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Ben Vale
Tempted to shift to Office 365 for Mac. Anyone have any strong opinions on it that I should know about?
This week’s Daily Mail Cancer List: Mo) Kale Tu) Buses We) Chlorine Th) Bluetooth Fr) £5 notes Sa) Cod Su) The vast indifference of heaven
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Apparently @BenValeHyp has never heard the word 'Handsy'. Is it just me or is he out of touch? #NoPunIntended #handsy
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Will hill runs make me faster in flat races?… #running #feedly
I'm not sure whether the couple of ales on a Sunday routine is a warm-up for the week ahead or a cool-down for the week just gone.
Currently rocking the new Chesham High Street WiFi thing. I'm making it sound more exciting than it is, but this ain't half bad.
This week’s Daily Mail Cancer List: Mo) Protein Tu) Socks We) Irish accents Th) Mars (planet) Fr) Mars (chocolate) Sa) EE Su) Your own teeth
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It's beginning to dawn on me that due to beard related circumstances, I look nothing like my photo on these parts.
I'm still agonising over this glasses buying thing. Heaven forbid, I may have to step foot in an actual opticians to sort this.
I'm spending all of today catching up on podcasts. Don't try to stop me.
I could get used to this Brew Shop Sunday thing. Bit chilly outside, but I'm being stubborn - to my mind, it's still summer because reasons.
I just earned the 'Bar Explorer' badge on @untappd!
Nothing like lunch in the park. Well, I say lunch; Mini Cheddars and a bottle of Coke count, right? #nutritionalyo
I've done a good 13 years of instant coffee at home, but sometimes in life you just need that something more. This is one of those times.
First opportunity I get, I'm buying proper coffee and one of those coffee plunging gizmos. I can't feel good about instant stuff any more.
The marketing strategy for Vanilla Coke seems to be entirely based on making people think they've picked up a bottle of normal Coke.
There's an account that recently followed me who has unfollowed and refollowed me maybe 10 times now. Just no.
Wow I'm insufferable this morning... #firstworldproblems
I do feel like milk should be something you have to ask for separately with American is though, as opposed to having to ask not to have it.
Ah, medium black americano... we've got to stop meeting like this. @CostaCoffee
Mum butchered me in a game of Scrabble about eight goes ago, and the game's still going a week later. It's getting awkward now.
Also, I'm currently relearning how to walk and tweet at the same time. It's more difficult than I remember.
Determined to tackle this learning Adobe Illustrator lark, and tonight could be the night I get back into it. After a hot bath of course.
Currently, I can't work out whether my shirt is purple or pink. As you can probably guess, my day hasn't really kicked off yet.
I think the new iPhone will have something that Android phones have been rocking for years and years and years...…
"Stop, it's not ready yet." I can't even remember what advert that was from, but either way it's relevant here.
I've been 'in the lab' working on a podcast. Well, three podcasts to be exact, but one specifically on hypnosis. So there's that.
Morning Twitter. Happy Wednesday and all.
On the topic, I'm pretty sure Pocket Casts is the best app download in a long time. I'm practically living in it at the minute.
Just listened to the @HospitalRecords podcast for the first time in ages. I promise to not leave it so long next time. #dnb
David Cameron: Britain must accept its fair share of refugees seeking safety in Europe - Sign the P...… via @UKChange
Life is like photography. You need the negatives to develop. - Unknown #quote
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And now I'm seriously toying with the idea of properly getting into yoga.
I'd pencilled this evening as a getting organised type night. Instead, I've spent the past hour Googling upper body workouts. As you do.
Just broke my own rule regarding NOT doing WordPress updates from coffee shops. It always seems to break things, and today is no exception.
Gutted to hear the sad news of #WayneDyer passing. An audiobook binge may be in order; seems a fitting way to pay tribute.
I'm at The Old Swan in Cheddington, Buckinghamshire
Shredded a whole bunch of hypnotherapy scripts from the early days of practice. Helpful at the time, but haven't seen daylight in donkeys.
I bought myself a shredder today, and now for some reason all I can taste is whatever the paper equivalent of saw-dust is. Can't think why.
I quite noncommittal at this point: I could either grow the beard to epic proportions, or trim it back to stubble. Decisions...
Speaking of beard, it's been a solid 6 weeks growth (I think) and it's still in that awkward mid stage #beardproblems
Could not find a shop that sells beard oil. Found loads that sell shaving foam. I think the high street is trying to tell me something.
Beard update: There are parts over an inch long. I wouldn't categorise it as 'majestic' yet, but it's a solid work in progress.

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