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Ben Coulter
Short, grey days. Infested with bulletins of terrorism and no hope. Shoving winds and drooling skies. Only 6 months until May! #ohtobeabear
Stevenage in at no3 as a drug dealing capital of England in this report: and it's where Poisoned Saints is based…
Ascetic Alliteration. by BenCoulter on Prose. for iOS.
For the punctuation pedants among us...
Violence is just a virus brought to being by fear. Fear of humiliation. Fear of death. Fear of loss. Heal fear. Heal the world.
My church on a Sunday. 'Lead us into temptation, spin our yarns with evil, for yours is the kingdom,…
Beautiful people do not make the world turn. No matter what social media tries to tell you. A collective mass of all mind is the motion.
Mr Robot is on par with Breaking Bad. What a great fucking series. #MrRobot
Authors hate bad reviews. But why? They're the ones which advance our writing. Read them once a month. Then write your masterpiece in reply.
If only writing a book, had the same result as reading a book, at night, Sending you to sleep and not the complete opposite! #amwriting
Why isn't one of the greatest films ever made; The Fountain available in the UK iTunes Store?@DarrenAronofsky #TheFountain
Binge drinking is a younger man's game... Hangover shame, hangover pain, never again! Until next time. #hangover
Just had the privilege of watching @WhiplashMovie genius, neurosis, perfectionism, drive, apron strings strangle. What a film. #Whiplash
My prose published by the The Prose Anthologies. Nice.
TY4Fw @BCoulterAuthor "dashing of humour" makes me want to read ALL your #contemporary #fiction #books..well, except for the gritty bits! ;D
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So @BCoulterAuthor @fire_theft & I got published in this beauty! Warlocks,Wizards, Church, Theft & SuperTed! #Amazon
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There's some GREAT writing in this new book from Prose, it's all about ideology, and there's also one of mine...
There's some GREAT writing in this new book from Prose, it's all about ideology.. and there's also one from me!…
A nice new review for When The Saint Comes Marching Home I've only just seen; "Fast past action packed read" By...
Never Underestimate The Power of a Book #books #religion #authors #amwriting
"Many roads Thou hast fashioned - all of them lead to the Light!" Rudyard Kipling #RudyardKipling
I've said it before and I'll say it again, Shane Meadows is a genius! What a way to wrap the entire saga up. Work of art. #ThisIsEngland90
Mothers smoking whilst pushing a pram. If anything should be banned in a nanny state surely that should be one? #SmokingMoms&IDontMeanLooks
Thanks for welcoming me @TheProseApp ! Glad to be a part of it!
I've just joined the @TheProseApp and this is my first post. The Hermetic Cull(t) #amwriting
"Within each of us is found the key to our own bliss and the meaning to our own existence." Rosicrucian Manuscript
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Having to use Horseradish instead of Wasabi because Tesco are too tight to put it in mini sushi is the kind of shit that incites terrorism.
It's all in the numbers. And the numbers are in all. #Numerology
Approved by the best.. You'll be safe with us.
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That was the best 40 minutes of This Is England since the film, and I can't fucking WAIT for next week. #ThisIsEngland90 #genius
Better to stand out and be heard, than to be safe amongst the herd, sat on a fence made of glass, cracking under the weight of indifference.
Power comeback from The Libertines.. Some English, sixties rock and roll. Some early punk, some new…
Hi @lightinthebox how about a refund for the wireless alarm system that took two months to arrive and turned out to be a baby monitor?
That's what my Music screen is going to look like for the next couple of weeks. Great album.
From your darkest hour comes your most daring creation.

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