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David Pogue
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JUST POSTED: My new video and column. The astonishing—and limited—Apple Pay, put to the test.
Google Inbox reviewed. New Google app for iPhone, Android, Mac, PC—tries to analyze and make sense of your email.
Once and for all: Is Amazon evil or not? Should it be stopped?
Let’s try that again, WITH link… here’s my video review, and column, of the new iPad Air 2!
WATCH: @Pogue reviews the iPad Air 2: Thin, gorgeous, powerful - and that's enough.
Just posted—the Pogue Review: The iPad Air 2. With video!
I signed 1000 copies of my new "Pogue's Basics” (the tech essentials nobody bothers to show you)! Avail for preorder:
The Pogue Review: A crazy $138 frame that turns an old monitor into a full-blown touchscreen PC.
Early morning flight home from San Francisco. Nice view of downtown. Hello, TransAmerica building!
New Pogue video: My instant, hands-on, first-impressions review of the new iPad Air 2 (and Mini 3)!
“The Air is getting a little thinner.” Damn, wish I’d thought of that opening line about the new iPad!
My review of OS X Yosemite is UP! With video.
Tim Cook is wrapping up the event. The black button-down shirt can go back to the closet for another few months. Thanks, all, for tuning in!
New Mac Mini today, too. $100 less (now $500), updated components. Cool-lookin’ little box.
The iMac Retina screen will be $2500. Apple says that's cheaper than a 4K screen ONLY--and you get a free computer.
So they've now brought Retina screens to the phone, the tablet, the MacBook Pro, and the iMac. WHY NOT THE MACBOOK AIR!?
The new iMac has "organic passivation." I had a girlfriend with that once.
7X more pixels on iMac's screen than on an HD TV. And 67% more than a 4K TV. And if there's a dead pixel, I bet you can't even see it.
How sharp is the iMac's Retina screen? They just zoomed into a guy on its screen photo--you could practically count the guy's nose hairs.
Next announcement: the Retina-screen iMac!
Jeez. The Mac's sales have gone up 18% in the last year. I can remember people saying that Apple would CANCEL the Mac a couple years ago!
All these new iPads are shipping at the end of next week. Lots of Fedex under-door-slipping.
New iPad Mini 3, too. He just breezed passed it--didn't say if it has all the new stuff, like the fingerprint scanner.
The 64- and 128-gigabyte iPad Air 2 models are $100 less than before ($600 and $700).
Oops--I'm embarrassed--you can ALREADY get the iPad in a 128gb version. Sorry. Not enough sleep.
You heard it hear first (because Apple hasn't said it): the iPad Air 2 will be available in a 128-gigabyte version. Let's see if I'm right.
Demo of Pixelmator for iPad. He used it to erase an oryx from a photo of the desert. I didn't even know what an oryx was--and now it's gone!
The iPad Air 2 has a fingerprint sensor like the iPhone's! Who saw THAT coming? (Oh wait--I did!)
The iPad Air 2 gains time-lapse video like iPhone 6. Still can't figure out how MUCH it speeds up the video--seems to vary by video length.
@Pogue "The best camera is the one you have at the moment" - Some guy rationalizing taking pictures with his tablet.
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The camera in the iPad Air 2 is improved. Still unimproved: how idiotic you look taking pictures with a tablet.
How long before the first people start complaining that the iPad Air 2 bends when they sit down with it in their pockets?
iPad Air 2: Its A8X chip is 40% faster. it has 3 billion transistors. I'd hate to be the guy who has to count them.
There's a new anti-reflective coating on the iPad Air 2 screen. Does that mean I can't use it to check my hair anymore?
iPad Air, at 6.1 mm, is "thinnest tablet in the world." 2 of them stacked: still thinner than original iPad. Also, you can roll it up.
The iPad Air 2 is very thin. When Fedex delivers it, they just slip it under your door.
Looks like the big news about the iPad Air 2 is that it's ... THINNER.
In the 12 months, Apple sold more iPads alone than the TOTAL # of computers sold by Lenovo, HP, Dell, or Acer. Yeow.
iOS 8.1 will be a free download on Monday. You'll be able to start Apple Paying on the spot!
Yosemite is a free download TODAY. And my review will be posted on at noon PT!
I have to say, that thing about using the Mac as a speakerphone is the bomb. I've been using it. Super handy.
Apple says that Safari can play Netflix streaming 3 hours longer than other browsers. Did Netflix pay Apple for THAT special access, too?
Apple offered a public beta of OS X Yosemite. Over a million people pounding on it. Let's hope it's bug-free, then!
iOS 8.1 brings iCloud Photo Library beta (auto backup online of ALL photos on all Apple gadgets).
Next month, Apple will unveil WatchKit, for little tiny software programmers to write little tiny apps.
"The Apple watch was designed by people who know a lot about fashion and style. Even more than I do." Tim Cook wisecrack!
Apple Pay is going live on Monday in the U.S. Requires the iOS 8.1 update and an iPhone 6 model.
The Apple unveiling starts in 5 minutes. I’ll be analyzing/wisecracking live, with photos, on this special page:
My new Scientific American column: We’re all unpaid beta-testers now. How does it feel?