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Your gpa was 1++ in np????? — How in God's name do you know that
What course are you taking? — I missed my specialism selection like the genius that I am so idk now
When will you be coming back to singapore? — 18th
Hey Kieran, when you see this message, welcome back~ hope you had a... — Haha where are you welcoming me back from?
U last time express or NA — Express.
How much did u get for olvl — Guess
Omg where are you rn — London.
Why are your insta pictures always black and white filtered — Because I'm cool like that
What is your favorite song? #dubtrackFM — Haha I don't think I have a favourite drink
Yes — I would love to watch really I would but I'm overseas and a video would take a big bite out of the already... what do you think of her? — Her singing?
r u more of an introvert or extrovert? — I would say somewhere in between.
how many ex have U had? — Make a guess.
How did u get into Laselle — I applied?
what kind of girls do you like? — No particular type really.
are you a touchy kind of person? as in you'll hug you... — I guess you could say that I do hug my female friends...
You don't want to be in my heart? But I already left a place for you. — Hahhha
Where is your favourite hang out places — No where in particular
What secondary school were u in? — AES
I don't have to ask you where you are, because you are in my heart. — Actually I'm in Barcelona
You were like a dream, I wish I hadn't slept through / Within it I fell deeper, than your hear... — Haha lang leav?
I am missing u. D: — Aw sweet
i am in need of your warm embrace :( — Sorry but I'm overseas now :(
Be my friwnd — Okay we can be friends.
Kieran be my bestfwen — Haha you're cute
I feel Sad I'm not your bestfwen — Hahahahaha
I won't kidnap you, I promise! — Haha I still gotta know who you are
So will u go out with me? — Haha who are you?
You going out with me, will be the best thing that can happen to... — Haha thanks I guess? I don't know what to say
Come I want date u. — Hahahhaha
Who are your best friends — Jesus
Best friends? — I don't understand the question.
Any plans tonight? — Nope
Do u regard urself as a good boy or bad boy? — A very good boy
How often do u club or drink? — Not often.
What is your favorite past time? — Hanging out with my friends.
Is it stupid that I'm two years older than you but I've never been to a club ? Hahaha — No it's not stupid at all
Zouk or Butter? — Zouk
Have you been to a club ? — Yes I have.
are you going out tonight?:) — I'm not sure haha no plans as of now.
Isn't vonsia your ex gf? — Possibly.
Then sort it out :/ your health is top priority! Rest up before the new semes... — It's okay I like it like this (:
But you are a ten to me :) don't be such a negatron — Haha that's very nice of you (:
How attractive do you think you are on a scale of 1 to 10? — 1
Liar on the ex gfs la — Maybe I am but watchew gonna doo