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I recommend getting the "Trent Pizza" that I just invented at Hyden Grocery you guys.
I'm glad our tax dollars go to city maintenance employees who sit in their truck and smoke cigarettes for 3 hours straight. #MoneyWellSpent
Finally made it home safely though. #Thankful
Counted 9 fallen trees, tin sheets wrapped around poles, downed power lines, and countless logs in the road. #StormChasers2014
The tree next to the sign in front of the school got snapped in half. Currently laying in the middle of the road. #StormChasers2014
I'm pretty sure a flying train just went by right then. Scared me to death.
I've seen a rich man beg, I've seen a good man sin, I've seen a tough man cry. #Everlast
My life is basically one long Thriller music video.
On my way to protest the basketball goals being taken down at the park.
NCAA March Madness >>> NBA Playoffs
Seems like the Cleveland Cavaliers always get the #1 pick in the NBA Lottery. #HeadScratcher
Minneapolis over New Orleans for the Super Bowl 2018 bid? Lame.
I just voted for myself for every possible position of government today. #PitchATrent2014
I see you shiver with antici ...
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A great scene from today: #Saints sign paralyzed former Tulane safety Devon Walker
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I had bacon with a side of bacon for Breakfast.
California Chrome eyeing that Triple Crown.
Just waiting on Aaron Hernandez to get out of prison.
If you drive so slow that there are 30 vehicles behind you that's a good sign you should reevaluate your driving skills.
Can @LarryHolder and @Kat_Terrell confirm? MT @UC_Patriots: Albert Huntley has signed a Rookie Free Agent Contract with the @Saints!
Feels good to be back in the weight room again.
.@Dell emails people like the worried boyfriend afraid his girlfriend is about to dump him
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Just ran over a piece of pizza. 50 mph rule?
Dana Coots is the Captain Kirk of this bus.
What's up Lex?
Does anyone know the WiFi password for this school bus?
Hanging out with Dana Coots today you guys.
No pain, no gain but also no pain, no pain. #TheMoreYouKnow
My sister trolled my pictures when I wasn't looking.
Great combination as well. RT@JNorth0: Leslie County loves two things: Ultimate frisbee and meth.
I'm the guy who eats 2 steaks as a bed time snack.
There goes my plans for tonight. I was really looking forward to soliciting too.
I wish professors would assign research papers consisting of 140 characters or less because I'd do really well at those.
You know the business and I know the chemistry.