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David Pogue
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I LOVE this— 13 popular Web sites have hidden Easter eggs. Who knew!?
Dress rehearsal for tomorrow’s “Carmen” at Wolf Trap. That’s me onstage, filming with Google Glass—a bold experiment!
“Why I backed a Kickstarter plan to redesign the Bible,” by Rob Walker. Fascinating.
What I learned today: There’s actually no such thing as cow tipping. (Cows don’t sleep standing up, for one thing.)
iPhone, Android, Windows phone, BlackBerry…Amazon thinks we need another platform. My review of the new Fire Phone:
7 kittens, moving in perfect unison. Yeah, I know—a CAT VIDEO? But this one is kind of hilarious.
New @Pogue column and video: Amazon’s new Fire phone comes out this week. Do we need ANOTHER phone platform?
In which @robpegoraro reviews Amazon’s $10-a-month, all-you-can read plan. (Hint: 0 of the top 5 publishers are in.)
New feature on @YahooTech today: This Week in New Products. With Pogue commentary.
My new @YahooTech column and video: The first two Android smartwatches. At least Google has started asking, “Why?”
Dan Tynan has a great summary of car tech going mainstream next year. My favorite: the blind-spot detector…
Hilarious report on Facebook’s new app for famous people only. “I wake up at 10:15 every morning, just like you…”
OK, the Dictionary app just had some kind of breakdown…
It’s true: Next Friday, July 25, I’ll make my opera debut, onstage in “Carmen” at Wolf Trap. Wearing Google Glass.
It’s come to this: Now there are Cellphone Only lanes on SIDEWALKS! As an experiment, anyway…
My latest: How to deconstruct the various symbols in a Twitter tweet. You know somebody who needs this article!
New @Pogue video: I reveal the Oracle of Tech-Support Answers. Obvious? Not to the 40 a day who write to me!
When pets interrupt yoga. This video montage is why the Internet was born. Hilarious.
In which @YahooTech readers share some more mind-boggling cable-company customer-service horror stories:
Deadline to comment on the FCC’s new “net neutrality” proposal has been extended to Friday. Read this and chime in!
Oh. My. God. A recording of the worst Comcast customer-service call in history…
Why the goat is the best animal on the Internet. 12 reasons. I’m sold.
Today on @YahooTech, the best drone photos of the year. Stunning!
The Pogue Review: Samsung’s latest top-of-the-line tablet. Drowning in duplicate software.
Today on Yahoo Tech, @DebAmlen writes about the Potato-Salad-Kickstarter-Guy backlash. Some good lessons here.