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Fukushima: "An Insult to the Pacific" by Arnie Gundersen
Japan Fukushima Radiation "Cover Up"
US Health Care Unprepared For Ebola
U.S. Cold War Spy Agency Employed Nazis
FBI Manipulated Press in Sting Job
Google's Page, Virgin's Branson Backed Satellite On Failed Launch
Warnings about hazardous material form exploded spaceship in US
The Beast : Obama's Muslim Administration calls PM Netanyahu a Coward over Iran (Oct 29, 2014)
Jon Stewart Mocks Democrats For Avoiding The President During Midterm Elections - The Five
Netanyahu SLAMS Obama Official's "Chickensh*t" Attack
Twitter Partners With IBM To Bring Social Data To The Enterprise
Microsoft Cuts 3,000 Jobs, Rounding Out July Plan
Google's Nanobots to Search Inside the Human Body!
CRAZY! Long Island Man Beheads His Mother, Then Jumps In Front of Train!
Michigan Man Ordered To Pay $30,000 Support For Child He Didn't Father - Happening Now
Funding To Tame An Ebola Outbreak Has Fallen Short
Charles Barkley 'Blacks Are Brainwashed'
"USA Crisis With Israel Relations Is Here"
New York: "Man Beheads Mother Then Jumps In Front Of Train"
Washington Post: Russia Suspected Of Hacking White House Computers - America's Newsroom
Here is why our troops are being quarantined in Italy UNBELIEVABLE Christenson Military Family
Newly Released Document Shows Feds Fear 'Airborne' Ebola! The Trial Run Continues!
Ebola Vaccines Equals 666 in English Gematria!
Russian launches supply rocket for International Space Station
NASA Antares Rocket EXPLODES Seconds After Takeoff (Amazing Raw Footage)
US Company Hiring Mercenaries To Kill ISIS; Starting Pay $500K/yr – NRTV
DHS Increases Security At Fed Buildings - Bret Baier -The Kelly File
Pentagon May Quarantine Ebola Troops
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The World Of 'Hackonomics'
Al Qaeda promotes forest fire attacks -KRQE
'Al Quida' WiFi Network Grounds Plane At LAX
Amtrak Watching Passengers Closely
Report Reveals Wider Secret Tracking Of Mail In U.S.
Look Who Profits From Police Brutality
Sign up for Teespring and we can both make a cool $1,000.
PUTIN Warns Dollar Losing World Reserve Currency Status
Major Inflation Hits Detroit Property Market
Obama Admin Devising Plan To Bring Non-Citizen With Ebola To U.S. - On The Record
Australia Bans Visas For Travelers From West Africa Over Ebola Fears
Taco Bell Hasn't Abandoned Twitter. It's Just Launching A New App.
Chicago Activists Unchained, Destroy Black Leadership
What Ukraine’s election means for conflict in the east
What New CDC Guidelines Really Mean? - Ebola A Bigger Threat? - The Kelly File
Dr. Samati: We've Had 230 Doctors Die From Ebola in Africa - Don't Know Why
George Soros Is Urging EU to Spark War with Russia In Ukraine! mp4
Ferguson Police Under Fire! Group Calls for DOJ Inquiry Into Violations of Press Freedom
FINALLY WAKING UP! Chicago Activists Unchained, Destroy Black Leadership: via @YouTube
Ron Paul Warns of Blowback from Canada Turning Militaristic!