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Life expectancy in India increased from 57.25to64.16yrs for men&from 59.19to68.48yrs for women between 1990&2013
Recent estimates show Kerala has 2 lakhs dementia patients against 4.1 million patients across the country
Studies show intake of 1-2cups of coffee/day may reduce risk of mild cognitive impairment-a precursor to dementia&Alzheimer's
Capsaicin,major ingredient of chilli peppers found to possess antioxidant,noninflammatory,anti-obesity&anticancer properties
Experts regard obesity,heart disease,diabetes&cancer as diseases of affluence and preventable through traditional fruits&vegetables
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Coconut-based Integrated Farming System to be promoted to bestow socioeconomic benefits on the farming community&conserve natural resources
Influence of communist movement in most states on decline due mainly to changing attitude to life of new generations of middle&working class
To prevent communal polarization in society&promote secularism parties with religious identity shall be prevented from contesting elections
Union Govt. to introduce national project on Coconut-Based Integrated Agri. togenerate productive benefits&support climate change mitigation
In Kerala despite presence of a vibrant Left Movement sizable proportion of population is still within grip of orthodox religious hegemony
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Scientists in Kerala Agri University recommend adoption of Integrated Nutrient&Pest&Disease management systems in place of full organic
An innovative farmer in Kerala obtained provisional patent for the method developed to ferment&coagulate coconut milk to produce curd
In countries where food production has to grow better option is to promote Integrated Nutrition Management than sudden change to OrganicAgri
Govt.may introduce a Supply Management Scheme for commodities like Onion to control price within a range,beneficial to growers&consumers
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Species diversity in nature serves as the foundation for the co-existence of diverse life forms
Occasional introspection will help realize one's own strength&weakness in character,level of knowledge&extent of social consciousness
Rigidity in one's character,attitude&behaviour in private&public life will lead to his/her isolation in society
National Crime Resear.Bureau data show W.Bengal tops list in human trafficking in2014 with1096cases&1260victims against 5466&8099for country
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