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Ben Coulter
From your darkest hour comes your most daring creation.
What of life if not for drunkenness? The slow and stale decline never leant to the side via hedonistic plumes? Enjoy the ride.
"There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so." William Shakespeare #ShakespeareSunday #Hamlet
When the saints come marching home. A brilliant end to the trilogy @BCoulterAuthor sorry it took me so long to finally read it lol
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"An artist should not compromise himself with regard to the art market." ~ Marina Abramović. #MarinaAbramovic #TheArtistIsPresent
Modern problems, like settling down to read a book and ending up spending an hour on social media instead, are the prologue to armageddon.
Kanchanaburi War Cemetery, Thailand. #VJDay70 #VJDay #LestWeForget
"If she wasn't his I’d be in love.. She was love. Born of rainbows and shooting stars. Reared on the bosom of...
This is so true. I write for my own sanity. If I write everyday then I am a better mother, wife, person in general.…
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Just come across @BCoulterAuthor, writer of what looks like a gritty contemp. urban thriller trilogy, Poisoned Saints
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To be a writer is not a case of fame, money or praise. To be a writer is simply to turn your demons, or joys, into story. All else is spoof.
The problem with writing about beer drinking and smoking, is it makes you want to do the same. "Think Allen Carr; Yippee, I'm a non smoker!"
"Without looking out of your window. You could know the ways of Heaven. The farther one travels. The less one knows." #GeorgeHarrison #Light
Caffeine, nicotine and white light phone screens. It's a wonder any of us still dream? To dream is to be awake.
Switch it off. You're not missing anything. It's all ego and lies. The only thing you're missing is the light within you #NoTechnologyNeeded
An esoteric wet dream, a worthy read, more from #Coelho for me. #Thealchemist…
Went all the way to Muswell Hill to watch @AmyTheMovie last night and I'm still thinking about it right now. A sign of great story telling.
Has 'constant self photographing with the aim of publicly sharing' entered psychology teachings yet? Selfissistic or something? #Egomania
Check out my tunes on Soundcloud Bipolar Buddha on #SoundCloud…
To death do we train our eyes, whilst life keeps on living as if disguised. Be here now.
Who named this entity 'social' media? The biggest threat to humanity's sanity since the television. #EffectedNarcissismTheNewFacism
Just seen @Matt_VanDyke 's Point and Shoot. What an insane and brilliant documentary. My favourite part "someone's spilt sugar in my truck".
“A critic is a man who knows the way but can’t drive the car.” ~Kenneth Tynan
“Every artist dips his brush in his own soul, and paints his own nature into his pictures.” ~Henry Ward Beecher
So fickle am I for that sun in the sky.
Everything is bad for you. Everyone is trying to harm you. The world is on fire. In other news.. Switch this shit off, you'll live longer.
Today is the last day you will be able to download the bestselling #crime #thriller Poisoned Saints for free over at #Amazon for #Kindle
"I'm having the best night of my life! So many friends" So many I'm writing a message to a fake reality intent on making myself feel alive.
"Not being able to create art they will not understand art, they will consider their failure as creators only as a failure of the world."~CB
“Introverts dislike small talk, but we are fluent in the language of ideas and dreams.” ~ Michaela Chung
Here's the trailer for Poisoned Saints: if you like it, it's #free at #Amazon for #kindle today!
Poisoned Saints is doing well in the free charts, thanks to all who downloaded, those who didn't, it's still free:…
@BCoulterAuthor Just picked up a free copy of Poisoned Saints. Ta very much. Nice to know you, feller.
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WHO WANTS A FREE NOVEL? Here's a brief description: 🇬🇧🔫🔪💉🚬🍺🔨📖🎢💷🚔😭 &…c#FreeBooksc#kindlegiveawayindlegiveaway
Posioned Saints is still free to download at Amazon today! Don't miss out if you don't already have it. #freeebook #freebook #kindlegiveaway
Fancy a free no1 best-selling crime thriller? Look no further than this link… #freeebook #giveaway #kindle #RT
Poisoned Saints is FREE to download at this link today if you don't already have it!…
*FREE TODAY* No 1 bestseller. 95 5* reviews. Poisoned Saints is free to download at this link now:… #freebook #free
Under a blanket of dark the soul doth take its spark. The immaculate moments of mind strike after midnight. Here now, the pages they weep.
Smoking kills, but so do busses. The twisted logic of youth forsaking the winter of life its Christmas.
Smoking kills, but so do busses. The twisted logic of youth forsaking the winter of life it's Christmas.
Fat is the new thin, in this land of sin. We literally all eat shit. Well not literally, but we might…
"And yet, to me, what is this quintessence of dust?"
Happy birthday to H.H. The Dalai Lama. A beacon in the obscurity of life ༀ #TheDalaiLama
How tame, life, if not for the weather? How tame, life, if rain and thunder never?

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