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There are 4types of honey bees in India&each access different kind of honey from different altitudes&each differs in size&length of tongue
Researchers found a compound GS-5734 blocks ability of Ebola virus to replicate&gave full protection to monkeys treated3days after infection
In India over 60%of honey collected is wild&in its raw form highly nutritious but losses valuable minerals&other nutrients on processing
Returning Awards&resigning positions in protest against assault on freedom of expression is less likely to change mindset of communal people
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According to researchers China consumes over a 3rd of the world's cigarettes&smoking death tolls will touch 2million in 2030,double2010 toll
The action of some men of letters&social activists in surrendering past awards&resigning from academies will have no impact on social life
People shall be made abundantly clear whether beef ban covers only cow meat&not bull&buffalo meat or covers all
Those vociferous against cow slaughter must suggest measures to relieve livestock farmers of the burden of keeping senile&unproductive cows
Beef festivals being organized in some places to protest against the Dadri murder will have no impact on the dietary preference of people
Recent estimates show beef consumption in Kerala at 512 tonnes a day in 2014-'15 is less by 20%as compared to that in 2004-'05
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Studies found a particular gene in elephants suppresses tumor formation&hence less than5% die of cancer compared to 11-25%in humans
Against the target of21-25%reduction in GHG emissions intensity by2020 from 2005 level,India achieved reduction of 18.6%&aims30-35%reduction
While per capita energy use&emission in China&the US expected to be around10-12tons of CO2 by 2030that of India will be just25%of this level
Central Govt to develop140,000 km tree-line along both sides of National Highways to serve as sink for CO2 & gaseous&particulate pollutants
India to invest $100billion over the next 7 yrs to augment solar energy capacity by 33times to 100,000megawatts by 2022
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Depression is a serious health problem that aggravates diseases like asthma&diabetes&also increases risk of heart attacks&cancer
In depressed older people response of the brain crucial for memory,thinking,mood,sleep&appetite gets impaired,according to neurologists
As we age capacity of brain to metabolize&eliminate medication diminishes& higher intake of medicines may cause dementia like side effects
Beef festivals in protest of beef ban do not appear to serve any major social cause other than facilitating get-together of beef eaters
PM Narendra Modi's exhortation to shun inter-religious acrimony&violence&devote jointly to eliminate poverty is timely&appreciable

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