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Paul Kedrosky
I hate hate hate hate hate Apple IOS Game Center. Like most Apple apps, it’s clear Apple doesn’t actually use it.
The O Globo headline (as translated by Google) somehow makes Brazil’s loss better. Vexatious legumes, ftw.
Congrats to @alexismadrigal for the promotion at The Atlantic.…
Amusing FIFA data page for #BRAvsGER. More possession, more “dangerous attacks”. Gee, did Brazil win?
As a Dutch fan, I'm not really sure I want us to reach the final now. Probably safer to play Brazil in 3rd place game
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8 - Spain won the 2010 World Cup with a total of eight goals. Contrast.
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Supermodels not watching World Cup should be a channel MT @heidiklum: Can you believe this...I cant .
Brazil haven't/hadn't lost a competitive match at home since 1975. Haven't lost a home match of any kind for 12 years.
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Biggest winning margin in World Cup history: 9. Most recently in Hungary (10) vs El Salvador (1), in 1982.
Brazil so disorganized and impetuous. Doesn’t work, especially not without requisite skilled players. Sad. #BRAvsGER
Reasonably sure Fred’s facial hair regrowth speed can be measured in km/h. #WorldCup #BRAvsGER
Sentences you never thought’d you hear in Congress: "Madame Speaker, I would like to talk about twin prime numbers"…
Amusing: App lets you fight parking tickets. LA only, for now.
Jim Simons profile: A brilliant mathematician who created an investment firm that upended the industry
Is drafting a placebo? New data shows no benefit to runners
Among most difficult transitions for young companies is away from professional services. Can become Bermuda Triangle of revenues.
Mentioned this yesterday, but some data on dog breeds at San Diego Humane Society. Chihuahuas and pit bulls…
How riders are DNF-ed out of TdF after tomorrow’s cobblestone stage. I’m gonna go with 5.
Geeky stuff, but … if you have a lot of avi files you need quick-flipped to mp4 for a Roku or Apple TV, Avidemux2.6 is aces.
Trying to remember last time I started Excel without it warning me about “critical” security update. Reasonably sure it was “never”.
Already getting press releases on back to school spending data. Must we? Give it a rest.
Bloomberg leading; Goldman Sachs in last: The World Cup prediction league table
Like bad scifi: Stem cell treatment causes nasal growth in woman's back
If you've been predicting a market correction for months, saying "I told you so" today just makes you look like a dork.
Well, Gowex confession spurred me to do this: I too have been faking it for four years. I haven't liked Game of Thrones. There, it's out.