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David Pogue
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Hyperlapse—a hot app, a new iOS 8 feature, a Microsoft research project. Why is time-lapse suddenly a Thing?
iPhone 6 and Galaxy S5 are “VoLTE-compatible” phones. In my video today, you get to HEAR what difference it makes.
“She threw her liquid-damaged iPod at one of the big windows. Hit an employee in the head”… Inside the Genius Bar.
Apple issued an iOS 8 bug-fix update today—and then immediately pulled it because it was buggy.
My review of BlackBerry’s last gasp: The weird, square BlackBerry Passport phone. (With video: “Aren’t You Dead?”)
“The photo of the baby with a lemur is not a selfie.” Once the camera leaves your hand, it’s not a selfie!
YouTube guys spends $4,000 to drop-test every model of iPhone ever made (10 of them). Spoiler: It’s not pretty.
What’s an example of a company that everyone thinks is dead, but its brand name is actually still kicking? Like Polaroid or Saab?
Seen at a conference: Now THERE’S a combination you don’t see every day…an iPhone charging from a Microsoft Surface.
First Australian to get his iPhone… promptly drops it to the pavement! (The phone seems to be fine.)
(Oops… in last tweet, I meant that the iPhone 6’s camera has swapped with the PROXIMITY SENSOR, not microphone!)
I just discovered that Apple swapped the camera with the noise-canceling mike on the front of the iPhone 6. Huh.
Larry Ellison just stepped down as CEO of Oracle!
Here are my 13 favorite new (and unsung) features in iOS 8!
My iPhone 6 video is now on YouTube. (Best part: the watermelon off the roof in 240 fps slo-mo).
Big day for iPhone/iPad people: iOS 8 is a free download. Here’s our guide to downloading and setting it up:
So cool! NASA (with help from Boeing and SpaceX) is back in the shuttle busines!
Does the iPhone 6 Plus’s stabilizer work? I strapped it (and a 5s for comparison) to a bike, and went a-riding…
JUST POSTED: my review of the new iPhone 6 models—with video, of course!
My new Scientific American column: How to pull off a goofy potato salad-style Internet windfall.
A minor, but fun, Pogue video: Why can’t TV screens auto-stabilize shaky footage?
Video: Here’s my visit to PBS Newshour tonight, in which I try to explain net neutrality, the FCC, and Tom Wheeler.
Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines” actually works even better as a bluegrass number…
Why did Microsoft just buy Minecraft (for $2.5 billion)? Here are the top 12 reasons…
New trend: Online video gamers place fake 911 calls, sending SWAT teams to opponents’ real-world houses. Horrible.
Here’s an excellent review of the new Motorola 360, the first ROUND smartwatch.
Incredibly cool: Someone edited together snippets from 20 YouTube videos of amateur musicians…into an all new song.
OK, see you here in 2 minutes, for an international town-hall Q&A session about the Apple Watch and iPhone 6!
Here’s the CORRECT link for my 2pm ET live Q&A about Apple’s new stuff:
Today on @YahooTech: The inside story of the Spider Dog prank that’s racked up 75 million YouTube views!…
TONIGHT'S MEDITATION: I sold my vacuum the other day. All it seemed to be doing was collecting dust.
Many are delighted that Apple gave them U2’s new album free—but many don’t want it. How to delete it from your phone:
Time-lapse of an INCREDIBLE artist drawing a photo-realistic pic of Robin Williams. Freehand.
My new video: The world’s smallest, lightest monitor—for traveling laptoppers like me. I actually bought this thing.
Pogue’s hands-on first impressions of the new iPhones:
Leaks. NFC payments. Large phones. A flurry of different models and choices. It’s not Steve Jobs’ Apple anymore!
10% of Americans refuse to vaccinate their kids. They should watch tonight’s NOVA special documentary, “Vaccines.”
My first writing job was Macworld magazine; 13 wonderful years. Today, nearly the entire staff has been laid off. Breaks my heart.
How Apple’s Jony Ive Became the World’s Most Important Infomercial Star.
Check out this hands on report of Apple Watch by @Pogue . This is the most informative one so far
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Here’s my column on the Apple Watch: Everything Apple said, and a bunch of stuff they DIDN’T say!
Argh. Sorry about last tweet. Apple Watch is OK for RAIN and washing hands—NOT for showering or swimming.
Now we know what's in the huge white temporary building next door: iPhones and iWatches to play with!
It’s strongly looking like the Apple Watch is not waterproof. That’s a biggggggg problem.
Apple is giving U2’s new album away, free, to EVERYONE. It’s already in your iTunes library, they say.
I love U2, but today at the Apple event, they were performing as U2Loud.
OK, that's it for the Apple announcements. We have stories ALREADY on on each news bit; more shortly. See you there!
So the iWatch has FOUR ways to input: Speak, touch the screen, turn the crown, press the button under the crown. Brainwaves coming in 2.0.
OHO! "One more ONE MORE thing"--you'll be able to use Apple Pay with Apple Watch! Pay for stuff by waving your hand.
On Twitter, @maughmer says: "The Onion has already reported that the Apple Watch allows users to start and stop the flow of time."