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The Left parties particularly CPI(M) shall focus on changing the outlook of common people of all religions in favour of social reforms
Religious conversion or reconversion changes only the rites&practices and will in no way improve the living conditions ofthe people involved
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The success or otherwise of Central Govt. to be assessed onthe basis ofits declared policies&actions&not what HinduMahasabha or BLP preaches
Instead of prohibition what is important in Kerala is sustained campaign on the ill effects of liquor consumption on health&family harmony
The liquor prohibition policy of Kerala Govt. will result in wastage of time,energy&resources as long as it is not in force in other States
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Global carbon dioxide emission in 2013 touched a high of 35.3 billion tonnes despite a slower emission rate of 2%as against 3.8%since 2003
Top emitters of carbon dioxide globally are China, the US&the EU with respective shares of 29%,15%&11%
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The increase in life expectancy at birth in India between 1990&2013 was from 57.3 to 64.2 men&from 58.2 to 68.5 yrs. in women
China&the EU will be raising their share of renewable energy in total energy consumption by 20%&27%respectively by 2030
Social sector initiative of Democratic Youth Federation of India,Kerala, highlights the concept of One Caste&One Religion for humans
Democratic Youth Federation of India,Kerala,launched a Social Reforms Project by opening Web site to promote inter-caste/religious marriages
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Left parties will not receive support either from majority or minority communities if they continue their strategy of minority appeasement
Religious conversion&inflammatory speeches of MPs in some States do mot reflect Govt. policy&hence not an issue for discussion in Parliament
Intensive Integrated Agriculture on garden lands renders both productive&protective services&also supports climate change mitigation
Though not organic agri. Integrated Nutrient Management also supports optimum biochemical transformations in soil&sustainable production
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The rhetoric of secular parties within&outside Parliament on communalism of BJP will only help communal polarization&rivalry in the country
For promoting climate resilient agri. farmers to be made conscious of the importance of trees in sequestering&storing carbon in biomass&soil
In garden lands integrated agri. tobe promoted to conserve natural resources,strengthen biodiversity&stimulate soillife&natural productivity
Minority Commissions while protecting legitimate rights of minorities shall also promote religious harmony&receptive mind to social reforms
Left parties shall support voluntary conversions&encourage inter-caste/religious marriages as a measure against orthodoxy&obscurantism
Reported infiltration of Left extremists in some parts of Kerala reflects failure of communist parties to reach poor&downtrodden&help them
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Farming system characterized by organic recycling, mulching, minimum tillage&need based irrigation support optimum levels of production