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PMO India
Jai Bharat! Vande Mataram! Welcome for @PMOIndia @narendramodi at meeting with Indian Community in Tokyo @MEAIndia
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Poignant Moment. @PMOIndia reaches out to Netaji's oldest living associate in Japan the 99 year old Saichiro Misumi
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@narendramodi We agreed that the two countries should work together to contribute to the peace and prosperity of Asia and the world.
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@narendramodi As Asia’s largest democracies, Japan and India enjoy bilateral relations with greatest potentials.
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@narendramodi PM Modi and I agreed to advance cooperation in political, economic, cultural and all other fields.
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@narendramodi PM Modi and I attended tea ceremony. PM Modi looked very relaxed and enjoyed Japanese tea.
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Here is the link to MyGov that the PM mentioned in his speech a very short while ago @mygovindia @narendramodi
PM's speech has concluded.
PM calls upon members of the diaspora to join MyGov and contribute through the various forums there.
We have launched a website MyGov. Request you to look at thew website & give constrictive suggestions: PM @narendramodi
Through your efforts, you should inspire 5 Japanese families to visit India: PM @narendramodi to Indian community in Japan
Small things have the power to change the world: PM @narendramodi
Infact we hear the Indians are simple, they contribute to the growing economy too. Credit for this goes to you all: PM @narendramodi
Wherever the Indian community went there has been no complaint from society there. This is not a small thing: PM @narendramodi
The Prime Minister is addressing the Indian Community in Japan. Watch his speech.…
PM is speaking at a programme organised by Japan-India Association.
LIVE: PM @narendramodi interacting with businessmen at Japan India Association
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2000 plus Japanese businessmen in conversation with @PMOIndia out of more than 4000 who applied for a seat.
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Shri Modi has concluded his speech.
India has a Government that is working on development, to increase manufacturing: PM @narendramodi
Come & invest in India: only place u can find democracy, demography & demand -@PMOIndia to Japanese investors
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We want to encourage and invite SMEs, small scale industries: PM @narendramodi
There is no better place than India for Japanese business -@PMOIndia .
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I have come to assure you that there is no Red Tape but Red Carpet in India. We have eased off lot of regulations: PM @narendramodi
When I was small, if it was said 'Made in Japan' we did not have to think twice. We would buy the product: PM @narendramodi
I do not think there is any place better than India for you: PM @narendramodi
I have come here to assure you that if you have to look anywhere outside Japan, you do not need to look here or there: PM @narendramodi
PM @narendramodi recalls the efforts of former PM Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee to strengthen India-Japan relations.
Like India has a 'Look East' Policy it seems Japan has 'Look at India' policy: PM @narendramodi
The PM's speech has begun. You can watch his speech LIVE.
The PM is now interacting with youngsters. Asking them about their visit to India. He wishes them the very best too.
The PM's speech has concluded.
You will learn as much outside your rooms as you will learn inside them: PM @narendramodi
I can tell you that even if you stay for 6 months and want to enjoy a new dish daily you will not have to repeat a dish: PM @narendramodi
I have a suggestion also- if you stay in India do not remain in TCS rooms daily. Take time out and travel across India: PM @narendramodi
PM is speaking at TCS Japan Tech & Cultural Academy Inauguration in Tokyo.
The interaction has concluded.
Both me and PM Abe are connected through social media. I invite you all to communicate with me through social media: PM
Sadly, our habits have changed and that has changed the climate. Lets do 'Samvaad' not 'Sangharsh' with Mother Nature: PM @narendramodi
Exploitation of nature is a crime. Yes, you can take milk from a cow but not kill a cow. This is a part of our learning: PM @narendramodi
Ask any child in India and they are taught the moon is an uncle and the sun is a grandfather. Trees are worshipped as God: PM
PM is answering a question on the environment.
LIVE: Prime Minister @narendramodi taking questions from the students of Sacred Heart University in Tokyo, Japan
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India is a democracy and so is Japan. Through this system we can progress. Rather than thinking about others let's think of ourselves: PM
'Whole world is one family' - we have been believing in this for thousands of years: PM @narendramodi
India is the land of Lord Buddha. We are committed to non-violence and it was seen during our freedom struggle: PM @narendramodi
Focus on role of women at @PMOIndia address to Sacred Heart University
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