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Payo Luciano
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#HannahGraham Fluffy just wanna know why bitch? u could have given him hint or sumn that u love blk men. One cold ass rabbit doll i tell u.
Ridin shotty with a thotty #HannahGraham She on the meth not the Molly Said she dead in the hole And she aint comin back no mo lmao
Look it's a body, it's a thottie, n its rotten its #HannahGraham!!! lmao!!
Who can find #HannahGraham? "Nobody" *keith sweat voice*
We need everyone to bring out lime-a-Rita's for #HannahGraham tomorrow in memory of this drunk sad ass prostitute. it was her fav drink
Here lies #HannahGraham 1996-2014 Bust it open for some damn lime-a-ritas
Someone should have told #HannahGraham thats its more to life than some damn lime-a-ritas
Breaking news: Kanye West has went to C Ville to make his "you ain't got da answers" speech for #HannahGraham lmao!
I'm not comin home says #HannahGraham I like the hole and the fuckin bag im wrapped in this is what life is about!!! leave me be!!
Fluffy killed that bitch #HannahGraham.. cold ass rabbit doll.. off a white honkey then do a press conference.. cold
Here lies #HannahGraham 1996-2014 Straight "A" student but overall dumbass peckerwood. Never found.
Off work and I'm bout to eat chick-i-fila things #HannahGraham cant do
Hannah!!!! Where tf yo dumbass at?? They prolly skipped over yo honkey ass.. U know they can't make Parent trap 3 without yo dusty ass lmao!
Sending $250 dollars in support of #jessematthew gotta bring a good person home. Let those honk tonks #FindHannahGraham I dont support it!!
JUST IN: Friends, supporters of #HannahGraham abduction suspect #JesseMatthew set up fundraising site for his defense
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Great morning to be alive things #HannahGraham can't do
If you cannot find me blame it on the alchohol and irresponsibility I am honkey #HannahGraham n I approve this message
They will frame Jesse for nothing because they have no clue of where I took my honkey talents. I am #HannahGraham and I approve this message
I'm not coming back, me and the mole family have gotten much acquainted.. I am #HannahGraham and I approve this message..
Hideous honkey #HannahGraham had a hiding hole. N everywhere this honkey hid her homework was to whore
#HannahGraham is the typical white dumb fuck in a horror movie that hears some shit n still yells "hello" TF? Bitch u shudda ran
#HannahGraham should have followed the yellow brick road home.. Ole dumbass peckerwood I swear...
Just seen the ghost from #HannahGraham this honkey ghost ask me which way home? I say "bitch I'm not the ghost whisperer go in2 the light"
Drove with the window down smelled sumn foul was that road kill or #HannahGraham peckerwood smellin ass.. Lmao!!
Up early workin things #HannahGraham can't do
White people say they beefin yo.. But #HannahGraham been dead about a week ago Week ago...
Missing Honkey Ogre #HannahGraham still missing. Description: Ugly af Last seen: 14 days ago with black cock in mouth Suspect 1: Fluffy
Fluffy face #HannahGraham up for 4 carrots and the key to C ville..
#HannahGraham follower: twitter how do we stop him? He is offensive Twitter: I don't know how do u #findhannah she is a prostitute lmao!
You can learn a lot from a dummy #HannahGraham
New album from #HannahGraham called "Can't Find Me" Hit Single "Never comin back"
#HannahGraham 1996-2014 Reigning Hide N Seek champion behind #EricFrein
Just like to say wassup to #JesseMatthew keep your guard up we stand with u. On behalf of this lost honkey #HannahGraham rest in honkey shit
@AnniBricca @OfficialPayo Sorry, he has right to freedom of speech. Same rush to judgment has JL convicted before he's been given a trial.
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Home is where the heart is.. Things #HannahGraham can't do
Just landed.. Home safe and sound things #HannahGraham can't doa
Been up on a plane... Things #HannahGraham can't do
Believe what U may.. U can't ban the truth.. #HannahGraham is gone.. Get over it! U started it I just exposed it no sympathy tf u thought?
I have no blood on hands like u so I'm not worried.. U can't ban the truth I know it hurts.. U gets no response Fuck #HannahGraham lmao!!
They say #HannahGraham had bronchitis, I say the whore had too many babies in her throat lol!!
Just add #HannahGraham to the lost and dead list.. Whore of a bitch ain't cumn home lmao!!
#HannahGraham parents: we've lost our little girl I felt I had to respond: Yes, Mr Graham we fuckin know she's dead, now moving forward lol!
Mom I miss you things #HannahGraham can't say
The whites hav finally stop the #BringHannahHome campaign They r waiting for a new island to pop up where #HannahGraham can b spotted
Stupid is is what stupid does sincerely #HannahGraham lmao!!

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