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Why don't you ask her out? — Ain't nobody got time fodat
What's your crush race? — I believe this question's been asked before and I don't wanna answer
OMG shut up hehe — Okay sorry :(
Your ex did bj for you? — Your mum did.
What's your height. — 179!
Do you ever wonder if the stars come out just for you?
What is your school time table like? — It's actually pretty chill but the amount of work I have is suffocating.
Why Lasalle not NAFA? — Because Lasalle is more swag
How many ex girlfriend you have? — None I'm a good innocent boy
are you twin w bin? — Haha no we're not related at all
Tell me something of you — I'm fab
Post a selfie pls — Guess which one is me
"When we were in school listening to grown ups and we didn't learn a thing".
Is she from Lasalle? — maybe?
What race is your crush? — Haha why are you so curious!
Omg is the girl u like the insta name fairywitch or smtg?? — Haha no she's just my friend!
omg you are hot — Haha thank you I'm flattered
If you were going to Mars, which one item would you bring with you? — A space ship to fly back to earth
You're beautiful
why u no answer — Chill I'm not on this 24/7
is lasalle confessions page talking about you? — Well it's my name so it's possible I guess.
Why!! Okay first letter? — Haha no sorry I don't wanna give it away
Who do you trust most in your life? — My bros
who is your crush — I'd rather not say
are you sure you're straight — Yes I am
Do you have a crush? — Haha I guess so?
Where do you fall asleep besides your bed? — Your bed.
Strawberries taste just like your lips do.
As much as we think we do, none of us have got anything figured out.
Still honk your stupid horn
Cb don't know how to signal issit
I like the affect that you had on my eyes.
Everyone knew I liked the affect that you had on my eyes.
We are two golden leaves Clinging desperately to winter trees.
It's what defines us, binds us
Feel like laughing but I start to cry.
Fuck studio prac
And she says, "my darling you're not falling, always looked like you were flying to me".
Everyone's filling me up with noise and I don't know what they're talking about
Don't fuck with me
I want to see your eyes sparkling and stare back into mine.
Hard to find an answer, when the question won't come out.
Running's the thing I've always done.