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Ben Vale
I'm putting off hoovering by tweeting about bread. This is new.
So this 'giraffe bread' thing is a permanent fixture at this point? I was hoping it was a phase. Tigers are much cooler.
4 years, and I still haven't worked out where my beard ends and my bald patch begins.
Check out my 6.8 mi Run on Strava:…
Well worth a read. "Exercising When You’re Depressed"… #mentalhealth
New OnePlus OS installed on the phone now, which means I've already lost about 3hrs today tweaking things. Instead of... you know, working.
Netflix just emailed: They’re recommending I watch ‘Wreck-It Ralph’ based on my viewing history. Send help.
Trying to get back into LinkedIn. I would call it quits, but I felt this way about Evernote once too, and look how that panned out.
Location: coffee shop. Did the accidental mocha buying thing again, when I meant to say something completely different. I’m rubbish at this.
Giving Hootsuite another go. Not sure why yet.
Replaced my (completely full) Evernote Moleskine with a slightly larger one. Now guess which one of us didn’t bring a working pen today?
Another day, another example of some form of autocorrect causing some sort of problem. I miss my Nokia 3310. #retro
Enters coffee shop. Buys mocha. Drinks mocha. Decides against mochas in future. Exits coffee shop. Forgets. Enters coffee shop. Buys mocha.
If I have to start proofreading everything, I'm going to lose at least 5hours a day. I can't commit to that.
I used to be so good at this, but this autocorrect fail malarkey is a slippery slope that's going to get me in trouble one day.
This may well say more about me than it does about the app itself.
Installed Todoist in the hopes that I can get on top of my... well, erm... to do list really. Either way it hasn't helped. Giving it a week.
Beard update: work in progress, but currently at the stage where it looks like I’m just being lazy, and not trying to grow a massive beard.
I may or may not have downloaded the Adobe Creative Cloud trial. There goes what's left of my social life for the next 30 days.
Dare I even consider opening Instagram this morning? #eclipse2015 #badidea
For some reason, I now feel the urge to go buy a pack of Jaffa Cakes and eat the whole lot for lunch. No idea why.
I like my eclipses like I like my coffee: a bit dark, quite cloudy, and ultimately underwhelming. #eclipse2015
Confirmed: it's gotten a bit dark outside.
I’d JUST THIS SECOND cleared out my spam folder. The triumph. Then suddenly, BOOM! Another one drops in there. Some people. *rolls eyes*
Really hoping the House goes quiet, and he stays sitting down, and the cameras focus, and all we get is THIS:
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Have accidentally sat under the air-con in coffee shop. Not the wisest decision I've ever made, I must admit. #stonecoldcuppa
My plan is to go full beard, so for the next month or so, my first impression will be of someone who's just really really lazy.
Sadly, I'm back with just a goatee on my face - will spend at least the next week in complete isolation until this is no longer the case.
Accidentally stepped on some broken glass in my Vibram #fivefingers today. No damage, but a very very weird sensation none the less.
Side note: bit full now.
The worse thing about cooking with the Actifry is having to clean the Actifry afterwards. The best thing is everything else.
"How many letters are in the answer to this question?" Some acceptable answers include: "four" "exactly ten" "eight more than nine" "23"
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How to Spend the First 10 Minutes of Your Day: via @HarvardBiz
Why Do First Impressions Matter?
The Top Idea in Your Mind
It's raining, and now my new Superdry rucksack is wet. Go figure.
These headphones being the ultimate present, to myself from myself. 30th birthday 2 weeks today, so this makes sense.
Had some Bose headphones a few years ago and lost them. They were the best ever. Today I replaced them with new Bose ones. Best. Day. Ever.
That said, there are streaming children present, which makes the decision that follows a whole lot easier.
Location: Starbucks. Problem is that I’m almost out of coffee and stuck with a laptop. #effort #firstworldproblems
90 Tips From Toastmasters For Better Public Speaking Skills
A Map of Every Device in the World That's Connected to the Internet
Just read 'Jack's Tractor' to Jack. That one was actually quite well crafted and rhymey, so may be a challenge to compete with.
Just read 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar'. I don't care how Bernard Black this statement is; I could/should write a children's book.
As a precaution, I'm going to treat Aliens 5 in the same way as I do 3 and 4. That's right, I'm going to deny it exists.

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