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So is it weird that I have 3 pairs of shoes...?
@ErickCromer: When the slowest reader in class starts reading
What I've learned from following a bunch: People sure do cuss a lot.
Woot! There we go! 1,000 exactly!
C'mon twitter! Let me follow the last two people!
So apparently there are people that creep on twitter. They don't actually post anything.
"@PrestonByrnes: So if no one likes Obama....who voted for him?" Every single negro in America
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I always love hearing the words "I miss you."
So if no one likes Obama....who voted for him?
She was Hannah Montana when Bush was president. Thanks, Obama.
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So yeah. I need to get my account back up and running.
Looks like I didn't have as much homework as I thought I did!
I'm sorry, but can you leave if your child starts crying the middle of a movie?