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Get ready for this: #HobbyLobby is building a big bible museum in DC right by the National Mall. It opens in 2017.
9 musicians who have taken a stand for Women's right to birth control
STAT: 58% of women voters oppose the #HobbyLobby ruling. Read the full poll of 1,000 women at
FACT: Whether their boss can refuse to cover birth control is important to 72% of women. #NotMyBossBusiness
Giving voice to the people of color who advocate against Texas' harmful abortion restrictions via @shaileygb
Some ladies who don’t use contraception have HAD it with you 99% who do and they aren't shy about sharing why...
POLL: Women are less likely to vote for a 2014 candidate who supports the #HobbyLobby ruling -
FACT: Whether their boss can refuse to cover birth control is important to 72% of women. Read it: #NotMyBossBusiness
Abortion opponents get "coached" on how to talk about abortion: "Two sentences is really the goal, then stop talking"
Extremists are still trying to block a new health center in New Orleans. @PPGulfCoast says NOLA needs #HealthNotHate.
Women's health opponents have a new type of intolerance: LACTOSE INTOLERANCE. via @digitaljournal, @WhatstheScoopdx
FACT: A majority of women oppose the SCOTUS #HobbyLobby decision, says our new poll. Read the @NBCNews synopsis:
Poll finds Walker has serious problem with women voters. Why do you support Burke?
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This couple found a creative way to counter-protest anti choice protestors via @dailydot…
23 women show us their favorite positions, and they might surprise you (*wink* *wink*)
We give you: An interactive map of youth voting and demographics by congressional district, courtesy of CIRCLE
Colorado activists rally against Personhood USA-backed ballot measure #COPolitics #abortion
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You can still tweet @lenadunham and tell her why YOU use birth control!
Number of Texas women living 200 miles from an abortion clinic has jumped by 2,800 percent
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Shout out to @TheFostersABCF for showing the reality of abortions later in pregnancy in their episode "Mother" this week #StopTheStigma
Laughing & crying @TheOnion: New Anti-Abortion Legislation Requires Doctors To Scale 18-Foot Wall Surrounding Clinic
In NOLA, police are standing by as anti-choice extremists protest an #abortion provider. But her neighbors aren't.
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Former Dollar General CEO David Perdue wins Republican Senate nom in Georgia. Is GA the next battleground state?