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Rico Suave
You can unfollloooow, but ya can't unswaaaaaallow.
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@Alex_Azoy: @PmfJayy Rico Suave? I like it”Lol yah im a smoove guy
My baby is so perfect 💘🔫
@yvngjpg: @Dxoaa @PmfJayy hi r u single jayy”nah her names Melanie 😂
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"Herb is the healing of a nation, alcohol is the destruction" - Bob Marley
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I'm something you'll regret losing I can promise you that much..
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@Dxoaa: I've been on tumble this whole time”tumblr , correction
This bitch better close the door right
i lost my gradventure form fuck this
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Got me feeling like khaled cause all i do is win aint a religion guy cause all i do is sin
Fuck that i aint going inside his house
I love my bestfriend
@deynii_: Jordan is so annoying”shut up
can my school just burn down overnight please
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@SebasV27: @SebasV27 shut up :(" lmao you replied tp yourself
@PmfJayy put in $3 Friday if my boy comes through w bud
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I ordered this shit at 12:30 where t'f my food.
Just feel like leaving miami and starting somewhere else fresh
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@SebasV27: Goin to Colombia!”when ?
If this gets 2,000 retweets Delshon promised me he would pierce his nipple 😂
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@Niiick2000: SEND ME NUMBERS 🚨🚨🚨🚨”(951) 262-3062
@SebasV27: I wanna see Westbrook play already 😩”that nigga sucks Lmao sikeeeeeeee Leggo Heat tho you fucking bandwaggon
Say shit behind your back but won't say shit in public
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Talking Angela is quite a chatterbox. Check out what she said to me!
This bitch gave angela my addres wtf ! 😷bye guys im moving to nevada
Fuck this angelas draining my battery
@nmirabalx3: My mom just told me , me and Alex are related”naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, chill
Insulting me is one thing, but insulting my Mom is completely different.. I won't hesitate to beat the shit out of you.
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Bored out my mind 😫😩
literally not doing anything in my class right now tybg
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Lmfao i bled for no reason that shit didnt hurt
I want to be with you. Every day
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I wanna see her so fucking bad 😭😭🔫
I knew for a fact Jordan wasn't talking shit 😌
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