want to know a #Leo, take your time and be patient because they are selective about the people they mingle with.
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@16barsstudio earlier today recording music for my upcoming album 'Superhuman'.
My furry friend Peanut🐕🐾
My lovely red roses 😍
🎀Happy Birthday to me!!😀 #august #birthdays #august1st #leo🐆 #cake #pink💕 #purple💜