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Plastic Martyr
Sleepy time. Even vampires need their beauty sleep. Sweet dreams my beautiful Martyrs. 🌈
If you don't have anything nice to tweet don't tweet anything at all.
Throwback to For The Stars Fashion House Grand Opening 2013, Plastic Martyr & Richard Simmons @plasticmartyr #ThrowBack #ForTheStarsFashionHouse #ForTheStars #PlasticMartyr #event #GrandOpening #RichardSimmons #fashion #Style #celebs #entertainment #opening #stars
Trans people are the target of so much discrimination including by gay men and women. It takes more effort to hate than to love. #EndHate
Annnnd I look like the office slut. #LAFW #redcarpet
Who the fuck cares what gender you are. Beauty and attraction shouldn't be based on biological gender. #Beauty #Love
Reunited and it feels so good. @CourtneyAStodden and @andersonbrooks
To boycott commercials I always close my eyes during them. #rebel
The double standards in society really piss me off.
I think I may come out with a new merch line soon. #PlasticMartyrTshirts
Goodnight. Fashion week you have exhausted me yet again. I #love #fashion
Cracking myself up with New York Times Fashion! What a sweet guy! Love them! #LAFashionWeek #redcarpet
Cracking myself up with New York Times Fashion! What a sweet guy! Love them! #LAFashionWeek
Can't wait to see this show! #LAFashionWeek xoxo
Its LA fashion week time. I'm working this traffic like it's a damn runway! #LAFashionWeek
LA fashion week here I come.
i wish the media would stop dramatizing everything. #DramaFetishists
Thinking about how much I love each and every one of you!
Saw Charlie Hunnam while grocery shopping, now that right there ladies and gentleman is a #MAN
This is my new best friend. Sadly he is dead. But he has more personality and loyalty than some of my past friends. #ThisBugsLife
This is my new best friend. Sadly he is dead. But he is more loyal than some of my past friends. xo
Watching Simon Birch. Oii this movie makes me so verklempt.
@plasticmartyr Well i would rather look at you all the time :) But since i can't i guess it's football today.
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What is this "football" you people speak of?
I'm a bounty hunter ....get it? Ha....ha
I'm a bounty hunter....get it...ha...ha.
Forget about your carbon copied pop stars. #MalalaYousafzai is a true #hero and #inspiration! xo
Let all that sin out from under your skin.
Let out your sin from underneath all that skin. Light up your fire and let flames begin.
#throwbackthursday me and @marilynmanson in LA weekly. Do we like me better blonde or brunette?
There is so much sabotage here in Hollywood. It's like 1 giant highschool where everyone is delusional and thinks they are Regina George.
Everyone needs to shut up and just love one another. We are all exactly the same underneath it all. xo
Good morning Los Angeles.
The gay community needs to stop being so #Transphobic it's #LGBT for a reason. Stick together and support one another instead of judging.
Loving @TylerHilton music. Talented boy! xo
Inviting all the haters over for dinner tonight. ReTweet to extend an invitation to all your haters.
Having some people over for dinner tonight.
I really want to see #Annabelle dolls always scare the shit out of me.