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@SunnyArizona1 @Lostal21 @Martyk2 @MamaPKL @TroubleDVJ @XX1TEEXX @MamaB83   |―-∩   |  ヽ   | ● |   |▼) _ノ #GoodEvening   | ̄ )   ( ̄  /   T ̄|
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National parks are free this weekend
Every bottle purchase you make brings safe drinking water to a child for 1 month. See what difference you can make!
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Zynga Founder Returns As CEO, Stock Tanks #Farmville and many other crashing games…
Twitter Gets A New Home Page For People Who Don't Use Twitter…
Netflix Now Has One Subscriber For Every Three Households In America…
Just So You Know, There's Just Been Another Rude Word On "Countdown"…
SB I-15 about 15 miles south of the Utah border: A rollover is blocking travel lanes, mile 15. Traffic gets by on shoulder; expect delays.
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Wow I'm amazed by the social bashers here!!
Ha! Ha! Didn't think so!
I'm listening does anybody have a secret?? Listing a few tonight...
Muuuuh Muuuuh Muuuuh Muuuuh Muuuuh Muuuuh Muuuuh Muuuuh Muuuuh Muuuuh Muuuuh
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Not that we think you need grilling tips, you go anyway:
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@BlackDogCEO It sure does hit the spot. What's your favorite meal?
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Lemons, peaches and blueberries @Farmville Good night my friends!
Since all the education cuts here has anyone considered this? #Arizona
Guess his so called donation was appreciated by the Latino's of #Arizona Now will he serve time?
Conception occurs most in the month of December.
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@faaacct: Being born in winter increases risk of mental health disorders.” December makes me guilty so be warned! Lol
Wishing I was somewhere else not stuck here... Waiting
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WOOF A door is what a dog is perpetually on the wrong side of. - - - Ogden Nash
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The International Space Station is passing overhead April 15, 2015 at 05:33PM, for 640 seconds.
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I'm in need of a vacation........ Calagone take me away!
Looking to follow someone new? Follow @SonnyBeez - always room on #Team SonnyBee for friends of #bees! RT #food #garden #love #gardenchat
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Dalmatian dogs are bornwithout spots. They don't start getting spots until they are three or four days old.
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Dentists have recommended that a toothbrush be kept at least 6 feet away from a toilet to avoid airborne particles resulting from the flush
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@SunnyArizona1 atta girl! A cold beer always is a good idea 🍺😉 Cheers!
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Having a grumpy day here but will admit you all know how to put a smile back on my face! Luv you guys:)👍😍
@PhxFamousDaves: @SunnyArizona1 Glad someone got it :l” Yup and sure needed the laugh too! TY!👍😀
Good morning Twitter world ☀️☕️

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