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stahp ✋
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when the boy I like doesn't like me back
i mean it's ok if you don't reply to me, but I feel dumb af when you don't js
I hate missing you.
im allowed to call myself ugly but you are not allowed to agree with me
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Hope everyone has a happy Fourth of July! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
shaving is such a pain in the butt
hello 911 yes i’d like to report a murder this bitch killed my vibe
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Wen it comes to food there is no "sharing is caring"
when people complain about the weather
“are u crying?” “no I just have swag in my eye”
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f is for friends who abandoned me after 8th grade
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my ovaries are killing me
when the teacher asks if anyone wants to read... #LesMis
pls don't even bother making an 11:11 wish... u r never ever gonna get me #ok
When I need better self esteem I go to Walmart 👌
my stomach hurts. Does that mean I have to poop?
But pretty little liars is at the top of the list for sure
twisted is one of my favorite shows
fyi just bc I agreed to go to the movies doesn't mean we're hooking up
Guys be like: "lets play 21 questions." Girl: okay, what's your favorite color? Boy: triangle. So you a virgin?!
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When my mom says we're having leftovers for dinner
I would rock the shit out of some Crocs if they were red, white, and blue.
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but mom beyoncé doesn't clean her room :(
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You deserve a handjob from Edward Scissorhands. ✂✂✂
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every time I yawn when i first wake up & tears come out of my eyes it's bc i known ill be apart from my be & ill miss it #truth
Strawberry wine, 17, that hot July moon saw everything.🌙🍷
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Sperrys are my favorite
currently there's 2 of us working this account. Soon it'll be 3! #3Musketeers
do you ever fart under a blanket? & then smell your farts? No? Oh ok, just me then.
no no I'm not itching my butt! It's just a mosquito bite
pool party at my house, bring ur own pool
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The end of Safe Haven blew my mind 💥
The look you get when your mom won't buy you food
why do you make plans when you don't consult me about them first? #whoru
I overslept this morning
once I get twitter famous, I'll reveal who I really am...
are you like steeling all my pictures... #subtweet
pimples are like bubble-wrap. You pop them when your feeling stressed
the reason i'm going to fail my driving test is because I can't even complete rainbow road on mario kart without falling off
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Don't think you the "illest" imma hand you some Tylenol bitch

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