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Organic agri is not to maximize production at any cost but to optimize it in harmony with the carrying capacity of available resource base
Organic agricult. is environment-friendly as it conserves the ecological base of farming&doesn't cause pollution of atmos.&soil&water bodies
Organic agriculture envisages a comprehensive management approach to improve the health&the underlying productivity of the soil resource
Cow Science Research Centre near Nagpur has patent for use of a bioactive fraction from cow urine distillate as bioenhancer of many ailments
The methods of agitation adopted&the issues projected buy Shiv Sena are unbecoming of a ruling partner at the Centre&in Maharashtra
Judiciary is not omnipotent. A tax payer shall have the right to criticize such verdicts,not judges, that have impact on the lives of people
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Import of vegetable oils by India increased significantly during Nov.2014-Sept.2015by22%to12.941million tons from 10.573Mt in previous year
Though communal in outlook defeat of BJP in Bihar,if happens,will only facilitate coming into power by casteist&opportunist parties
Poverty&hunger elimination not solved by charity but by creating opportunities for skill development&income&employment generation
Promote tree-based cropping in gardenlands for agrobiodiversity,natural resource conservation,vibrant soil life&carbon sequestration&storage
Debacle of Communist Parties in many States is linked to absence of dedicated&enlightened cadre base to work at grass roots level
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Communal conflicts&hatred being discussed in the country now manifested on previous occasions as well but not widely reported by the media
Left parties now inthe forefront in criticizing socioeconomic policy of BJP Govt.must clarify in what way the Congress performed differently
Authorities that ban cow slaughter&eating cow meat must propose viable rehabilitation scheme for senile&unproductive cows
Use of aluminium in automobiles has been found to increase fuel efficiency and reduce vehicular pollution
Modi Govt.faces frequent embarrassment caused mainly by the unprincipled,insensitive&irresponsible utterances of some hardcore communalists
Too little or too much thyroid hormone found to cause sluggishness,depression,anxiety&also dementia-like symptoms
India hiked import duty on edible oils from 7.5%to12.5%&on refined edible oils from15%to20%from Sept.which is expected to bring down imports
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