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Ben Vale
Oh cool, my legs don't burn anymore. That only took four days... I guess this means I can get out and do it all again later on. #running
Ooh check me out, moaning about new things and sounding old and stuff... Am I getting better at Twitter yet?
Does anyone see those auto-playing videos on social networks and think "I actually really like these, this isn't intrusive at all"?
The cat's having a moment. And he knows that I know that he's having a moment. Either way, I'm going to need the chain mail armour. #jaws
How to Manage Change in a Hyper-Changing World via @bigthink
Jay-Z's 99 problems, 24 - 25: 24. Understanding the economic implications of Greece's possible exit from the Euro 25. Hiccups
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Jay-Z's 99 problems, 17 - 20: 17. Eczema 18. The rising cost of stamps 19. Seeded grapes 17. The pedestrianisation of Norwich city centre
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A smile is a curve that sets everything straight.... Happy Wednesday. #qotd #quoteoftheday
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Facebook just sent me an email titled 'Jeremy Hunt and Donald Trump are trending'. OH! LET ME RUSH OVER TO FACEBOOK AT ONCE! #algorithms
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Nobody says "rock on" any more, do they?
Verdict is still out on whether I can get away with emojis. Other people, absolutely fine, rock on. Me? It kind makes me feel uncomfortable.
10 Skills You Can Learn in 3 Months or Less
One Simple Trick To Have More Successful Conversations
Learning Tips for the Top 8 Learning Challenges
Sit Like a Buddha: A Guide to Meditation
#PISCES: Remember, an apple a day keeps the doctor away. Unless he has a grudge. And an axe. An apple is useless in this situation.
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Today I will mostly be whining about the state of my calves and that fact that I'm having issues negotiating stairs. #runnerproblems
Twice today, got off one train to find that the train I need is waiting on opposite platform. The universe likes me today. #platformswagger
TERRIFY your kids by telling them that inside a Kinder Egg is a Minion foetus. (via @emptyheadtwo)
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I just earned the 'Night Out' badge on @untappd!
Having a brew (@ Red Squirrel Brewery Shop - @Cheshambrewshop in Chesham, Buckinghamshire w/ @BenValeHyp)
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What? Ale after a run makes perfect sense! #dontjudge
I'm at Red Squirrel Brewery Shop in Chesham, Buckinghamshire…
On a Sam Harris binge this weekend. Read 'Lying' last night, half way through 'Waking Up' audiobook, about to start 'Free Will'. Bit much?
My options are to go all-in obsessive over this minimal running lark, or go back to 'normal' trainers. I'm at a crossroads. #running
Note to self: keep mouth closed while running through countryside.
Okay, it's not so much fluorescent as it is bright green.
Spending all weekend inside reading - as good a plan as that sounded - is not the one. About to trash Pednor loop in a fluorescent t-shirt.
"Stress gives us access to our hearts." The surprising benefits of stress:
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I'm at Harris + Hoole in Amersham, Buckinghamshire
Screw it, Google Docs for everything now. Don’t try to stop me.
Okay, place your bets people. How quickly can I learn Adobe Illustrator?
How To Improve Memory Five-Fold in 45 Minutes
How To Turn Your Daily Errands Into Happiness Generators via @nytimes
Avoid Regret with a Weekly Work/Life Check-In
I still have mixed feelings about drinking coffee from a glass.
The more stress you feel, the less able you are to adapt to a fluctuating environment.
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I really like the word ‘amalgamation' at the minute, and I have no idea why. Probably just a phase.
Fire alarm is going off in Costa. None of us really seem too fussed about it. Sounds a bit like Laser Tag actually.
Sundays were not made for being productive but when you're in @CostaCoffee with @BenValeHyp mostly pretending to work it's not so bad!
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The problem with the Tim Ferriss podcast is that I'm never, ever going to catch up at this point.
Children’s mental health must be cared for. Or the consequences will be dire.
So my toe-dip into the waters of Apple Music lasted a day. Back to Spotify I go.
Only when I got home did I realise that I’d just unintentionally spent half an hour as a moving advert for Adidas. #runningproblems

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