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The true definition of love is...YOU♥
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The look of #Chiaseeds soaked in water make my skin crawl. But the benefits of Chia seeds are greater…
If you're in the process of detaching from this 3D realm/world then you know what this post is about.…
I did this today and I plan to do this daily. If you aren't going to be a positive uplifting influence…
Just cos you hate yourself doesn't mean you should put others down to feel good about yourself you weak motherucker
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Holding me to my past mistakes wont stop me from changing - so stfu
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They really making the fallen ones GREAT and making The Most Highs seem evil aka AnuNaggas & AnuNaggis. Go Figure Elohim now evil LOL
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Retweeted by Amma UniverSOUL
♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥ Authentics by @DUCKWRTH
Sleep is the cousin of death. Can you really be surprised after eating a bucket of death I mean chicken that you get sleepy?
Eye got healthy vending machines for your business/organization at
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Nooooo! I'm pretty sure this is love #DUCKWRTH
Those who have a problem with being CORRECTED, have no intention of being CORRECT.
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#LRT brought tears to my eye so beautiful
You must destroy those old, terrible ways of thinking. Every thought should be to help yourself or others. Having hate and anger kills you!
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Deep! "@ThaReal_KingTut: You think you original? You ain't original .. You were programmed to be you."
"@TheGoldenMirror: Outgrow what you were born into. Don't let the limitations of your background reduce the height of your potential."
“@AmmaUniverse: "@RatchetJeopardy: For 400" Don't Judge Me” Turnt Up
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"@RatchetJeopardy: For 400" Don't Judge Me
"if religion was the key, if god and jesus are the keys, black people would have been free a long time ago, as much as they pray" - my mom
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Niggas gon spell check you but don't want to check labels on the food they eat.. fuck that demon infested human
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everyones on their own journey, no matter how much people try they cant hide how unique they are, ppl gonna hate anyway just be yourself
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If it made you mad maybe you need to reevaluate your definition of life. #ijs
"@MsEmaje: A lot of celebs (your idols) here are slowly bleaching their skin even your precious beyonce its "cool" to be pale now"
Your Ancestors didn't eat no dam animals. That is this BEAST SHIT. We tropical People didn't need to eat no dam animals
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Truth is, you either running from it or applying it. #repost from @1Landa
Time to Protect our Queens, Respect Our Queens, Love Our Queens & Be there for our Queens stop bowing down and running like a btch.
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I can't tell my mama anything about eating healthy but let Dr. Oz talk about eating healthy she be all over it.
13Love to Mother Earth.... I eat from Her..
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Don't be mad! Do some research for yourselves instead of always beLIEving everything on TeLIEvision.
RT @GoldMuCore All Da Meats out here at these Fast Food joints have Human Flesh inside em. Now you know why ...
You didn't wake up looking like a clown, stop lying to yourselves. You took hours to cake up all that b.s on ya face.
Now the coming of the Christ or 2nd SUN is on the way. Your Government knows this and keep you distracted so you can BURN/PERISH with him
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Spiritually cleansing yourself daily.
I love me! I couldn't say that & mean it a year ago.
"@thisisrio2: Check yaself before ya wreck yaself know yaself then show yaself, real tlk 13love"
And that's unfortunate!

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