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How are you today?:) — Tired stressed and frustrated
Sometimes isn't it better to talk to someone who is a... — I'm more careful with my words when I don't know who ...
I give u many hugs :D — Hahaha yes you are very sweet
Thank you for your replies but I really find you cool. Just that you seem really sad from ... — Come gimme one then
Even if the person striking the convo with you isn't as cool as you? — Hahaha I'm not cool so yeah
I see you around in school and I think you are really cool! If only I have the coura... — No I wouldn't mind at all
I would help you measure but sadly I don't have a rul... — That makes no sense come back with a better argument ...
I want to approach you and start a conversation but y... — Haha actually I smoke alone in school fairly often! A...
I've met you & I don't think you're 179. 174 tops — Good Fer you
What is your current obsession? — Work.
Let me have your babies — Haha whaaaaaaaat
I wish you'd talk more about yourself, like start a b... — Haha I'm way too lazy for that. Besides the best way ...
Means they are dating la — Ok the answer is no they're just good friends.
Do you remember your first time eating bacon? — It was life changing.
back bacon or streaky bacon — Doesn't matter it's bacon it's all good.
its alright, i'll just become deaf then we can eat bacon together and li... — Give me bacon first, then we'll talk.
can you sing? — If you fancy your ears bleeding than sure I could sing for you.
Favourite colour? — Idk blue?
Miss you bro come back np soon — Yeah definitely.
Any day Kieran, any day. Bacon > anything else. — Wrong Kieran > Bacon.
Sup my commis brother — Suppppp
BACON OMG — IKR give me bacon and we'll be friends.
Hillview?i mightve seen you — Haha really?
What kind of music do you like? Any favorite songs/si... — Uhm let's see I like alternative folk and folk and li...
What are you doing today? — Doing my work.
I'm near yet far you — And...?
do you wanna know who i am — I would.
hey weijie — Don't call me that.
tonight i've fallen and i can't get up / i need your loving hands to come and pi... — Hahaha I don't know that song
You are my sunshine / My only sunshine / You make me ... — The other night dear, as I lay sleepin' I dreamed, I ...
I'd like to know you better xx — Then talk to me I don't bite
what's your favourite past-time — I don't have time for a past time right now
What was the highlight of the week for you? — Nothing worth highlighting really.
possible when I'm with friends but i'm afraid that on... — Look I'm not the best at giving advice, but what I ca...
Wop wop wop wop — Pow pow pow pow
I think beatrice is awezum — Hi beat rice
Are you tired of the pick up lines yet hehe — Not entirely but I will be soon
Are you religious? Because you are the answers to all my prayers — Haha okay that one's pretty good.
sometimes i really wish i could tell someone everything about myself, everyth... — Haha more than you know darling.
you know what's on the menu ?Me-n-U — Is that all? Meh I fancy a steak.
I was blinded by your beauty, so I'm going to need your n... — I'm running out of stupid answers wait let me think.
Thanks for the reply~ have you thought of posting stuff you write on — Haha what's that?
I'm new in town. Could you give me directions to your apartment? — I'm homeless.
can you touch me so i can tell my friend's ive been touched by an angel — Hahahaha whaaaaaat
lets do naughtyyyyyyy things — I got no time to entertain now.
lets do naughtyyyyyyy things — I got no time to entertain now