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in two weeks I'll be so close to having my arm finished eeeeeeek 😋💉
It's not even normal how many people do drugs anymore, drugs are not the one😷🙅
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You are inclined to draw a line in the sand today. If someone ... More for Cancer
If you find yourself constantly trying to prove your worth to someone, you've already forgotten your value 👏💤
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Gone Girl was so fucked up but so amazing omg
Laurie is the worst person for time keep and I fucking hatteeeee waiting 🔫
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Cinema date with my fav cookie tonight 👫❤️
Domestic obligations prevent you from rushing into a new proje... More for Cancer
So many really old men in the gym they're so cute
The people who are meant to be in your life will always gravitate back towards you, no matter how far they wander.
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You know exactly how strong you want to appear to others today... More for Cancer
Do I look like a door mat?? Naw. #awayandshite
Your dreams of adventure can take on a life of their own today... More for Cancer
Ohhhhhh let's make it unmissable 🎵👌
Cash up Sundays are the worst 😭😴 hurry up half 10
The tables have turned the past few months 👍👌 onwards and upwards.
You're eager to add a bit of spice into your daily routine, ye... More for Cancer
Reminder to self; don't sweat the small things ✌️
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Attempting to express your creativity could seem like an act o... More for Cancer
If I could I would give you my 100% but no. Hate being ignored 😴!!
Deepening the emotional bond with someone you love sounds like... More for Cancer
Love when I blow up the blender now I can't make any shakes 😑
Can't believe how quick the weeks went & it's the weekend AGAIN😐�#timeflysbyb#christmasinnotimeme
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Taking other people's needs into consideration is critical tod... More for Cancer
Making Carbonara then getting back in the gym tonight 😋👌
You might find that someone you truly respect won't take the t... More for Cancer
You wish you could move past recently hurt feelings, but it's ... More for Cancer
Your heart is fully engaged, making it tough to set limits whe... More for Cancer
If you find yourself squaring off with someone today, rest ass... More for Cancer
Absolutely no time for narrow minded pricks. Take your opinions and shove them right up your hole 😊👍
Feeling uncomfortable at your work is the worst feeling ever. Keeping my business to myself from now on 😞😐
Expressing your emotions isn't as easy as it sounds today. For... More for Cancer
Staring to ignore the people who only want to talk to me when it suits them
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Ughhh still not been to sleep yet 😒😴!!
Set aside the struggles that are monopolizing your attention t... More for Cancer
You need to retreat and create a safe haven for yourself today... More for Cancer
Snug as a bug, only one thing missing 🙉#missuu
What is the point 😳😴!!!
You might have recently experienced a spell of overconfidence,... More for Cancer
you can't start the next chapter if you keep re-reading the last one
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Cannot wait to get New York booked 🙉🗽👌