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I'm holding on for dear life.
Our society has become utterly, ruinously derivative.
Not a whining, restless child’s boredom, but a dense, blanketing malaise. It seems that there's nothing new to ever be discovered.
I'm bored.
I could've conquered the world with one hand if you held on to the other.
An atheist could've seen heaven in your eyes.
Her bow is drawn to worlds of dark, where arrows spring and miss their mark— she turns their heads but she turns my heart.
You're just like an angel.
You're so very special.
I sleep in the day and wake at night Because I don't deserve to see the light.
Competing for love we'll never have.
Remember when we were on the bus and my hand was on your knee.
I don't belong here.
Hi hows ur holiday? — Boring AF
Do you dance like crazy when no one is looking? What music make... — I dance like crazy regardless of the audience.
Haha cool boy — Hahahaha
What. Die. Tmr u DIEEEEE — Lai lai.
We're all damaged.But because of you,I'm beautifully sewn. — Haha okay that's great :)
The drugs I took seemed to light up my brain. Suddenly I realized the power I held, the power to rule, to make the world grovel at my feet.
Lord I fear the cold Fear I'm getting old
No you can't just make some shit up and say it's psychology.
Listen closely For these are the thoughts of a man who lies A man who would do whatever just to stay alive.
I'm as helpless and as hopeless as a feather on the clyde.
There are a million ways to say I love you. "watch your step" "get some rest" "put your seatbelt on" You just have to listen.
It's hard to tell where I'm going most days.
When you know you should do what your heart says to do don't be shy.
I've got the attention span of a squirrel. If I don't reply immediately chances are I'll forget you ever texted me and reply after 5 months.
Seeing 5 elements
She's like an angel I'm a demon.
My mind is awake with words for someone who is not here.
Your tears make me want to change the world So that it doesn't hurt you anymore.
This was a mistake.
Sudden urge to go shoot
I will stay with you tonight Hold you close till the morning light
Tell me my dear do you have the chemicals to believe?
I'm exhausted.
Ain't nobody got time to save people's asses.
If I had superpowers I would probably be a villian.
I compared your light to the sky Why did I try to make you better than the divine.
Temptation. My old friend.
I used to do this for myself and not money.

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