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Shiv Sena in Maharashtra still unaware of its relative place in the State politics&dictating terms to revive its lost kinship with the BJP
China agrees to raise the share of non-fossil fuels to 20%in the primary energy mix in the next 16 years
The US agrees to reduce Green House Gas emissions by 26-28% by 2025 from the level of 2005&China to reduce CO2emissions after 2030
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Left parties to mobilize people against social evils like atrocities perpetrated against socalled lower caste people&religious superstitions
Now-a-days most of those elected to Assemblies&Parliament do not represent common people nor are conversant with their needs&aspirations
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Organically managed integrated agriculture in homesteads generates multiple socioeconomic benefits&supports climate change mitigation
Though seminars are useful Govts to give priority to launch project for promoting intensive integrated agriculture in homesteads organically
Left parties shall launch a social renaissance movement in all States to popularize the concept of one caste,one religion&one God
Govts.not to appease either disguised or open communalism but,instead,address the needs&aspirations of all sections of society
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Other than innovations of older generation in coconut culture&product utilization new contri.are only in varietal improvement&value addition
In coconut culture&product utilization innovations of older generation are still being followed by farmers in all coconut growing countries
For the benefit of present&future generations important to conduct studies&document traditional knowledge on different subjects before lost
Agri.scientists now recommend adoption of traditional farming system&practices for sustainable production&conservation of natural resoubrces
The farming systems&practices developed by older generations were nature-friendly&sustainable&conserved the ecological base of agriculture
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NGOs engaged in promoting climate-resilient&climate-friendly agriculture shall be supported by further strengthen their activities
Central&State Govts. to keep a panel of NGOs with commendable track record over a long period to assign selected rural development projects
For successful rural development officials to support people to identify their own needs&aspirations&organize themselves for group action
Rural development funds to be routed through community based organizations for enlisting maximum involvement of people in all activities
To avoid wastage funds for rural development target those areas where people themselves identify local needs&strive to solve by themselves
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Many home medicines formulated by older generation are very popular even in the modern society,but under threat from pharmaceutical industry
The older generation had contributed to the development of home medicines based on identified locally available plants,both wild&cultivated
In Krishi Bhavans of Kerala Agri.Extension Specialists are held up with extension services with no time for extension education in villages
Integrated Nutrient Management can lead to Organic Management of Agriculture in place of chemical intensive monocropping models