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All I ever asked for was patience
Let the hecklers heckle
But tbh they didn't set the bar too high
Trying to do this better than the dudes we grew up on
Reassurance is always good...
Honesty's the only policy 'round here
If anyone can have her, I do not want her.
FaceTime said you got plans for the boy
"There is no such thing as something for nothing. Everything, including your personal success, has a price that must be paid."
I can't believe how many times she called my phone
You know you got that really good insurance on the boy
She falls for armani
Can't kill my vibe, you couldn't find mine
RT @TheGeneral705: Keep it moving
Leave me be
But you're not passionate about half the sh that you're into, and I ain't havin' it
Feeling real unapologetic oh lord
Dreaming and chasing dreams are two very different things
'Fronting' is the trend now huh
Whatever helps you sleep at night... *kanye shrug*
Do you know what city I'm from
If you love me so much why'd you let me go