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Home Remedies for Body Odour that Will Amaze You and Make You Smell Fresh via @love This
Left parties in India must initiate Social Reforms Movement to fight against caste discrimination&to promote inter-caste/religious marriages
Viability of using solar panels to power electric devices in trains being tested in India if succeeds will support climate change mitigation
In Kerala people believe investigations on graft allegations against ministers by State agencies without Court supervision will go astray
True nature of those who command respect in society will become obvious only when exposed to situations in which they have stake
By lambasting BJP Parliament but being totally inactive atthe grass roots CPI(M) can't expect to emerge as a strong left alternative
While criticizing BJP Govt. for its present policies CPI(M) shall also make the people realize that Congress also followed the same policies
The statement of CPI(M) Secretary on allegations against Sushma will only strengthen family hegemony in national politics
10 Signs You May Have A Thyroid Problem (And 10 Things You Can Do About It) via @ShareThis
Abdominal Fat Dangers to Your Health, Subcutaneous vs Visceral Stomach Fat - Get a Flat Belly…
Why Your Plant Protein Powder Isn't As Healthy As You Think by @nutritionguy via @mindbodygreen
How To Break Up With Anxiety ... For Good via @mindbodygreen
When Will Environmentalists Face up to the Impending Catastrophe That Goes with via @ShareThis
Sleep on the left side is good for health…
Brazilian study found women who consumed 30ml coconut oil/day had slender waists,higher HDL-cholesterol&lowerLDL-c levels after 12weeks
Home gardens represent typical agroforestry models where compatible combinations of trees,arable crops&livestock components are integrated
Younger generation to be made conscious of the importance of afforestation&tree-based farming systems to support climate change mitigation
Human behavior in general reflects natural instinct of competition&jealousy in the efforts to satisfy increasing wants&desires
Now-a-days gestures of greetings&compliments are only superficial&do not reflect deep seated goodwill&intimacy
Critics of Sushma to realize that helping gesture on humanitarian grounds even against enemies is not to be deprecated but to be appreciated
CPI(M) simply by being critical of BJP Govt.will not grow as a vibrant left force in the absence of dedicated work among all deprived people
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Scientific Study Finds Coconut Oil Decreases Obesity via @ShareThis
10 Amazing Uses Of Used Tea Bags - Herbs Info via @ShareThis
The People-Pleaser's Guide To Saying No by @JudeTemple via @mindbodygreen
Soils are the foundation for vegetation | FAO via @FAOKnowledge #UNFAO
Marine ecosystems become increasingly polluted from domestic sewage,pesticides,industrial effluents,oil,radio active wastes,solid wastes etc
In Parliamentary democracy even people in socially&politically advanced States succumb to gratifications for voting for select candidates
In parliamentary democracy people often vote for parties with tarnished image despite being conscious of that
A Christian Bishop in Kerala has come out in open against inter-religious marriage involving christian girls&termed it as anti-Christianity
Left parties through incessant attack on BJPGovt.&PM Modi in particular knowingly or unknowingly help defamed congress to regain power
Left parties must launch Social Reforms Movement atNational level to fight against religious/caste discrimination,untouchability&other evils
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7 Serious Dangers Of Sleep Deprivation Plus 5 Natural Tips For Better Sleep - H via @ShareThis
The Difference Between Cravings & Hunger (And Why It Matters) by @5skinnyhabits via @mindbodygreen
Cancer Killer Fruit! Must Read! via @ShareThis
Whittling down instances of child labour in agriculture via @FAOKnowledge #UNFAO
Muslim community in India who had reservations on Yoga on religious grounds now support programmes to mark International Yoga Day onJune21
Studies reveal measurement of grip strength is a reliable method to predict risk for cardiovascular death&cardiovascular diseases
Adoption of integrated agriculture in garden lands will stimulate rural economy through generation of multiple farmproduce,income&employment

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