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My Tweets are worth $99.60 . What are yours worth? #morefollowers @
lol bc me and @Prem_Gelivi basically spent the entire period in BCP looking at goodwill auctions and amazon and Mrs G didnt care
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It's crazy that we raised over $150 for the Thirst Project in just a week! Buy one to support an amazing cause!!
According to my Twitter account is worth $99.00 What's Yours worth? #freestuff @
Sineka is the coolest. She bought me cookies
My respect for @geisel_matthew went up so much today for what he did at practice
"@Sineka_Guss: Prem is my favorite living thing."
"@Sineka_Guss: Me and @Prem_Gelivi have been nice to each other and I rly enjoy this." 😊😊👍👍
Sineka is actually being really nice. This is very wierd
Me and prem go through phases where we are really nice to each other all the time then we are really mean to each other
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Michelle changed the school lunches, not me. Trust me I hate her too.
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Complaining about the refs isn't going to change anything. Let's calm down and look ahead to the next game
Today is a very important day. It marks the first all-nighter for APUSH
Why is @Zach_Carl 's story 240 seconds
I wonder how mad coach would be if we order pizza for lunch tomorrow and get it delevered to the courts
"@omar_hamzza: What is even happening..." thus is great 😂
Burkle homework takes longer to do than all of my other classes combined. This is not right
If anyone needs to get ahold of Courtney I recommend texting her 12 hours prior to when you need a response
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"@Sineka_Guss: @Prem_Gelivi will believe anything you tell him😂😂" 😒😒😒