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Planet Smoothie
cute pic! thanks for sharing :) RT@morgan_kae Planet Smoothie after work!! β˜ΊοΈπŸ‘…
Know anyone interested in franchsing?? RT@Brandon__Reitz Ocala needs a planet smoothie
totally... so YUM! <3 Java the Nut & Frozen Goat! RT@alexhilliard933 The smoothies with coffee from Planet Smoothie have to be a favorite.
we've missed you too! RT@Shysteez Oh planet smoothie how I've missed you.
heart the 24 carrot mango-ld....just like we heart you! RT@sammidennison I heart the carrot mango smoothie from planet smoothie😍
awh! we miss you too! RT@DailyDoseOfDee I miss working at planet smoothie that was one of my favorite jobs
haha guess that didn't work out! RT@HayleyBylsma I just tried to use my tiger card at planet smoothie #lol
we totally get it! RT@ashleyy_hoffman My addiction is planet smoothie
what are you waiting for?! :) RT@BrentBowen4 I've been craving planet smoothie for the longest time ever 😁😁
we totally know what you mean! πŸ‘Œ R@missmollypoohh planet smoothie sounds soooo good 24/7
hehe we love you too, obvi! RT @katloftis6: HAHAHAHA I LOVE PLANET SMOOTHIE
haha glad you liked! :) RT @yallkillemm: Shout out to the hot guy working at planet smoothie for making my day 😍🎈#hubbahubbaba
ha... #nevertooearly #weloveholidays RT @sgoldsmith94: Shoutout to Planet Smoothie for the Christmas tunes #October9th
hope you got yourself one, then! RT @LKenzie13: Planet Smoothie sounds divine right now
Planet smoothie πŸ˜‹πŸŒŽπŸ“πŸ‘πŸ
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total MVP... #dadoftheyear RT @chlovanbart5: My dad wakes me up w/ planet smoothie , MVP right there
yay! how did you like it? What did you have?? RT @csaucyy: first time having planet smoothie 😍
Alexa, Alexa, Alexa! sure is ;) RT @A_pothoven: Planet smoothie is calling my name
#firstworldproblems :) RT @BryceKrispiies: Kinda want planet smoothie kinda don’t wanna get out of bed and go πŸ˜•
love it! thanks for sharing :) RT @ADORE_YIARIS: Planet smoothie for breakfast = Happy Yiaris ☺️ @ Good Morning
I work full time so I can spend $12 at Planet Smoothie & not feel guilty.
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we wouldn’t either! RT@Erica_roseee Wouldn’t be mad if someone brought we planet smoothie
very welcome, enjoy! RT@Mac_4_Life Afternoon break! Large Spaz, please!! Thank you!! β€” at Planet Smoothie
@PlanetSmoothie thanks for the follow up and the great customer service
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no, Britney, YOU are amazing! RT@275Britney Planet smoothie is amazing
Had my first @PlanetSmoothie in Doylestown, PA and it was interesting in a good way! Can't wait to visit the Montclare, NJ #planetsmoothie
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Thank god makeup isnt required at @PlanetSmoothie because this Choc Elvis was worth looking like a bum in public for.
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awesome, perf gift! RT@Tykira @PlanetSmoothie Got my co-workers some gift cards to celebrate their recent weight loss :D #planetsmoothie
sounds like a solid plan!! RT@katloftis6 primary diet: planet smoothie
awwwwee yay! RT@sarakstacks A planet smoothie will brighten up my day sooo much
CONGRATS! RT@Briannabnb11 Anthony just brought me a planet smoothie to work since I got admitted into BGSU. 😍😍😍😍😍
someone bring me a smoothie from planet smoothie and I'll give you a sticker that says you're awesome please and thank you
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Congrats to our newest POTM winners!!! Include #planetsmoothie on your posts and you could win a gift card, too!
awhhh, we try!! RT@shannongabriiel Planet Smoothie just made everything better
anytime!! RT@__Retro Shoutout to Planet Smoothie for that mango smoothie
what a sweetheart!! RT@spencersnaith sabrina just called me & asked what I want from planet smoothie😍
hope you feel better soon! RT@dramaqueenof201 I will love you forever if you bring me planet smoothie & something to make me feel better 😭πŸ˜₯πŸ’–
RT @utahjazz: GALLERY: 5-Year-Old JP Gibson (Diagnosed w/Leukemia) Plays for Jazz
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getcha one girl! RT@akp587 I want a smoothie. .. From @PlanetSmoothie badddddddd
A guy @PlanetSmoothie left & then came back in w/ straw in hand & said, "My straw has a hole in it." My thought = "It has 2 holes Sir!" ;)
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Try the new Lean Green Extreme at Planet Smoothie for a healthy snack during the day.#motivated
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we hope we can bring you life soon! RT@tvxco a smoothie from @PlanetSmoothie would be life right now.
<3 statement of the year! <3 RT@HaleyBrasington A day is not complete unless I go to planet smoothie
haha we think thats a-OK :) RT@alexis_eiland When you're only getting texts from planet smoothie that should say something πŸ˜‚#oopss
hehe always here for you! RT@ryeekash chipotle & planet smoothie are the only boys i need