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Kieran are u pure chinese? i think im in love with your eyes and your nose and your ... — Haha yes I'm pure Chinese
I ship you with Reina! — Really? Awesome! Ship us where? I was thinking maybe Japan or Hawaii I could take a goo...
thoughts on cheyanne — Haha don't really know her but I would say nice, cute, REALLY soft spoken and definitely ...
How fast do you fall in love? — Not as fast as you do
Hey there is anything but a few days ago
What’s the nicest thing that anyone has ever said to yo... — I don't know people say nice things to me all the time
YOU AND YOUR EGO! — What did I do? :O
Is this a joke
sometimes i astound myself — I constantly stagger myself
what is your sign — Aquarius I think?
what is your favourite colour — Pink
what is your name — John Camryn
what secondary school were you from — Assumption English School
I ship u and bin <3 — Ship us to where? I could use a holiday.
u and reina make a very cute couple <33333333333333333 — I look cute with anyone
I'll keep you sheltered.
yucks why is he yours — Doesnt matter why he's just mine go away.
How old is bin? is he seeing anyone nw? — 21 years old and back off he's mine.
Hi, Whats your form of greeting towards meeting new people ? — Hi what's your name
i am fab — I am fab-ER
Coughing like mad. Think I may have ebola.
Got no regard for the things that you don't understand.
How much was the express pass to uss halloween? — I don't knoww
What do you study in laselle ? :) — I'm going to be studying design comm!
I will try to find another one who suited me as well as her.
Why don't you ask her out? — Ain't nobody got time fodat
What's your crush race? — I believe this question's been asked before and I don't wanna answer
OMG shut up hehe — Okay sorry :(
Your ex did bj for you? — Your mum did.
What's your height. — 179!
Do you ever wonder if the stars come out just for you?
What is your school time table like? — It's actually pretty chill but the amount of work I have is suffocating.
Why Lasalle not NAFA? — Because Lasalle is more swag
How many ex girlfriend you have? — None I'm a good innocent boy
are you twin w bin? — Haha no we're not related at all
Tell me something of you — I'm fab
Post a selfie pls — Guess which one is me
"When we were in school listening to grown ups and we didn't learn a thing".
Is she from Lasalle? — maybe?
What race is your crush? — Haha why are you so curious!