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Paul Kedrosky
Some spectacular thunderheads over inland mountains visible from coastal San Diego tonight
MT @NWSVegas: Nevada Highway Patrol reports that cars are FLOATING down I-15 near Moapa. Very dangerous conditions continue in this area!
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Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport recorded 3.29 inches of rain today, breaking the calendar day record of 2.91 inches set in 1939.
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Is there a retreat somewhere at which people become partisan cranks, or does it just come over you slowly, like a mystery rash?
Remarkable: $350 million gift is the largest in Harvard's 378-year history:
Weird that nothing better than the Meteorologist OSX menu bar weather app has ever come along. Hasn’t been updated in years/
I say we take off and nuke the entire Apple live blogosphere from orbit. It's the only  way to be sure.
I have this giant blind spot called “Tele-Vision”. When I hear about Netflix, or ABC, or HBO, my main reaction is. “Huh, that still exists?”
Malware vendors are customer friendly. Latest version of BlackPOS let you chose which antivirus to pretend to be.
If expectation were lower for England in #SwivEng they could only be detected by wind tunnel boundary layer sensors.
Fun that controversy just won’t stop over Ryder Hesjedals’ supposed stealth bike motor.…
I have been on the Silicon Valley trail where 6-year-old boy was attacked by mountain lion mid-day yesterday. Unsettling.
[Audio] BBC Documentary: The War That Changed The World: Istanbul - Modernity and Secularism…
The power is out at TechCrunch Disrupt and nobody can hear anything being said on stage. This is the best tech conference ever.
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Chris Froome annoys the crap out of me. That is all. #vuelta
I officially have Way Too Many Things in my OSX menubar. But … they’re all handy, damn it.
Amazon should make the Fire phone like that Radiohead album and let users pay whatever they want for it.
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Footage of said wheeled Vuelta spat. These kids.…
Hilariously mad scenes in Vuelta today, as Gianluca Brambilla gets expelled mid-stage for throwing punches at another rider at 50 km/h.
Overlord Glacier above Blackcomb, a great shot from yesterday by my friend @judybishop
If a senior exec’s job is “dogged by ROI questions”, maybe said job isn’t really a job.
Hope Roy Hodgson gets a hangnail at England v Switzerland today. Would serve him right for injuring 2/3s of Liverpool contingent.
Thoughtful piece contrasting the current IT venture spending boom with the constrained world of biotech
Good @spencerrascoff tweetstorm this morning about how many tech IPOs hinge on a single investor question.
Québec separatism being brought up repeatedly in Scotland independence debate is giving me acid flashbacks to René Lévesque.
Here is an example (one of many) of equity research citing Québec in talking about Scotland. Make it stop.
Belief in Luck or in Skill: Which Locks People into Gambling?
New Yosemite wildfire viewable over Half Dome
Zero rain along SoCal coast from Norbert tropical moisture streaming northward, but as much as 1.5” so far inland.
Hurricane Norbert update: 90-degree turn ahead. No Cali stop.
CA/NY/MA take 66% of venture capital, and 90% of VC mega-rounds (Source:…)
Btw, I have the live NOAA Norbert map on my desktop, alongside the usual precip & Mammoth webcams. Geektool, ftw.
Latest models now have Hurricane Norbert running scared at mere sight of southern California. Too bad.
Howard Marks on risk today on @BloombergTV today with @SRuhle and @ErikSchatzker. Good stuff.…
Hurricane Norbert's projected path turning increasingly easterly. Darn, Calipocalypse later.
In email, I have taken to calling the Alibaba IPO the Cursèd Alibaba IPO. Satisfying.
Not a golfer, and I can barely hit a stationary ball, but this is nuts…
Digging the topsheet graphics on the 2015 Line Sick Days. Dude, you never saw me….
Preceding comes from Frank Wilczek, on Niels Bohr’s two kinds of truth.
“An ordinary truth is a statement whose opposite is a falsehood. A profound truth is a statement whose opposite is also a profound truth.”
Federer calling down lightning after his wild match against Monfils yesterday at US Open
THIS IS HUGELY BULLISH: CNBC Viewership Plunges To 21 Year Lows…
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An insider’s history of spam-fighting, and thoughts on its relation to privacy/encryption; tremendous stuff:…
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The thing I’m particularly fond of with respect to setting up iCloud two-factor auth is that you can’t actually do it in iCloud. So clever.
Setting up iCloud two-factor auth plumbs heretofore unplumbed depths of cloud badness.
I find myself really liking the new Moto X. Can someone talk me off the ledge? ktb.…
The US has had only 10-ish recessions since WWII. Anyone bleating about “normal” recoveries should be cudgeled with a statistics textbook.
Clip ’n’ save: Pension fund grappling with risk of losses & lagging performance … takes on more leverage…