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This made me so happy today 😊😊 #fall
No more blond.....until next year 👋😔 #brunette #fall #chocolate
Was SO close to going red
So I bought hair dye lol
Can't even fucking sleep in for fuck sakes
I met Jesus today 😍 #burger #bacon #Philly #yas #sogood #shakeshack
"A beer a day keeps the hospital away" -Kevin 😂😂😂😂
Greasy hair is the devils work
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People who have reliable spouses tend to make more money, get more promotions, and be more satisfied with their jobs.
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Get invited to a Marine dress or shoes 😧
Everyone is still sleeping 😟😔
Is it too early to drink beer? 😆
It's so sunny in Philly today 😄🙌🙌
Last fat weekend before going back to my diet & exercise 😧 #beer #pizza #Philly #samadams #cherrywheat #goodfriends
I just saw someone wearing timberland heels.... omg I thought that was a myth I didn't know people actually wore them #ratchet
I need stockings, a new scarf, a new sweater, get my nails done, a fuzzy steering wheel then off to Philly. ... #checkitycheckcheck
I ate the greasiest breakfast & almost threw up....I think this is my body telling me "quit feeding me so much fucking garbage" 😔#sorryy
The back roads are beautiful right now
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Wait why was everyone a half skull this Halloween? Is there something Idk cause I'm fucking lost lol #help
Can't go back to bed 😣
"Guindate de un bonsai" lmao omg 😂😂😂
Most of the girls with they septum pierced look like 👀😳
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When someone tries so hard to stay relevant 😂✋✋ no one gives a crap about you give up 😂😂
My life 😂😂😂 #pizza #innerfatass
This girl just spelled reject as reeject omg 😭�#luckyyoureprettyty
Can it be 5pm already so I can go home 😐
@platinumpink91 happy birthday doll!! 💄🍺🎂🎁🎉💖
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"@for_exSAMple: “@Seattle_S: Best Halloween costumes ever!” 😂😂" lmao omg
I'm just excited about the food I will eat tonight with mama Garcia 😩
Happy birthday miss!!!!! @platinumpink91 hope you have a good one! 🎊🎉🎉🎉
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY LONG-DISTANCE BAE @platinumpink91 😽❤️🍻🎉 love u bby live it ⬆️
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@platinumpink91 I hope you have a beautiful day mi amor 😘
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Where the fudge brownie cheesecake at
I'm getting too old for games. You're either in or out no in between. We're not 16 anymore. ✌👋
I've put my foot down with guys. If you want something serious I'm down if not that's okay...just not with me & you can just lose my number✋
If someone you hardly know asks you to go over their place after 10pm you know he is not trying to watch a movie 😒 just cut him off
Ladies if don't learn from your mistakes you're in for a rude awakening. If you don't feel comfortable doing something DON'T DO IT.
@platinumpink91 HAPPY FUCKING BIRTHDAY YOU SEXY DIRTY SLUT ❤️😍😘🌺🎉🎊🎈🎁 I miss you so
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Fuckkkkkk that shit ✋
After I cut the guy off who I like the most he now sends me a not like I was trying to forget about your existence or anything