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Election Commission has to derecognize parties named after specific religion as otherwise when in power will trigger religious polarization
Those parties which appease minority communities are in no way different from those that are presently treated as Hindu biased
BJP Govt. has to widen general acceptance of people by being impartial in decisions relating to all religions&extending goodwill to all
Left parties not to link with either Congress or BJP but adopt constructive opposition role with pragmatic approach to peoples causes
Those who oppose R&D in GMO technology have to propose appropriate alternate tech. for high yield,P&D resistance,climate resilience etc
Studies show organically produced fruits, vegetables&grains have higher levels of anti-oxidants&lower levels of pesticide residues
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RSS is not untouchable for any journalist to associate with as all journalists have specific political leanings which don't mask objectivity
The congress criticism that journalist Vaidik being an RSS acted on behalf of Modi Govt. in Pakistan implies Congress adopted such strategy
Left parties in Parliament shall desist from toeing Congress line in attacking BJP Govt. as it will further erode their respectability
El Nino is expected to adversely affect rainfall in India&according to ADB the likely disruption of rainfall could fuel food inflation