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Time to catch up on True Detective though.
Dr. Dre is a very punctual person. It has only taken 16 years to release this album.
Workout flow: UA compression pants, SBD knee sleeves, low top Chuck……
I'm the only person hitting squats at night. What a shocker!
Can't complain about coming home to this meal! @Butterybiscuit7…
I love True Detective.
I feel like people are purposely doing road construction work just to inconvenience me now. 8th time this week.
Shoutout to people keeping the mullet legacy alive. You're the real MVP's.
4 identical cars are at this red light. I feel like I'm playing Grand Theft Auto.
Thanks @PitchATrent for causing me to lose sleep last night.
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Berenstein or Berenstain Bears?
BBQ sauce is coming out of my pores
The final product #BBQ
God forbid, you ever had to walk a mile in his shoes. 'Cause then you really might know what it's like to sing the blues.
FYI, you can, in fact, slip on a banana peel in real life. Not just while playing Mario Kart. #ProTip
Happy Birthday, @StefanLewis01. Hope it's a good one.
Nothing better than coffee and deadlifts.
Squats on Monday. Joy.
Enjoying the movie that's playing in the minivan driving in front of me.
At the end of Jurassic World, Nick Fury asks the T-Rex to join The Avengers. #SpoilerAlert
I guess if you drive a Buick you're required to go 25 mph under the speed limit
Traffic traffic looking for my Chapstick feeling kinda carsick there goes a ford maverick
Highlight of my day: driving down the road eating a massive ham sandwich #ThugLife
My god The Phantom Menace is a terrible movie lol
Going to watch the entire Star Wars series. See you guys in 2 days.
Congrats to my sis @shania_asher for graduating today!
Game of Thrones!
Any time you get a text that someone is "about 5 minutes away" it means they're lying and they haven't even left yet. Don't fall in the trap
Sometimes I lay awake at night wondering what me from a parallel universe is tweeting about.
Llamas would look cooler if they had mustaches.
Life is a series of commas, not periods. #WaitWhat
At some point I lost my t shirt outside. Mother Nature doesn't have a lost and found bin so idk.
Went fishing. Caught a frog instead.
Just put water in a bowl of cereal. I'm now disowning myself.
Smashed @PitchATrent so bad in FIFA last night.
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A Google search history will tell you a lot about a person.
Alumni game was a success. Had to take it easy so I didn't make everyone look bad.
I also tried to find my vehicle on Google Earth but had no luck. Must've been kidnapped that day. Darn.
Didn't sleep last night because of Google Earth.
If my belt would just come in already that would be swell.
I guess public schools don't have class on Election Day because 9 year olds need to vote for their new Governor.
Wish I could tweet what @PitchATrent just said
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