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Paul Kedrosky
"Newtonian mechanics wasn't settled. It was overturned by both relativity & QM. But it was settled enough to build bridges & airplanes."
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Good/amusing piece on Phil Ivey's lawsuit over $12m baccarat win involving "edge sorting"…
England will take on Italy in a friendly next March. Another chance for two of the game's sexiest men to lock horns.
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Those bear spread SPY puts I started two weeks ago in a fit of pique doing crazy well. 97% luck, of course, but 70% gains always acceptable.
The journalistic naive fixation with central bankers et al is sad. Alternates between deus ex machina and narrative MacGuffin.
People seemingly think there is no disconnect in praising all the $1b valuation private venture financings, while lamenting few $1b IPOs.
My world is upside-down: Lamborghini Unwraps Its First Plug-In Hybrid
In happier news, I see that Rocket Internet IPO fell below its issue price. May that attack of commonsense long continue.
I loathe the nonsensical spectacle that is US college sports. Higher-ed as a fund-raising front for sports teams and in-house hedge funds.
Analyst: spine and ortho MedTech companies highest spenders on physician payments as % revenue @charlesornstein
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One city will win, and the other will host the Olympics: Why no one wants to host the 2022 Olympics
@pkedrosky: Depression and the distance runner. Gorgeous and brave video in Grand Canyon.
Favorite thing about new months starting? The new @Arcteryx wallpaper comes out
Depression and the distance runner. Gorgeous and brave video in Grand Canyon.
No male tennis player under 6 feet tall has won a Grand Slam title in the past decade.
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Marc Faber has an exceeding complex relationship with the market predictions of Marc Faber.…
Removing old SPDs from a mountain bike should be an Olympic event, especially the Park Tool tossing part.
Pounding snow right now at higher elevations in Colorado. Hardly seems fair. [Pic is Aspen Sundeck]
No idea who this Jeter guy is, but Jock Com companies are one of the least fallible signs of looming market tops
Sympathetic to Peter Thiel's argument that most glossy tech investment themes are crap: education tech, healthcare IT, etc.
Seems obvious from numbers NYT will eventually be reduced to a cooking app and then acquired by Meredith Corp and folded into AllRecipes.
Defrag Morning 1: chris anderson, george dyson, amber case, paul kedrosky, lisa seacat deluca, penny herscher, helen greiner. MORNING 1.
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Google Atmosphere livestresm starting shortly, if you're into that sort of "IT business transformation" bafflegab
Soccer games are dangerous places. Be aware. Protect your beer.
Good HN discussion of Germany's return to free university tuition
Very happy to see Jerry Yang receiving well deserved credit for one of the all-time great Silicon Valley investments
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How to create nested folders and completely hide apps in iOS 8
Speaking of @Strava, some great data mining of its running data
It's cute that there are so many people still dining out on re-explaining the financial crisis. They know that was 6 years ago, right?
Ran across someone asking this interview question today: "What’s your opinion on drinking and droning?" Hello, 2014.
Back to using @Strava again, but keeping most activities private. In other words, and like usual, I'm doing social wrong.
In their defence...fine, there is no defence: Two container ships colliding in Suez Canal this week
Almost makes me want to go up to LA. Almost: New L.A. hotel captures the 24-hour energy of the Koreatown neighborhood
Someone at the NYT had a genius idea: Hold a debate about crypto and not invite any technical experts.…
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Yesterday was terrible day in the mountains. In addition to @AuclairJP & @ndreasfransson, climber @LizDaley died
Massive layoffs alleged at Zappos founder Hsieh's downtown Las Vegas project… /cc @lesamitchell
3-2-1 until inevitable "The post-Paypal eBay is in play" chatter starts. Alibaba, baby.
Separated at birth: @bfeld and Joaquin Phoenix in Inherent Vice
I am the king of fat-fingered acci-tweets.
Blocking all mentions of Ello and Ebola really helped settle down my Twitter feed.
In memoriam: JP Auclair Street Segment (from All.I.Can.)
Breaking News: J.P. Auclair and Andreas Fransson confirmed dead in Chilean avalanche.…
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Please, no: Andreas Fransson and JP Auclair missing in avalanche… /v @codytownsend
Magic Messi goal vs PSG earlier. One touch wonder with Iniesta. Watch it when you can.
Mad POV video of @CamZink's 360 yesterday at Redbull Rampage
Microsoft has thrown base-10 arithmetic into question for me. Why doesn't 10 follow 8? What color is 11? It's all in the air now.