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Plastic Martyr
Goodnight beautifuls! I love you!
I just spit a mouth full of cookies on my mommy. #woops
Jesus Christ and a spatula. #cooking #jesus #odd #crucifix #funny #LA #frycook #krabbypatty #ohreally
I want to go to the The Grove.....okay....I'm going. That was easy.
Dear snooty costumer service, I will reach through the phone and bitch slap you. Dont think I won't. Love Plastic Martyr. xo
I love all you Plastic Martyr supporters. Let's take over the world with self expression! #fashion #love
I'm the black sheep of Hollywood.
My handsome boy. I love him so much
Ahh, the sound of gunshots in the morning. Gotta love LA.
I have more in depth conversations with a wall then I do with other humans. #ImNotHuman
Dear world....take a can opener and open your mind.
Kisses! Ohhh the kisses!
Oh fuck your mainstream. I'll do things my way. xo
Do you like my #Shoes xo
Yellow....I should give yellow another chance. P.S. do you love my heelless platforms? #shoes #fashion #redcarpet
Can someone please bring back Johnny Cash? I'd like to write a song with him.
Passive aggression doesn't work on me. I'm immune. Try another method of manipulation. xo