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Ben Vale
Love my Tweetbot mute list. I follow people I forgot ever tweeted because I’ve blocked all the auto-papers and anything that comes from FB…
Be careful of the #DinoKet Police Alert Over Super Strong Ketamine Made For Dinosaurs via @Wunderground_ie
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Utter disorientation as - in a moment of madness - I turn my phone off silent and am reminded that this thing actually makes sounds.
Sorted ticket to @TheBusinessShow in May. Was disorganised as hell last time, so both days will be essential for me!
A homeopathy company has had to withdraw their products because they might contain real medicine...…
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Mission accomplished: Needed to sneeze for a good half hour and finally managed it. Not as exciting as I thought it’d be, but no complaints.
Also, Little Snitch Network Monitor for Mac has made me paranoid about the internet. Great little app, but scary as hell.
I’ve discovered the secret to Dropbox success: one file at a time. I’ve been getting this wrong for years. I could’ve saved an eternity.
You Can Teach An Old Microphone New Tricks… via @audioboo
Filter the microphone hissing out *before* hitting record. I’ve been doing that wrong for a good 18months now. Scrap the lot, start again.
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I keep talking myself out of using Facebook. Over and over again. Ever. For anything. #brokenrecord
Sleep Your Way to Creativity And 9 More Surefire Methods For More Ideas
Selfie number 2 (I look like a goldfish)
Insane video: Watch these guys BASE jump from New York’s Freedom Tower
See? Considerate brother-in-law not ragging the coffee shop wifi senseless.
I’d carry on a 6hour upload to DropBox, but Costa’s wifi can’t handle it and @actorleebright would notice his connection disappear.