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Ya boys getting stronger with the increased calories and carbs 💪�
@FaZe_ACHES @Neslo Pat giving advice on how to please orgs. I love it.
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Legit feel like I've just moaned every night since I've got it:( where's my BO2 disk at
AW is so BS, I've never felt so frustrated at a cod ever, game literally depends 90% on connection
Why is connection suddenly so bad again on AW? @SHGames not been in one playable game in the last 30 minutes
never delete messages just in case someone decides to start acting different like u weren't saying that March 21, 2012 at 3:42 PM
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Connection in this game FUCKING SUCKS
AW grind is real today!
Streams so shit, when it does actually work it's all laggy and shit
Stream down again?
Im sorry.. nothing personal here but I cant take the guy in the tank top seriously xD #MLGAWOPEN @FaZeTemperrr Sleeve him up bud xD
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.@OpTicGaming.Nation wins Terrace, S&D 6-2 and takes the series with @AwareGaming 3-2. MLGAWOPEN
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Is it bad I prefer ghosts to AW?
Playing some ghosts gbs with @Elite_DubzyBoy , first game 2-0 s&d
@PomdomMatt05 haha yep it does the fucking update needed to buff SMG's not nerf the BAL!!!!
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The asm1 is my favourite gun at the minute, unbeatable at close range!!
Pubs on 360 have been ruined by this fucking laser gun, the shit melts
I liked a @YouTube video from @Kingdom_Soldier The STiKS: MLG Columbus Ruleset w/ @Sharp_tK
If bae doesn't lift, bae is not bae
I'll give ya some
You wan' some
Some serious pub stomping tonight, first time in AW, finally starting to get better
Optic noodleshot
Spoiled by noodleshot
Crim, Scump and Formal , insaneeeee slaying power
Optic crim OP
Looking for players to join @Elite_eSportsUK , contact myself or @Elite_DubzyBoy !! Please RT
Wish I went out tonight now😔🍺
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Sat watching BAL kill cams like
FUCK this connection, shitty servers
Off to bed:)
Something needs to change in AW, not enjoying losing gunfights if I don't use the BAL, I wanna use different guns and have a bit of fun
Giveaway time! RT and follow for a chance to win a @TeamEnVyUs hoodie! #EoD
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Are AW servers meant to be dedicated? I'm still not seeing it
Grindingggg AW
AW seems fun from what I've played apart from awful connection in some games and awful spawns.
Sorry to anyone who got sent a message last night or today, I got hacked by somebody
If you RT this there will be a flying penis on someones timeline
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