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Paul Kedrosky
Have decided I will only trade henceforth when bored out of my mind on pitch conf calls. Is that an institutionally fundable strategy?
Bored comatose during a conf call last week during market meltdown, I bought some SPY calls. That’s worked out okay.
Kudos to local Apple store. After my asshattery yesterday in cracking my iPhone 6 scrren, they comped me a new one. Not broken it yet. Yet.
Coke, McDonald’s, etc MT @herbgreenberg: I can’t recall a time when so many big brands have stumbled and conceded their irrelevance at once.
Cracked my iPhone 6 screen already. I’m hopeless.
Do this with socks please: Smart Sunglasses Find Themselves Before They’re Lost…
I’m skeptical of the enthusiasm about Brendan Nyan’s “backfire “effect”. That’s circular by me, isn’t it.…
Think I should branch into YA tweets. Seems all the rage. Prepare yourselves for series of tweets about paranormal romance in a dystopia.
The biomass of predatory fish in the world’s oceans has declined by 2/3s over the last 100 yrs…
I’m intrigued by these new notifications apps, but most don’t work for me. I don’t want raw numbers or binary changes. I want anomalies.
A lot of ebola confusion is definitional silliness about word “airborne”. Look, I’m airborne too, just not very far without a plane.
Unproductive day. I blame @codytownsend for making me watch MSP’s super “Days of my Youth”. Cody’s chute is sick, like a railgun outta hell.
The Simpsons’ All-at-Once Stanley Kubrick Tribute…
Torn between my dislike of Manchester United, and my need for Di Maria to get me fantasy league points. #WBAMUN
The pioneers of our “post-human” future are implanting technology…
If you want to geek out on the whole “gain of function” — engineered pathogens — topic, good CIDRAP letter here…
Unintended consequences ahead: White House asks scientists to stop making diseases deadlier…
Remarkable how many people mtn bike and ski listening to music. Think it’s nuts. Ambient sound is hugely important in high-speed sports.
Tip: If you’re ever stuck in a hopeless mess of Google Calendar to iPhone sync, this obscure page can be magic.…
Nice job by @SamHarrisOrg demolishing a tit-for-tat accusation of plagiarism…
My Macs and iPhone sync with Google is crazy fragile. If anything breaks, I’m always so screwed. Complete mystery.
Updating a Chronicle of Suffering: Author of ‘The Hot Zone’ Tracks Ebola’s Evolution… /V @ericmbudd
Snowfall forecasts are equally unhinged, with as much as 4 feet (1.2m) possible in BC’s Coast Mountains
The absurd rainfall forecasts continue for US PNW. 15” (381mm) over next five days. Incredible.
Marc Andreessen on Why Optimism Is Safest Bet
First chapter of “Hot Zonr” is scariest chapter in Horror Fction That Isn’t Fiction genre.
Apropos current virus headlines, finally got around to reading Richard Preston’s classic “The Hot Zone”. MOOOOMMMMMYYYY, etc.
Unsettlingly high bullishness about equities in Barron’s this weekend. Here is its “big money” poll.
Trying to Live in the Moment (and Not on the Phone)
@pkedrosky I am a relative child (25) that shouts at his parents when they text at the dinner table. I refuse to eat until they put it away.
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Just walked by restaurant table where three “adults” were on their phones texting & watching videos, while a child was sitting bored. Awful.
I see that @EpicureanDeal is back on Twitter again. Trying to remember what I had in the betting pool.
Ebola conspiracy theories: Same as it ever was « Science-Based Medicine
Missed this until now, but Messi scored absurd goal today, an otherworldly combination of speed and precision…
Just realized I could change my AmazonSmile charity to Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders). Done.
Long thought Michael Jackson’s Thriller had to do with Lord of the Rings. You know, “As Sauron looks you right between the eyes…”
I get Yossarian-esque pleasure from marking incoming tweets as spam: “Death to all modifiers, he declared one day”.
I ❤ Google Scholar: Ten years after a Google engineer empowered researchers with Scholar, he can’t bear to leave it…
Having perfected acci-tweeting — tweeting by accident — I have moved on to acci-deleting — deleting mobile apps by accident. Hopeless.
Dreading llc game against QPR tomorrow. Anything but a 4-0 win will feel like a loss, and an actual loss will be feel like the end times.
Fantastic RT @aballstein: Top of Whister today — no explanation needed @pkedrosky
Lockheed Martin thinks it can make fusion power a reality within a decade…
Why is there all this blank space to the right of the address bar in Safari? It makes me anxious.
Harvard's Paul Farmer: Diary from Liberia's Ebola camps
Think London Real Estate is Hot? Try the French Alps…
It may not be one thing after another at Twitter, but it apparently is at the @FinancialTimes
Contemplating going cold turkey on Google Chrome for a week and just using Safari. Is that crazy talk?
9% of S&P 500 cos reporting so far this quarter mentioned Ebola /v @FactSet (Source:…)