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Researchers report excess abdominal fat releases inflammatory chemicals having role in narrowing&blocking arteries leading to heart disease
US researchers report risk of heart disease&early death from any cause doubles in those who spend>4hrs a day in front of computer or televi.
American scientists report fattier the neck higher is risk of heart disease due heart-unfriendly visceral fat deposits around liver&heart
Scientists observed antibiotic Clarithromycin used against common bacterial diseases is cause for potentially deadly heart rhythm problems
Scientists report those who take Aspirin@75mg daily for atleast 10 years are at low risk of developing cancers,strokes&heart diseases
Recent studies show while chronic bronchitis,emphysema&Pneumonia are major causes of lung cancer Asthma&Tuberculosis are not factors
Studies reveal decreasing levels of ozone depleting substances in the atmosphere,good sign of ozone level recovery in next few decades
Increasing human activities reported to be threatening existence of many species of fresh water shrimps&crabs in the Western Ghats area
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Snake Gourd Has Many Medicinal Value! Must See!! via @love this
Top 6 Home Remedies Of Eczema! See!!! via @love this
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