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Ben Coulter
"There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you." ~ Maya Angelou
"Anxiety is part of creativity, the need to get something out, the need to be rid of something or to get in touch with something within."
I keep expecting to see Prince William with a hipster beard.. That is my understanding of this country in 2014.
The man who attempts to use sarcasm against you in opposition, is the man most afraid of your ideas.
Can't wait for these temperatures next week.. Get me out of this freezing cold fuck hole!
Fucking hell.. This new series of Homeland is up there with the best of all TV.. #KillerQuinn #Homeland
86 5 star reviews from around the world. Amazon#1. A stocking filler that'll make it a crime Christmas to remember..…
The best pizza I've had for a long time.. @ Pizza Pilgrims - Kingly Court
Bodhi's getting hungry and spoilt without baby brother for the day! @ Carnaby London
Giant's headphones.. @ Carnaby London
The 60s had LSD, The 70s had heroin, The 80s had cocaine, The 90s had ecstasy and the naughties, the naughties had scrolling.
We're the only species who have to pay to live on this earth?! #MostAdvanced?
I'd like to know if any of these grandparents had social media before they died? The ones that get yearly 'shoutouts' on their birthdays.
Very, very true.. One of the most potent virtues.
Looking for some stocking fillers your crime fiction loving partner will love? Look no further..:…
Just watching the Vice doc @TaniaRashid9 you do well to keep your cool with that ignorant Iman. I don't think I could have..
"Hey hey, my my, rock and roll can never die, there's more to the picture than meets the eye.." #NeilYoung #ManchurianCandidate
Poisoned Saints by Ben Coulter
If you like Damien Rice, or just acoustic music, you'll like this.. via @YouTube
Is it good to be so virtually distracted all the time? Is boredom actually productive and healthy in comparison?
Real freedom dwells beyond the bounds of mass media endorsed societal constraints. Nature knows no peripheries, for chaos is the law here.
Nice new American review for When The Saint Comes Marching Home: "Great characters, story line." By Constance...
Nothing interests me more than listening to a true artist talk about his/her art. Preferably one I like, but regardless of that, even.
• Ben Coulter: Get the number 1 bestselling crime fiction novel, now for only £0.77! #Bargain…
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Any person quoting 'calgel01' when booking an appointment will receive 10% discount until 1st December 2014
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The war cemetery in Kanchanaburi, Thailand, for the POWs of The Death Railway. A humbling place that…
Water races, water races down.. The waterfalls. #DamienRice #YouCanLeadAHorseTo
5 out of 5 Stars "A great read." By Dulcie - 4 Nov 2014 "A well written & gripping series Thank you Ben Coulter,...
My third novel, When The Saint Comes Matching Home is still free at Amazon! Go get it!
Anyone else waiting/hoping for a coming lesbian scene with Carrie and Fara in this new series of Homeland? #Homeland #homelandseason4
Get a bestselling novel right now for free at this link:… #freeebook
"A Brilliant English Tale" Get my latest novel, When The Saint Comes Marching Home, completely free today at Amazon!…
There is somewhat of a sanctuary to be sort in the darkened skies after summertime hours have been sunk. Seek it and soothe your soul.
Do people want to see the art in your inner turmoil? Or do you just need to show them? Either way, you'd better wrap a good story around it.
Everyone's a character waiting to show you their life. Everyone.
Might pop down my local, and backward facing, church Clophill at midnight for a spot of Satanic worship. Happy Hallows' Eve.
Still in this weeks Hip Hop best sellers on bandcamp order now ltd to 250 #HipHop #boombap
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The problem with most British film at the minute; producers playing at it for B list fame, a pocket full of money and no idea about art.
Farewell Boardwalk Empire; that was an enlightening send off. #BoardwalkEmpire #Karma #Nechtan #Ta?ha
@redqueenliz @BCoulterAuthor I'm just reading the final part of the trilogy on my Kindle. brilliant
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Be careful who shines a light on your road, some don't burn that bright for that long, ultimately leading to darkness..
Also in a review for @BCoulterAuthor 's Poisoned Saints: "A great story with a realistic feel." Intriguing - gonna take a look!
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