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Paul Kedrosky
Good "inside VC" reading: Accel Partners Teardown
Finally. RT @TheOnion: Nike Running App Tells You What You’re Really Running From
Most of the people dying because of Ebola in Sierra Leone probably don't have Ebola:…
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Haven’t watched the wonderful The Big Sleep in years. Tonight newly feels right. #BogienBacall
Interesting how @SlackHQ is changing the way I use email. Which is to say, it’s steadily wiping email out.
In-car electronics stubbornly plumbs the depths of awful one normally associates with late 1990s Microsoft products. Impressive feat.
So many times (sad) layoff announcements are at least as surprising in the revelation that a company still exists…
The First Law of Matt Ridley is, of course, mauve.
By the Second Law of Matt Ridley — he’s wrong about everything — we shouldn’t worry about Ebola. Whew.…
How to avoid traffic in Lagos: 1) Drive only between 11pm and 4am 2) Buy helicopter 3) Become governor 4) Be a witch 5) Don't come to Lagos.
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Real Madrid's team is the most expensive in football history, Sevilla have Iago Aspas.
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A woman has won a prestigious Fields medal (mathematics) for the first time:…
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Name third recent place where FAA has declared no-fly zone: Ukraine, Iraq, and … Ferguson MO…
Nice win for @Wealthfront: Welcoming the San Francisco 49ers to Wealthfront… [Investor]
A $434m hug: Cristiano Ronaldo - $134m James Rodriguez - $106m Gareth Bale - $143m Karim Benzema - $50m /v @Squawka
Must be Jackass Pedant Day again on Twitter. Just like every day.
If I wanted to be bearish on Google, I’d be talking this up: The shift from search to social (via @NYT)
[Audio] The Sound of Sports: How TV fakes the sounds of sports on broadcasts…
My kids have made me pick an EPL fantasy league team. Turned into combination of github code and finger in wind. I’m gonna get thrashed.
“In his hand he carried an ancient and trusty weapon, called by the elves a Browning semi-automatic.” - Bored of the Rings
Understanding the hot hand, and the myth of the hot hand, and the myth of the myth of the hot hand, etc.
Next, plastic surgeons moonlighting as drivers: Uber drivers make $2,000 a weekend in the Hamptons
Suicide. So very sad. “The story of a man alone on an island is the only story there is.” — J.M. Coetzee (perhaps apocryphal)
If you’re into the whole SoCal Drought Water We’re So Screwed thing, an upcoming Millken event
Clickbaity, but … darn, whatever: Yo — or something like it — could be bigger than Twitter…