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Google the mascot of UK's opponent tonight @savannah_roark
I wonder if @bigdawgblake will trade me Greg Olson.
How much wood could a wood chuck chuck?
Remember, remember the 5th of November.
IT'S GOOD!!!! Forbarth boots a 50-yd FG to win the game #NYGvsNO
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Never trust a grown man wearing a puka shell necklace.
Interception seals the W! #EaglesBlackcats
Guess the Blackcats have been neutered by Leslie County. #HorribleSportsPuns #EaglesBlackcats
Gotta love this Fall weather.
Movin' to the country, gonna eat a lot of peaches.
Tied game in CWS but insanely depressing that Kentucky is even in this situation.
Free food at Cookout. #IllTakeIt
Gotta love the hole-in-a-wall places to eat. #Winks…
Weather, you're drunk, go home.
Rain, can you not?
Weather, IDFWY
Whenever I want to really hate myself I just go to the gym and do heavy squats.
Training the cat to do my homework.…
Can't beat anyone only kicking FG's.
Those 7 plays inside the 5 yard line made me cringe to watch.
Gain 4, lose 3.
Well that offensive drive escalated quickly.
Forever wearing these Chuck Taylor's.
Would rather be watching the Cats play instead of having my nose in a book.
If caffeine was an illegal drug I would be serving 20 consecutive life sentences right now.
My life has evolved into a never ending study session.
Couldn't find the TV remote just then. It was in my pocket. #ThingsYouCantExplain
Brett is the real MVP
Willie Snead!
5 people have been sitting here watching me squat today. Not sure if I should be honored or fear for my life.
I went to the park to get the scoop, knuckle-heads out there cold shootin' some hoops.
The ice cream van just drove by playing Christmas music. As a child, this would've thrilled me. As an adult, I assume they're pedophiles.
R.I.P. Pekings Restaurant.
Cooler than a polar bear in a bowl of ice
.@RandyMoss (who knows a thing or two about WRs) is a big fan of @Saints wideout @brandincooks.
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"Buy" just autocorrected to "Ectasy" somehow. I think my phone is a drug dealer.
Drew Brees nails a field marker in a moving cart! #SaintsCamp (Vine by @Saints)
Season finale of True Detective. Going to be intense!
Time to catch up on True Detective though.
Dr. Dre is a very punctual person. It has only taken 16 years to release this album.
Workout flow: UA compression pants, SBD knee sleeves, low top Chuck……
I'm the only person hitting squats at night. What a shocker!

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