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I recommend getting the "Trent Pizza" that I just invented at Hyden Grocery you guys.
I'm glad our tax dollars go to city maintenance employees who sit in their truck and smoke cigarettes for 3 hours straight. #MoneyWellSpent
Finally made it home safely though. #Thankful
Counted 9 fallen trees, tin sheets wrapped around poles, downed power lines, and countless logs in the road. #StormChasers2014
The tree next to the sign in front of the school got snapped in half. Currently laying in the middle of the road. #StormChasers2014
I'm pretty sure a flying train just went by right then. Scared me to death.
I've seen a rich man beg, I've seen a good man sin, I've seen a tough man cry. #Everlast
My life is basically one long Thriller music video.
On my way to protest the basketball goals being taken down at the park.
NCAA March Madness >>> NBA Playoffs
Seems like the Cleveland Cavaliers always get the #1 pick in the NBA Lottery. #HeadScratcher
Minneapolis over New Orleans for the Super Bowl 2018 bid? Lame.
I just voted for myself for every possible position of government today. #PitchATrent2014
I see you shiver with antici ...
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