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This brilliant weirdo will be DJing at Genesis tonight here in LA. 1231 N Vine. We will all be hanging. Come. 10:...
its so real it's fake. “@TheRajaKumari: It's like super market sweep...let us in the door, we're getting everything! @preciousweapons
I can't believe this song I co-wrote is still holding strong in the top 3. So damn grateful. Thank you goddess. X...
#womancrushwednesday Marsha P Johnson: I've been spending all of my mornings learning about and loving the beauti...
I caaaaaaaan't “@MyCrazyGFmusic: Making new music with @preciousweapons !!!”
woop!! “@Tkbmusic444: I also got that track Brando by @preciousweapons that played on @BruceRave new music show !”
I'm so honored to have cowritten this magical song that comes out on Monday. Xo, justin - Ps I love u @therajakum...
Hanging in the @tastemaker9 backstage mid sound check for our @sayersclubatsls show tonight. #vegas
Count us in! “@elibats: A @kylieminogue + @preciousweapons tour would be the most fab thing to hit Earth. #ConsiderIt #KissMeOnceTourUSA
Just a quick billboard for our show in Vegas tonight at @sayersclubatsls #chic
#tbt to us backstage at Sayers Club in LA in April. Can't wait to play the new @sayersclubatsls in Vegas tonight!
When @jasonscoppa calls you and says "can you play @sayersclubatsls in Vegas TOMORROW night?" You say FUCK YES. S...
LA! Whatcha doing Friday night? We are DJing at the super new super chic @genesismademe
Cole is really excited that our new song "Brando" is on iTunes and Spotify today:)
Hey! Guess what? 'Brando' is finally available on iTunes and Spotify xoxo
awomen! “@ConnorJon_: Jammin' some @preciousweapons loud tonight. My neighbors still don't know the words... 😁”
I'm going to be posting a lot more to tumblr to talk about this new album...check it out:)
amazing! Xo “@DeviantfromMars: @preciousweapons My new BRANDO wallpaper. Can't stop listening to this! Xoxo
Under the lights lit by desire, I come to life, you take me higher...I'm in love with Brando...…
woop! “@TheMusicRag: Check out Semi Precious Weapons' new single "Brando" @preciousweapons --…
Have you heard our new song? New album coming this fall!…
#brando@matthewfiendman: @preciousweapons yeah! Thanks guys! Seriously one of my fav tracks from you guys - and I'm a long time fan!”
We saw some people asking for the lyrics for #brando .... so here ya go:)
Thanks! “@aldoxmx: only music artist/group Ive seen twice in concert is @preciousweapons and I would sure as hell go see them a 3rd time!”
I'm in LOVE with Brando! “@heyyitselyse: @preciousweapons the lyrics in Brando are "I'm alive for Brando" right? Just wondering.”
Thank you for caring! Xo “@lets_stalkjoey: thank you so much @preciousweapons for gifting us with another album so soon <3_<3”