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David Pogue
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RE: My previous tweet: The headlines all say the marathon runner was carried “ACROSS the finish line.” He wasn’t.
Feel-good story of the week is baloney. Boston Marathoners did NOT carry a fallen comrade across the finish line.
Why you, and even the NETWORKS, should hope Aereo wins its Supreme Court suit. Brilliant Rob Walker’s analysis…
It’s the Yahoo Tech TALENT SEARCH! Seeking brilliant writers—reviews dir. ( and reporter (
Apple invites anyone to beta-test the next version of OS X. Free. Like Microsoft does. But verrry unusual for Apple.
Weird, funny YouTube vid: Charlie Rose interviews Charlie Rose, as written by Samuel Beckett.
Here it is: The Ultimate Guide to free and legal TV shows online. Another Alyssa home run on @YahooTech.
Our new Comments system is, at last, up and running at And, exactly as hoped, it’s (so far) cesspool-free!
An unexpected sign of spring at LaGuardia airport
Aarrgh. The cable TV co’s are trying to kill the CableCard. Rob Pegoraro nails it on @YahooTech.
Fascinating exposé of fake scientific journals—a growing problem I didn’t even realize we had…
Today on @YahooTech: Here’s a fun way to see just how much data you’re letting leak through Facebook!
I’ll be speaking at the @USAScienceFest 4/27 in Washington, DC! Come say hi!
Here’s what’s in the new Camera app for Android phones—@YahooTech’s blow-by-blow writeup!
Every parent with a Minecraft-addicted kid should read Dan Tynan’s terrific guide on @YahooTech:
In my Ask Pogue column on @YahooTech today, a reader challenges me: Is it a tech critic’s job to express opinion?
A good contemplation of (though not explanation of) Tom Lehrer’s complete voluntary disappearance from public life:
Switcher heaven: How to transfer your stuff from iPhone to Samsung Galaxy S5!
For @YahooTech, Alyssa reveals that you can make Facebook stop auto-playing videos. I did not know that.
Katie Couric interviews the CEO of Aereo, which may be shut down by the Supreme Court. Mind-blowingly fascinating.
My new @YahooTech column: A review (and video!) of Aereo, TV cord-cutter’s dream—and its Supreme Court challenge.
And now, @YahooTech presents: The 13 worst tweets of all time. OMG, there are some AWFUL ones there…
Back of the Froot Loops box. Way to be a grammatical role model for your young customers, Kellogg's.
Awesome, crystal-clear @YahooTech guide to canceling your cable TV. What, exactly, are your options for TV then?
How to get the real Start menu back in Windows 8 (or 8.1). Makes all the difference in the world…