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David Pogue
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My new video (and column): Epson says to Google Glass: “Two can play the smartglasses game!” And for 1/2 the price!
Twitter will now start showing you tweets from people you DON'T follow. What do you think?…
Fake Steve Jobs, S*** My Dad Says, Unhappy Hipsters, etc…where are they now?
Cool iPhone tip: How to set up a custom vibration pattern for each person who calls you.
TONIGHT'S MEDITATION: A farmer had 97 sheep in his field. But when he rounded them up, he had 100.
Don’t fall for the “Robin Williams suicide note phone video” scam on Facebook. No such video exists.
New Pogue video today—minor but fun: How I filmed myself twice in the same swish-pan shot without a split screen.
Samsung has decided to take on the iPad Mini. Here’s @YahooTech’s face-off between the two compact tablets!
My new Scientific American column: We’ve become a nation of technology Knows and Know-Nots.
We just hired @DanielHowley at @YahooTech, and dang, he’s hilarious. His first video, on Samsung’s athletics phone:
My videos are now a YouTube channel! You can subscribe to ‘em, play ‘em on anything, catch up on ones you’ve missed!
Hilarious review of latest bathroom tech. “It’s all fun and games until your toilet takes pictures of your behind.”
My new video review: Yamaha’s wild new TransAcoustic piano: strings, hammers—but all digital.
Annnnd we have a launch date for the iPhone 6: September 9, 2014.
Facebook is about to break Messaging out of its phone app—into a separate app. Here are the pros, cons & workarounds.
So cool. Researchers have been able to pick up human speech by sensing vibrations on a nearby bag of potato chips!
9 handy tips for Pages, Numbers, and Keynote:
Today I reviewed a brilliant Kickstarter idea: earbuds custom 3-D printed for YOUR earholes.
Hilarious. Sad Tweets shows you the loneliest, least-retweeted tweets you’ve ever typed.
A stork is carrying an old man. Man: "Will you finally admit that we're lost?!"
My son’s driver’s ed film: “It takes TWO bad drivers to have an accident!” Me: “Uh—what if you’re stopped at a light and you’re rear-ended?”
If you go over your phone’s monthly data allowance and can’t understand why, watch my new video. Mystery revealed!
Netflix has 23 new streaming movies today, including the Neil Tyson “Cosmos,” all 5 “Rocky”s, and 5 great kid movies.
Why movies look like camcorder footage on fancy new HDTVs. “You’re watching more fake frames than real ones!”
Not sure which is more fascinating: This story (“Customer pulls gun on Comcast technician”) or the comments!