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I'm drawing blanks like I'm playing Hangman
I hope people don't pull inspirational quotes from the 2000's in the future. "Like mah status if U up tho" - Steve, from Facebook in 2014
“@PitchATrent: Once a "cheeter", always a "cheeter"” true you sayed it
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Some random guy just added me to his Twitter list called "Douchebags." Not sure how I feel about that.
I wish my handwriting had an autocorrect feature.
The "Procrastination" Starter Pack
Once a "cheeter", always a "cheeter"
I present you the most useless caution sign ever to be created because EVERYTHING IS.
It's like finding a needle in a stack of fake needles.
I'm going hoooome!!!!!!! 😝😝😝😝
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BUFFALO NY SNOW STORM: -75 inches -7 dead -State of emergency -National Guard deployed
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Convinced they won't let @Butterybiscuit7 leave the hospital because she's the only non meth addicted patient they have.
A new frozen yogurt place just opened up in Hazard...... right next to another frozen yogurt place. #QuestionableBusinessDecisions
College Basketball, you've been warned. #BBN
Kansas is the #5 team in the nation and they are getting dominated by #1 Kentucky.
"It's kind of like trying to play frisbee in the Redwood Forest" - Jay Bilas, on Kentucky's Defense #BBN
UK chants during the Duke game lol
Never trust someone with a flip phone.
No school Tuesday, Nov. 18, 2014 due to slick roads in parts of the county
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Happy birthday you lil shithead @shania_asher
Bought a banana today for 12 cents & now I am pissed off over all the times I overpaid for a fruit smoothie.
Going to bed at 6 AM. Up for work at 7 AM. Yay.
Work + homework + coffee = My life
Everything looks more depressing when it's cold outside.
Standing in line to see the show tonight and there's a light on, heavy glow.
She needs a golden calculator to divide.
I'm driving behind a car with a fleur de lis on their back windshield like mine. I approve. #GoodTaste
If you're going to drop 40K $ on an oversized SUV, at least learn to drive and keep it on your side of the road. K?
2 exams & 2 essays in a 5 hour span. Will I survive? Probably not.
Jay Cutler has Aaron Rodgers and Jordy Nelson on his fantasy football team. #GBvsCHI
Drew Brees is a magician
Coal trucks drive either at 35 mph or 75 mph. There's no in between.
It reminds me, that it's not so bad, it's not so bad.
A buddy of mine is selling two tickets to the Georgia game Saturday if anyone is interested! Section 206 #BBN
I could list about 1,000 horrible things I'd prefer happen to me than getting an eyelash in my eye.
Stoop kid's afraid to leave his stoop.
KSR breaks down the numbers and shows you that UK's Starting Lineup is taller than any NBA STARTING LINEUP:…
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The UNC academic scandal is the most morally offensive institutional misconduct in the history of college sports:…
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When Eminem said, "Love is evil, spell it backwards I'll show ya"
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When Eminem said, "Tell Lady Gaga she can quit her job at the post office cause she's still a 'male' lady."
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