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Paul Kedrosky
My #firsttweet was exactly what you’d expect: short, cryptic and has a typo
Latest probability-based assessment of #MH370 track and location via @BBC and #AMSA
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WSJ EXCLUSIVE: Critical Data Was Delayed in Search for Missing Malaysia Airlines Flight… #MH370
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Insurance payments made for missing 777, flight MH370 /v @jonostrower
You could construct e credible atomic clock replacement using only time-to-fraying on Apple lightning connector cables.
Excited to see YC focus on companies of real lasting impact. New RFS -- Breakthrough Technologies…
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Cinema-schooled humans think you can hear snow avalanches, but you generally can’t. Often the only sound is trees snapping like balsa wood.
Cooll, I liked how this movie ended last time: London's Former Investment Bankers Are Joining the Start-Up Craze -
Just compared Larry Lessig’s slides to ACARS messages: brief, cryptic and courier. Too strong?
Cautioned entrepreneur today that building an app to satisfy me is path to penury: I’m poster boy for edge case in most things.
I don’t like that I now know Burmese pythons have a homing instinct. (I do like that autocorrect wants to replace Burmese with Brueghel.)
Another take on item I mentioned earlier today: TV Subscriptions Fall for First Time as Viewers Cut the Cord…
Sigh. I’ve apparently jinxed Olympiacos in the ManU match. Sorry.
Exciting that today there is second chance in a week to see ManU lose crucial game. Special.
I ditched my second monitor. And everything is better. Me @nytimes on distraction, focus, and too many screens.
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Me to @defrag in email about a deal this morning: “Are they nuts? I could get behind REALLY CRAZY in this area.”
Larry Page at #Ted2014: "It's tremendously disappointing that the government secretly did all this stuff and didn’t tell us."
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Say you wanted to complete f*** up your internal network. Ask me to install a VPN server on your router. Done.
Insanely clever/malevolent: Soccer Club With 200 Fans Earns $14 Million From Transfers -
Good, pissed-off analysis: Malaysian 370 and the Land of Oz.
Same thought had crossed my mind. Hello, @TheEconomist RT @Fisbecer: @pkedrosky so PS4 index is the new Big Mac index? :)
15 priciest places in world to buy a Sony PS4 is led by Brazil at $1,702. (Source:…)
The rest of Spain also wants independence from the rest of Spain ... RT @TheLocalSpain 60% of Catalans want independence from rest of Spain
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The Back to the Future Arbitrage of Silicon Valley and what it will take to beat it
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Remarkable progress in non-invasive tests: Exact Sciences’ Colon Cancer Test Detects More Tumors